Two Things I Didn't Know About - By Jenisha Rajakumar

Two✌ Things I Didn’t Know About🤔

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Anger broke when care overloads
Anger kills when words explode

Fear fades away when confidence lights up the day
Fear holds the way when dreams lose away

Having a lot of friends matters nothing
Having one loyal friend makes everything

Happiness fades when expectation elevates
Happiness blooms when love spreads

In Life’s Journey
A lot of puzzle remains unsolved
A few relationships remain unbroken

Loneliness grasps the heart when delight departs
Loneliness strengthens the soul when self-love starts

Love hurts when limitless
Love breaks when limitable

In Sadness😔
Sadness blooms amid caring hearts
Joy awaits behind tearful depths


    • I hope you enjoyed my poems. Thank you, Adlin, for taking the time to comment on my poems. keep reading my poems.

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