Embracing the Old, Unfolding Stories Untold By Muskan Bothra

Embracing the Old, Unfolding Stories Untold

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In a world of constant change, we often seek what’s new,
But let’s not forget the treasures that the old can still imbue.
For in the past, there lies a wisdom, a tale waiting to unfold,
A reminder that some changes aren’t mandatory, but the old were truly gold.

With every vintage record, a melody from days gone by,
We find solace in the memories, a nostalgic lullaby.
The crackles and pops, a symphony of the past,
Reminding us that some changes aren’t meant to forever last.

The handwritten letters, yellowed with age,
Hold emotions and sentiments, words on a page.
In this digital age, where communication is fast,
Let’s cherish the old ways, where sentiments forever last.

The old photographs, faded and worn,
Capture moments frozen, memories reborn.
In black and white,
They remind us of the beauty in the old, shining so bright.

So let’s embrace the old, for it holds a special place,
A reminder of our history, our roots we can trace.
For some changes may not be mandatory, as the old were a gem,
A testament to the beauty that lies within them.

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