Born To Rule - Part2 By Miss Vashishth

Born To Rule – Part:2

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     In the second part of this riveting tale, love and sacrifice take center stage as Nyay, Anokhi, and Aalok face the ultimate test of their bond. Battling greed, curses, and the darkest of secrets, they must unite to overcome the odds and emerge stronger. With themes of justice and empowerment woven into this gripping narrative, it's a story of resilience, friendship, and the enduring power of love.

In Vishesh's Kingdom

Vishesh was sitting in his room, lost in his thoughts. Suddenly, Raksha entered and hugged him tightly while crying.

"What happened, darling? Why are you crying?" Vishesh asked while hugging her back.

"I hate Aalok! He is a bastard," Raksha replied.

"I also hate him. I know he is Utejna's son, but he is a human, and he always insults us in front of everyone," Vishesh said with full anger.

"Exactly! Vishesh, you should do something! Just kill him," Raksha said, full of hate.

After hearing Raksha's words, Vishesh was shocked.

"Are you out of your senses?" Vishesh shouted, then thought of something. "I think you should kill him, Raksha," Vishesh said.

"Really?" Raksha asked.

"Yes! I'm with you, don't worry," Vishesh replied.

"Thank you & love you, Vishesh," Raksha said delightfully.

"Love you too, darling," Vishesh replied.

Raksha was happy because of Vishesh's love and support.

In Jaipur

Everyone was busy because of the king's ceremony of Adhirath.

"I'm so happy for my son!" King Surya said.

"Yes! But Nyay?" Queen Purnima asked.

"Please, dear! Don't think about him," King Surya said.

"What happened, maa sa – pitaji?" Adhirath asked.

"Nothing dear! Just focus on your new responsibility," King Surya said.

"Okay, Pitaji, and thanks for choosing me, but I think maa sa is not happy, huh?" Adhirath asked.

"No, my child, there is nothing like that!" Queen Purnima replied with a fake smile.

"Maa sa, I know very well, you always love Nyay more than me, and you are not happy because you only love him," Adhirath said in an angry tone.

Then he left the room.

"See what you did?" Surya shouted and left.

"Oh my son! Where are you? Please come back, your maa sa needs you," she said while crying inside.

In The Forest

Nyay was sleeping, but suddenly he got up and shouted.

"Maa sa! Maa sa, I miss you so much," Nyay said in a sad tone.

Then he got up and started collecting some wood for the fire.

He listened to two people who were discussing the new heir of Jaipur.

"Do you know about the king ceremony?" the first man asked.

"Yes, the new king Adhirath!" the second man replied.

"Hope so he will maintain peace in our kingdom!" the first man said.

"God knows!" the second man replied.

After listening to their conversation, Nyay was shocked like hell.

"Wow! My younger Brother is the new king. It sounds weird but good. I know he will find out the truth very soon & save me," Nyay thought and smiled.

Suddenly he saw Anokhi who was sitting under a tree in a sad mood.

"Anokhi!" Nyay called her full of love & hope.

Anokhi turned and looked at him with equal love.

"Nyay!" Anokhi replied.

Anokhi was not in her senses after looking at Nyay because she was meeting him after a long time, which was very difficult for her. She was not able to hide her feelings for Nyay.

Nyay hugged Anokhi. Also Anokhi hugged him back in the same way.

"Anokhi!!! Why are you sad?" Nyay asked.

"Nyay! I was missing you," Anokhi replied.

After hearing her words, Nyay got emotional. They were looking into each other's eyes.

"Anokhi! Anokhi, I love you! I don't know why you are not believing me, but I love you," Nyay said with tears in his eyes.

Anokhi slapped Nyay!

"Just shut up!!!!! Stay away from me!!!!! It's my last warning," Anokhi said and left from there.

She was also crying over her condition.

Anokhi and Vikram were sitting together in the kingdom hall.

"Anokhi! Dear, I can understand your feelings! But also try to understand the reality, how can he try to kill your brother?" King Vikram said.

