White Strawberries By Rusul J. Altaie

White Strawberries

  • Creativity and Originality
  • Poetic Style and Language
  • Emotional Impact
  • Theme and Message
  • Readers Appreciation
3.8/5Overall Score

“Why am I still white?!”
“Why am I still waiting to ripen?!”
The white strawberries asked themselves,
“I am still white while the other strawberry bushes in the neighboring orchards have become red.”
The white strawberries mumbled to themselves.
They thought that there’s something wrong with them; they felt sad and lonely because all the other red strawberries have been harvested.
Time kept passing and one day they started to get pink, catching a glimpse of hope of becoming red.
Several days passed, and now’s the day they were waiting for.
They’re turning red, definitely!
The farmer came in with a smile on his face and said,
“So you finally ripened.”
The strawberries replied with joy,
“Yes, we did!”
The farmer said, “You don’t know how proud of you I am.”
The strawberries were doubtful and wondered why he’s proud, despite being the last strawberries to ripen in the whole village. Why was he so happy?
The farmer praised them and said,
“Oh, my beautiful strawberries, you don’t know that you have grown organically!”
The strawberries were amazed because they didn’t know their self-worth until they realized they had that much uniqueness, that they were special. So they promised each other not to compare themselves with strawberry bushes from other orchards.
The ripened strawberries sang compassionately,
“Oh, my innocent inner child,
Your heart is still white and wild.

It hasn’t matured yet,
It needs to bleed to become red.
It needs to survive to transform,
Into ripe and red.”

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