MUSINGS By Priyanka Bhandarkar


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"Musings" offers a rich tapestry of life's essence in heartfelt verses. From nature's beauty to human emotions, it explores solitude, hard work, love, and dreams. Each poem evokes vivid imagery, inviting readers to contemplate the complexities of existence.


In a world of grandeur and celebrated joys
Can a child but it’s opinion voice?
It is but the First Cry that we do find nice.
So,fragile but full of promises and might
A testament to the beauty of beginnings so bright.

Here lies a truth simple and profound
The tale we hear will make our hearts pound.
Redempted is the body which has lost its head,
Worshiped it is as the symbol of life instead.
These are simple things that test our soul,
And in this complexity of life lies a beautiful whole.
While towering structures speak of the wise,
But uncles,aunts and elephants are on the rise.

In a humble garden where flowers bloom,
The caterpillar to its doom.
It is but the truth we hold so clear
The shine,the surface,the shape so dear,
So,cherish the moments that are tiny and new
Embrace the natural beauty that once grew.
Made into silk carrying an eternal romance,
Feel the grandeur of life and in this miracle dance.

The tiny shells and conches scattered on the shore,
Compared to the vastness of the ocean on the whole.
These whispers and symphony bring a subtle delight,
Captivating senses but are opened to the light.
Each grain of sand standing the unrest of time,
Nature drunk on the onset of wine,
The intricacies that weave life’s design,
Each thread of existence holds a tapestry divine.

Cuckoo laying eggs in a cozy nest,
But its destiny is not different from the rest.
Learning to fly and living life to the fullest,
And being treated better than the best.
In this a miracle the voice so sweet,
The world listens in a silence complete.
This is where in nature’s grace,
Resides a truth in subtle embrace.
The realm of beauty paying the price,
As the birds to their minions rise.
For in embracing life’s nuanced moments,
That we discover fine accomplishments.

And a tiny pebble that rides
Humbled by the mountain it hides
And strong is the told Masterpiece
Forming a treasure so complete.
Small is beautiful in the kindness we share
A smile and a nod is but a comforting wear.

In the tapestry of life we weave,
Small are the things that we believe.
Beauty lies in the grand but bold,
But in small and precious the untold.
Let us embrace the world unseen,
Discover the magic in moments serene.
And in these quiet marvels we dare to dream.

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