"I don't know Raja sa! But according to me & my bro, he is the main criminal who is responsible for everything," Anokhi replied with a sad expression.

"Why don't you understand? You love him actually, and also we both know very well that your brother lost his memory because of that accident," King Vikram said with a serious face.

"Raja sa! I can't love him! He is a murderer," Anokhi replied.

And then left the hall.

"Oh god! Please do some miracle! Because you know very well Nyay is an innocent child," King Vikram prayed to God.

The Scene Of Underwater World

Queen Utejna and King Aalok were sitting together in Aalok's room.

"Aalok! I'm so sorry for yesterday's behavior!" Utejna apologized for her mistakes.

"It's ok, mom! I'm just worried about Nyay!" Aalok replied.

"Why are you worried about Nyay?" Sharki asked.

"I think I have a deep connection with Nyay! Also there are so many memories I have with Nyay! But they are blurred. I think someone wants to kill him," Aalok explained.

"But dear! Who wants to kill him? And why?" Utejna asked.

"Mom! Can you please stop your melodrama? It's so boring, you know! And I think we have no need for discussing humans. They are cheap and heartless," Raksha shouted in frustration.

"If you are not interested, then you can leave," Aalok replied while making a serious face.

"Exactly! Aalok is right. This topic is important because we all know very well that it's related to Anokhi's life too," Sharki said.

"Oh!! So just continue your funking discussion!" Raksha shouted.

"Mind your language," Queen Utejna shouted this time.

"Mom! They are bastards," Raksha shouted in full of hateful expressions.

Then she left the room without looking back.

"Queen Utejna! I'm so sorry! But you have to do something for your daughter," Sharki said.

"I also agree! I don't know, but sometimes a blur picture of a girl comes into my mind after watching her and her behavior especially," Aalok replied while trying to understand the situation.

"Don't worry, my son! You will be alright very soon," Queen Utejna said.

Suddenly Anokhi entered.

"Hey guys! What are you doing?" Anokhi asked.

"Nothing! We were just talking about your sister's behavior," Sharki replied with a smirk.

"Ignore her! She is just like a lizard for me," Anokhi replied and started laughing.

After hearing her statement, everyone started laughing.

But suddenly Aalok interrupted them.

"Guys! I have something which I want to share with you," Aalok said.

"Hey! Do you remember something?" Anokhi asked in excitement.

"Is it related to Nyay?" Queen Utejna and Sharki asked together.

"No! No! It's all about our father!" Aalok announced with a sad face.

Aalok P.O.V.

It was the time when mom got pregnant and gave birth to me and Anokhi! As you guys know very well it was the first time in the universe. We were children of a human and a mermaid. Which is itself a big miracle. When mom gave birth to us, we were very weak just like we were dead bodies. Yes! It's true. I was a complete human with a mermaid heart and Anokhi as a mermaid with a human heart.

After looking at us in critical condition, our dad was very upset. They wanted us alive. They loved both of us equally. It was important to save our lives, but he hides this matter from mom.

Then they meet Magician Madhuri, who was the great magician of that time. He explained everything to her and begged her for our lives. But she raised a condition that she will save us on only one condition if our dad got married to her daughter.

Our dad was confused. What does he have to do? Then he chose our lives instead of a happy relationship with mom. After saving our lives, he got married to Madhuri's daughter. When mom came to know that he got married, she just misunderstood him and left him alone with me. Dad was depressed because of mom. And one day he committed suicide when I was only 4.

Today we are alive just because of dad.

P.O.V. Ends

After hearing his story, Queen Utejna started crying badly. Tears were falling from Anokhi's and Sharki's eyes. Aalok was also crying while remembering his dad.

"And what about Bhumi?" Anokhi asked.

"She was adopted by stepmom," Aalok replied.

"And what about your stepmom?" Sharki asked.

"She also committed suicide when I was 15. Because she was in love with dad," Aalok replied.

"This was really very painful. It hurts when you misunderstand that person you love most," Queen Utejna said while crying.

