To Dream of Cherry Blossom Tree By Jenisha Rajakumar

To Dream of Cherry Blossom Tree

  • Creativity and Originality
  • Poetic Style and Language
  • Emotional Impact
  • Theme and Message
  • Readers Appreciation
4.3/5Overall Score

In times of trials and triumphs, honestly,
You always stood by my side, wisely.

In every twist and turn we faced,
Our bond grew even stronger, never misplaced.

You walked with me through thick and thin,
A true friendship, a bond akin, I need within.

You celebrate my wins by smiling,
And lifted me up when I was falling.

Within you, I found solace and trust,
A rare treasure you are, gifted by god, just.

A shoulder to lean on, a listening ear,
In times of struggle, you’re always near.

Shared moments of laughter and tears, together,
Encountered challenges and burdens in hard weather.

You understood me, and my soul searched for you,
You’re a perfect companion forever, true.

Timeless truth, never expressed, held in my heart,
A bond of love, so pure and kind, from the start.

Let this bond forever prevail,
In every season, in every tale.

In times of joy and sorrow, hand in hand,
Let’s together withstand ever and forever.

Words fail to speak what feels so true.
In the rhythm of writing, my heart’s voice is set free,

In every verse, my emotion’s revealed,
With ink and paper, a hidden message is conveyed.

In this life of art, we’ll never depart,
You’re the masterpiece, forever in my heart.


  1. These incredible words made me to feel blessed… Tears came out when I read it… These are not words, these are tools that make everyone adapt to this World with happiness…. Keep writing… We are blessed…

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