The Weeping Rain By thenovemberschild

The Weeping Rain

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Amidst the weeping rain, the hours refuse to move
A somber mood sets in, an eerie feeling of groove
The world stands still, in a melancholic blue
The sky is heavy, with a canopy of grey
Every drop a tear, a sorrowful refrain
Echoing the pain, of a heart in vain
A weight upon the earth, a heavy blow
As the world around, seems to die
The pitter-patter of the rain, like a soft lullaby
A hope that in time, will make all things fine
For every storm, has an end in sight
A rhythm that soothes, that makes us sigh
But the hours are stagnant, they don’t seem to care
A standstill in time, a feeling of despair
The rain continues to fall, in a steady beat
A reminder of sadness, a memory to repeat
The hours are elusive, they slip away like sand
Leaving us in a state of limbo, with no place to stand
A ray of sunshine, a way to cope
For even in the darkest of days, there’s always a light
So let the rain fall, let the hours stand still
For tomorrow is a new day, a chance to fulfil the dreams
Embrace the melancholy, the sadness, the pain
For amidst the weeping rain, a new beginning shall reign

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