"I think you should take a rest mom!" Aalok said.

After hearing Utejna's words, Anokhi remembered Vikram's words and Nyay.

Anokhi put her hand on Aalok's shoulder.

Aalok wiped his tears.

"Anokhi! Please leave me alone," Aalok said.

Anokhi left him alone. Aalok was lost in his flashback.

Flashback starts.

"Why did you bring him here?" Aalok's grandpa was asking this question from Dhanush.

"Pitaji! Kindly stop treating him like that, he is my son & your grandson. Accept this truth," Dhanush shouted at his father.

Aalok's grandpa was looking at him with red eyes. Aalok was so terrified because of his Grandpa's anger. He hides himself behind his dad (Dhanush).

"God knows! Who is his mother? He is the black sheep of our family. He is an illegitimate child. Throw him outside the kingdom," Aalok's grandpa said while looking at Aalok.

"Pita ji! Enough is enough," Dhanush shouted.

It was the last day Aalok saw his dad.

Flashback ends.

Aalok was sitting while closing his eyes. He was not aware that someone was looking at him & passing him a death glare.

Suddenly someone attacked him with their tails. There were lots of mermaids attached to him. Aalok fainted at the time. Then they left them alone. Sharki was passing from their way. He was shocked by the scene.

"Prince Aalok!" Sharki shouted.

After hearing his voice, Queen Utejna & Anokhi arrived. They were shocked.

After some time, Aalok was in bed. Queen Utejna, Anokhi, Sharki and Vishesh were standing beside him. And Raksha was standing in front of them.

"Why did you do it, Raksha? I can't believe how someone can be so cruel?" Vishesh asked Raksha.

Raksha was looking at him in disbelief. Tears rolled down from her eyes. "Vishesh! You liar! I know Mom, I did it and it was wrong but Vishesh was my partner in crime," Raksha explained while giving him death glare.

Then Anokhi changed the topic and looked into Vishesh's eyes. "Thank you so much Vishesh for telling us the truth. And sorry for Raksha's behavior," Anokhi said while holding his hands.

Raksha was trying to explain but she was interrupted by Aalok. "Raksha! You have no need to say anything. We know about your intentions," Aalok said while trying to ignore her.

"Vishesh! I want to ask you something. Will you marry me?" Anokhi asked.

Everyone was shocked except Aalok. He was supporting Anokhi in her decision.

Vishesh replied delightfully. "Yes! It's just like a dream princess Anokhi. I was waiting for that moment."

"I think we should start the preparations for their marriage," Aalok said delightfully.

Queen Utejna, Sharki and Raksha were still in great shock.

The Scene Of Jaipur

Adhirath was so happy because of his king ceremony. There was a huge function on this occasion. There were 100 monks from different different kingdoms there. Servants and the kingdom were dancing in happiness. There was a lot of happiness in every corner of the kingdom.

"So my dear kingdom! As you guys know that today is a happy day for us & our kingdom. My Adhirath is going to become the new king of our kingdom. And the special announcement is that he will marry the Queen of Vijay nagar ' Bhumi Singh Choahan' very soon," King Surya Announced.

The whole kingdom was happy. Bhumi was standing with Adhirath and was happy for both of them.

"Congratulations Raja sa!" Bhumi whispered in Adhirath's ears.

Adhirath passed her a smile as he wins a battle.

"Congratulations my son!" Queen Purnima congratulated Adhirath while remembering Nyay. A drop of tear rolled down from her eyes.

Adhirath looked at his mother. "Thanks maa sa!" Adhirath replied while touching her feet.

"Maa sa! Why are you crying?" Bhumi asked Purnima.

Queen Purnima wiped her tears and replied. "These are tears of happiness. My little boy is grown up."

Adhirath hugged his mother. Queen Purnima was missing her elder son "Nyay."

