Writer’s Guidelines

Welcome to Ivan Stories, where your creativity as a writer can shine! To ensure a seamless experience for all writers, we have established the following guidelines:

Format and Word Count

We kindly request writers to share their stories in a Word document file format. The word count of the submitted stories should fall between 7,500 and 19,000 words.

Genre and Content

Embrace your unique storytelling voice, as all genres of stories, novels, poems, and more are warmly welcomed on Ivan Stories. However, we strictly prohibit adult content, including pornographic material.

Copyright Assurance

We trust in the creativity and originality of our writers. You do not need to provide specific declarations regarding the originality of your content. A simple assurance to the website owner will suffice.

Proofreading and Editing

We encourage writers to put their best foot forward by proofreading and editing their content before submission. If you need assistance, our team at Ivan Stories is here to help.

Anonymous Submission

Writers have the option to submit their works under an anonymous name or pseudonym, respecting your privacy preferences.

Author Profile Page

To celebrate your talent, Ivan Stories will create an author profile page for each writer. Your name will be proudly mentioned in your story and on the story cover image.

Content Restrictions

In order to maintain a family-friendly environment, we do not allow the inclusion of sensitive or mature content in the submitted works.

Engaging with Readers

Embrace the opportunity to connect with your readers. Regularly check your stories for comments, and if you wish, respond to engage with your audience.

By following these guidelines, we can create an inspiring community of writers on Ivan Stories. We look forward to showcasing your creativity!

Last updated: [03-Aug-2023]