The Milestone By Samreen Firdaus

The Milestone

  • Creativity and Originality
  • Poetic Style and Language
  • Emotional Impact
  • Theme and Message
  • Readers Appreciation
3.7/5Overall Score

The Vision in the Dark

“I was wandering through the woods of my thoughts,
In search of ideas to write about.
Words roamed, yet were disconnected,
Past scenarios blinked in the dark, not selected.

The misty mirror of life waved,
The emptiness within smiled, but nothing could be saved.
Voices of judgemental people echoed,
Dusty winds of failüre blew, and salty ocean flowed.

The glimmer of rejection gave chase,
Yet nothing found phrasing, leaving a trace.
What if this all went in vain?
How would I cope with the pain?

I was ready to leave,
“I’m an amateur” I believed.
Then I heard a fluttering, as it’s a shot,
I looked up, nothing in sight, but…
A whisper reached me at once,
Freezing legs and lens,
with a transformative response.

“Seeking the bright red bird?” it asked,
“Not here to fix, within you, it’s masked.”
“Be your judge, become the Phoenix,”
It urged, a lesson profound, hope to remix.


    • That’s very kind of you. Every word of yours bloomed a world of enthusiasm in my heart. These words give a lot of stability to keep going with my pen.

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