The Scene Of Mermaid World

Vishesh was so happy because he was going to marry Anokhi. Anokhi was never her love but he wanted to marry because of power. It was the marriage day of Vishesh & Anokhi. Raksha was crying in the corner not because she loves Vishesh but because she never wanted to destroy her sister's life. Aalok & Sharki were busy in preparations. King Vishesh was sitting on the groom 's chair. He was ready for the marriage. "Where is she?" Vishesh asked.

"Don't worry! She will be there after some time." Aalok replied while teasing him. After some time Anokhi entered the marriage hall with a small gift in her hands.

"This is for you Vishesh." Anokhi said while giving him the box. Vishesh grabbed and opened it. He was so shocked after looking into the box.

"What is in this box?" Aalok asked.

"His truth!" Anokhi replied instantly. Vishesh was looking at everyone with his red eyes. Anokhi & Aalok were staring at him.

"What did you think? You can't use our sister. And how can you think that I will marry you bastard?" Anokhi shouted. There was a stone inside the box in which the plan was plotted by Vishesh.

"We are sure that Raksha was not lying. That's why we make a plan against you for finding the proof against you. When you were busy in marriage rituals then I and Raksha were busy in finding the proof." Aalok explained.

After hearing about their plan Vishesh was boiling in anger. "What did I do wrong? I wanted to marry her because I want power. What's wrong with it?"

Suddenly Anokhi slapped him. "This is for using my sister." Then Raksha slapped Vishesh "And this for trying to destroy my Sister's life. She is not the source of powers."

"Arrest him now!" Queen Utejna ordered her soldiers. Then they arrested him.

Aalok, Anokhi, Raksha, and Sakhi hugged each other tightly. Queen Utejna was happy to see their unity.

"Can I also join?" Sharki asked with a smile. They looked at him. "Yes! Please come." Aalok replied.

"I'm so sorry Aalok, Anokhi." Raksha said with moist eyes. Aalok wiped her tears. "It's ok sister. Your one will always be yours. No one can change them." Aalok replied.

Raksha hugged him and Aalok hugged her back. Aalok looked at his mother. "Mom! I think we should leave now. This world is not for us. Our earth is waiting for us." Aalok said while winking at Anokhi which made Anokhi blush.

"Ok! Go but you have to meet me at least once a day." Queen Utejna ordered. Anokhi hugged her and replied "As your wish mom." Then they both left for Udaypur.

The Scene Of Jaipur

King Adhirath was smiling widely. "It's his last day of life." Adhirath said. Bhumi was also smiling. "Hope so." Bhumi replied. They both were hoping for Nyay's death.

"How can I help you King Adhirath?" The man asked. Adhirath smiled at his question "You have to kill my brother 'Nyay Partap Singh'. Can you kill him?" Adhirath replied.

"Of course I can kill him. I can convert myself into an anaconda. It's too easy to kill anyone in the forest." The man said proudly. "That's good! Let's see." Bhumi said. Then the man left for the forest in which Nyay was living.

The Scene Of The Forest

Nyay was sitting outside his cottage. He was chopping the vegetables while singing songs. Suddenly he realized that there was something fishy behind him. As he turned back he saw the biggest anaconda. He was so shocked. The anaconda was going to attack Nyay but before he could harm him someone shot him with their arrow.

Nyay looked in direction, Aalok was standing there. Nyay's eyes were filled with tears. "Aalok! You are alive." Nyay shouted in excitement. Aalok passed him a bright smile. Both friends hugged each other tightly. "Thank god you are safe my bro. Bhumi will be happy to hear this." Nyay said while smiling there were tears of happiness in his eyes.

Bhumi's name makes Aalok sad. "She will not!" Aalok replied in a low tone. Nyay was shocked. "But why?" Nyay asked instantly. Aalok laughed as a fool. "Then why did she plot the plan to kill me?" Aalok replied with a bitter smile. This was shocking for Nyay. He was frozen on his position.

