Holy House By Sohini Sarkar

Holy House

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Dive into the enigmatic world of 'Holy House,' where a family's legacy is shrouded in mystery. Uncover hidden keys, family secrets, and the intrigue of a valuable inheritance. As generations clash and secrets unravel, the story weaves a captivating blend of drama and suspense, leading to unexpected revelations about the past and the future of the cherished family property.

An old house, a holy abode. The rules of that house are always very strict. Housewife Ballari Chattopadhyay was a very strong woman, called everyone in her house one day to say something important.

Everyone comes and goes on waiting for a long time. Everybody wonders if there is such a thing, such a discussion that their mother calls for such urgency, which she has never done before. The lady of the house goes to her house to fetch that urgent thing, everyone eagerly waiting for it, and sees that the key is gone. That is not in its proper place.

Need to say about this key. This is very valuable for the family and the housekeeper. Although this key is thirty years old. The lady of the house could not tell anyone about this key that day. He told everyone to return to their own rooms that day. Ballari Devi,

“You all can go today, I will call you day after tomorrow and tell you everything”. She feels very helpless.

The next morning she called everyone again. She was forced to tell everyone about the key. Everyone was surprised to hear this key. The eldest daughter gets angry with her mother and sarcastically says,

“Mom, what do you want to do to get us all out of this property? So, you want to give all the property to our brother now. I just don’t understand. You don’t have to do this madness. … my mother was right when she was old, she was right, there is no need to give this property to anyone, and my brother has not even contributed to the family that you will do this to us…. I mean … we’re not your children, nobody, so I mean we have no need in this family…really? “

Ballari Devi got angry and said,

“Ah! You don’t understand that, shut up”.

The door slammed shut, and she reported the matter to the police that afternoon without thinking much. She knew that her house would be insulted by the arrival of the police. She called the police and explained everything. The police also assured that they would try their best to find out since Harishchandra Chattopadhyay was a well-known businessman in the area. They are curious to know if there is any hidden treasure They all knew that having such a mother would not be so easy for them. They doubted whether they would find the hidden treasure.

Two weeks later, detectives were summoned by the head of the house and a week ago, police found out that one of their daughters was involved in smuggling drugs at Chaturthi’s house. Police said,

“Look, we have received information that any of your family members are involved in this smuggling drug and that is why we have come to your house.”

Ballari Devi said, “What are you talking about? I will not say that no one can do such thing in our house, but are you saying it with a little thought, officer?”

Police said, “Look, we are sure that a girl in this house is involved in this work. We did not come here without being sure, so you should better cooperate with us.”

The eldest daughter said sarcastically, “Sister, you didn’t say that you have to keep your daughter in mind so many times.”

The goddess Ballari gets angry and says, “You are not ashamed to talk like this being the eldest daughter of the family. Get out of here.”

The eldest daughter said, “No one listens to me. My father insulted me in front of the people in the house as I am telling the truth. Ballari Devi rebuked the elder girl and said, “Don’t talk about what you don’t understand.”

The Police said, “Look, we’re coming to arrest her. Look, you have to go with us.”

Hearing about the arrest of the police, Ananya came to the hall and started crying. Her mother and sister-in-law tried to persuade her.

Yeah All that sounds pretty crap to me, Everyone in the house suspects and blame each other for stealing the key. Before the housekeeper heard that she had not been arrested and taken away, Ballari Devi hid the matter from the housekeeper saying that the key should be given to her. Meanwhile, the girl kept begging her family members not to misunderstand her.

Ananya said, “Believe me, I didn’t do anything. I didn’t see the key. I didn’t know anything. Do all of you suspect me?”

Kaushik went to see the rooms just like he used to go to that corner and at that time he saw his grandfather coming out of the house strangely and tearing his hair and ran towards the front door as if he was behaving like crazy. Kaushik stepped back for a minute and then started walking towards him. Grandpa ran and opened the front door to see if anyone was around, then suddenly left with a smile.

When grandpa went to his room, he dared to enter the room. He remembered grandpa’s strange behaviour a little while ago. Making his mind strong, He wiped away the tears and entered the room. Looking around, he suddenly saw an iron chest in the corner of the room, the chest was slightly opened and a piece of paper was placed out of it. He took out the paper and dusted it off. The letter contained a difficult riddle with a map like a puzzle with the key. Kaushik thought that if he solved this puzzle, the key would solve as many problems as his grandfather would solve many problems. But he thinks the letter needs to be resolved.

Kaushik took the letter and went to his room in a daze. He regained consciousness that his mother was in the room and he would not be able to keep the letter in an open space, but it would be useless if the letter fell into the hands of any of his family members. Suddenly he again took out the key the next day, went to the room again the next morning, when he was about to leave, his aunt saw him leaving the room. The aunt got a grab of him and made him tensed by asking questions. he somehow managed to get out of the room with an excuse and was relieved to find that she had survived. He understands that if anyone finds out about the letter, there will be an uproar.

He asks Grandpa about it and asks him not to tell anyone in the family about the letter or what he has learned about it. This word should be between the two. He does not tell Grandpa that he has found the key and that he must find out the secret of the letter anyway. He suspects that there may be some hidden treasure in it. He will tell grandpa not to tell everything at this moment, then if his grandfather gets angry he will tell everything. He feared that if he did not help to solve the mystery of the letter, he would be in great danger.

In the meanwhile, after repeated interrogations by the police and house searches, everyone has become very upset and upset. In the meantime, the aunt heard something from Kaushik. And she thought that she will seize him, avenge her own insult. She then left. Suddenly a flash of light caught Kaushik’s eyes. He shouted,

“Who’s there, who’s there hiding,” but didn’t see anyone, and leaves, thinking he’s wrong.

He sees his brother leaning over and playing with the mirror. When he opened the letter, he saw that it was white, but in that room he saw a four-line text. Someone put the hand on Kaushik’s shoulder. She knew in that look that he had failed her. He slipped the paper into his pocket and looked back as if everything was very normal. Seeing that, his fear came true. He thought that this matter will not be solved anymore, the mystery will remain a mystery.

Aunt said, “Can’t you hear me?”

Kaushik seemed to have left half alive, but he survived very well from that situation. Nothing was going on in his head so he decided to visit that room and see it once more. Ramukaka, the faithful servant of the house, started keeping an eye on him.

Kaushik went to the room that night to see but the light was not on, he thought for some reason it was cut off. Searching for more, he found two diaries and some papers. He quietly came to his room, closed the door, put those what he got under his pillow and laid down so that his mother would not know anything. He also intentionally lit the table lamp.

He woke up very early the next morning but did not wake up and waited for his mother to leave. His mother was surprised to see his son not waking up early, but he saw that the table lamp was still on, so he thought that the boy was studying late at night, so he might be sleeping late in the morning. The mother caressed the boy’s head, turned her hand and left.

After Kaushik’s mother left, he turned over the papers and saw what was in it. What do you think? a puzzle:

“If you get lost in silence, get up in that blackness, the lie has gone away a thousand times over and over again. The light of day has faded and the colour has filled it.”

And once he read the puzzle, he wrote down the meaning of each word. Kaushik started reading grandpa and grandmother’s diaries of every year with an active mind. Towards the end there was some writing on the page then completely blank. After noticing an article, he took it to his grandfather’s room the next day at noon. While talking to grandpa he asked something which shocked his grandpa and he told Kaushik to leave the room immediately.

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