Subbulakshmi - ‘A Woman Known for Her Immaculate Nature’ By Allur Raja Rajeshwari Soujanya

Subbulakshmi – ‘A Woman Known for Her Immaculate Nature’

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Follow the poignant journey of Bangaram, a woman deeply rooted in her Telugu culture, as she navigates a world of unfulfilled love and selfless sacrifice. Her devotion to family, tradition, and her silent longing for a man who marries another, paint a touching portrait of her character. This emotional story delves into themes of love, culture, and heartache, showcasing the enduring strength of a woman's spirit in the face of heartbreaking choices.

– A Typical south indian hindu name which belongs to a woman who was born in a brahmin family. She is the kind of woman who strictly obeys her father. He is the world to her as she lost her mother at a very young age. Being born in an orthodox family. In respect to culture, she learned Kuchipudi and could also play Veena accompanied by her dulcet singing.

This shows how much she is deeply inclined towards her culture. She prefers to sit on the riverbank which is her usual spot for cherishing the pleasant moment by crooning her favourite lines. The place selection of her also matters because it denotes her serenity which is as fresh as the flow of water. She is known for her innocence.

It cannot be concluded just with that word because the guileless innocence she holds vary. It also includes the acknowledgement of the things she is doing but she wouldn’t be able to identify the mistakes her actions cause unknowingly.

Just one good thing she noticed made her fall in love with a man. As he was belligerent in fighting for the good, one day she sees him being involved in a brawl. He becomes aware of her seeing him in a horrendous state. To make her believe about the true nature of him, he then explains to her about what exactly happened. She becomes overwhelmed and starts cying.

He misunderstands and questions her bewilderness. Then she replies with a low tone that she is in love with him. It means that she has become so obsessed of him. She becomes reticent when it comes to onerous moments and her emotions become so uncontrollable for her to hide longer. Such a concealed heart she has!! It just bursts out in the form of tears falling from her fragile and peaceable eyes.

One day, she playfully meets him near the bank of a river and asks him whether he would grant her wish. She wouldn’t disclose what her wish was at first with the fear that he might not fulfill it and then she takes him to the temple and makes him pray to the god so that he would get married soon.

This is her way of proposal but he thinks it casual thinking that it’s a part of her frisky nature. They both know that they are fond of each other. But she forcifully takes him to the temple with an assumption that the wish would be granted and it really happens later.

Due to unprecedented times, the woman isn’t her as he gets married with a widow whose husband has been killed with his own hands for the reprehensible act he did. The woeful situation of the widow who is a mother of a small girl made him marry in order to protect and to be as a custodian from nefarious people in her area.

The misstep which she did was taking him to the temple without considering herself as the one he needs to get married with. Without her awareness, she knew deep inside that she wouldn’t be part of his life.

That is the oblivious mistake she made and the mistake lies on his part too in a way that if he had asked with whom she was wishing for him to get married to. If he had given serious thought about it. Then it might not have happened. However, we must come to an understanding that we must face what happens to us. It could be situations or confusing times.

Before him getting married, the people who are close with him tries to convince her father who is stubborn as a mule. Her father denials the acceptance of allowing his daughter to go to their family as the bride.

Most women tries to convince their fathers when it comes to cogent matters but she remained silent. The silence itself speaks that she puts her father first rather than the man she is in love with. The silence itself justifies the priority. She meets him again with shriken hope inside her heart and the purpose of her meeting is to deliver a message to him that it wouldn’t be possible for her to be with him and the story to be ended.

That indirect message torments his heart and tells her not to approach him again. She with her helpless situation walks away from him without turning back. Her laborious walk in the precise direction indicates her carrying hope of meeting him again in her next life. She with no other unforseeable possibility agrees to marry the man who is the collector.

In the beginning, she feels discomfort to be around him as her love being still remained inside her. After days passed, the man she loved fortuitously meets her at her home for a purpose that is to be required from her husband.

He then proceeds to ask about how she has been, she replies that she is doing good. She knows that he knew how she has been coping up with her life tenaciously. That itself shatters her heart. That instance makes the moment leaden for those burdened souls. Then she is never seen after. Just see how much the little bird faced with a hope of finding love but the love she expected to endure didn’t come true and it remained as a miserable tale.

I just want to name her as ‘Bangaram’ which means gold in Telugu as this is the right name to describe the significance. This is about the character I fell in love with the most and my fascination of her wouldn’t be replaced unless I find the same unique pleasing potrayal in another film. To witness the genuiness of the character, you must watch the movie starring Superstars Rajinikanth and Mammooty.

That’s where you could find the character I described about which is played by Shobhana. She justified the character and she lived in it and felt she is the same in her real life too with all the  esteem qualities. The glorifying face of her itself added more grace to it.

All the credit behind the flawless potrayal of the enchanting beauty goes to Mani Ratnam Sir for creating such exquisite scenes that convey a deeper message obliquely.  

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