Dear Darkness By BlackOrchid

Dear Darkness

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  • Emotional Impact
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  • Readers Appreciation
3.8/5Overall Score

Dear darkness, I have a confession
One that I never thought I’d make,
For all my life, you’ve been there for me
But all I’ve ever wanted was a break.

You saw me cry
While the world laughed along with me,
You saw me scream in pain
When nobody asked me if I was unhappy.

You became my best friend
With whom I spent most of my time,
When in reality
I never had a single person whom I could call ‘mine’.

Don’t get me wrong
I liked your company,
Yet I still dreamed of the day
When you’d finally let me be free.

Over two decades with you by my side
Now I’m finally enjoying the light,
My dear friend, darkness
I will miss you, but I don’t need you tonight.

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