Suddenly they saw Anokhi who was standing in front of them while holding a sword in her hand. There was blood on her clothes & sword. "Not only Bhumi but Adhirath's too. Both wanted to kill you both." Anokhi shouted in a cracked voice. This was a new shock for both of them. Aalok accepted the truth but Nyay was looking angry at Anokhi.

Nyay Pushed Anokhi. "How dare you say this about my brother." Nyay shouted. "He can't do anything. He loves me a lot but Bhumi can. I have faith in my brother." Nyay shouted again. Nyay's mind was saying that Adhirath can do it but Heart was saying that he can't. He was so confused and shocked.

"Nyay! Trying to understand the facts. He can do it bro, for the kingdom." Aalok said. "No! No! No! He can't. He is my brother." Nyay shouted while putting his hands on his ears. Then he sat on his horse and left for Udaypur. Anokhi & Aalok also followed him.

When they entered the palace, they saw that Nyay hugged King Vikram Singh tightly and was crying while making his heart out. Aalok puts his hand on his shoulder. But Nyay pushed his hand away in anger. "Dada sa! Please tell them My Adhirath can't do it with me. He is my brother & can do anything for me." Nyay said.

King Vikram Singh was also crying over his condition. "Nyay! Do you remember that curse?" King Vikram asked. Nyay was shocked. "No! No! No! Dada sa.. It can't be possible. I will never make it true." Nyay replied while wiping his tears.

Nyay apologized to Anokhi & Aalok. "I know it is possible, he did this only for the Kingdom. If he wants a kingdom then it's ok. I have no need of kingdom & my position. I'm happy with my simple & struggling life." Nyay said. Anokhi was shocked. "Are you really Nyay? Who is known for his justice?" Anokhi asked.

Nyay looked at her and smiled "My kingdom is ok with Adhirath. By the way, how do you believe me?" Nyay asked. Anokhi smiled at him "I was always on your side. I was just pretending to be on the opposite side to find the real culprit." Anokhi replied.

Nyay was impressed. Then he looked at Aalok "Where were you bro?" Nyay asked. Aalok looked at Anokhi. "I was with my family, my mother and Sister." Aalok replied. "Is she your real sister?" Nyay asked in shocking expressions. Aalok nodded at him. Then he explained everything to Nyay.

"Oh my god! That means mermaids exist in real life. Also I'm in love with a mermaid." Nyay shouted. After hearing Nyay's words, Anokhi started blushing. Now it's time for the interruption of king Vikram. "No matter if she is a mermaid or what, but she is the heir of my kingdom. I can't find a better heir for my kingdom than her." King Vikram said.

"You are right. And I can't find a better brother in law for me." Aalok said with a smirk which made Nyay & Anokhi blush.

After Some Days

Anokhi was standing near the sea. She was confused. "Oh God! Why did he call me here?" She thought. Suddenly she feels warm around her waist. It was Nyay who hugged her from behind. "Hey Miss beautiful!" Nyay said while putting his head on her shoulder.

Anokhi was blushing. "Hey!" She replied while blushing. Her face turned red like a tomato. Nyay looked at her. "Anokhi! I love you. Will you be mine for always? I want to grow old with you. Can I get this chance?" He asked while blushing. Anokhi was happy. Her happiness can be seen on her face easily. "Yes!" Anokhi replied while looking into his eyes.

Aalok also reached there. "Guys! I have to tell you something." He said while making a serious face. Both looked at him. "Adhirath marries Bhumi. Now they combined both kingdoms. Vijaynagar is mixed with Jaipur." He said. Anokhi & Nyay smiled at him. "We don't care." They replied in unison.

They entered the palace of Udaypur. The whole palace was decorated with flowers. Everyone was busy in preparations for Nyay & Anokhi's wedding. Aalok was checking everything again & again. King Vikram Partap Singh was so excited. "Nyay is going to marry but Raja sa is getting excited." Aalok said while teasing King Vikram. King Vikram passed him a death glare. Anokhi & Nyay were laughing at his statement. They were enjoying each other's company.

"You know Nyay! I was confused about you. But Bhai sa told me about you after recalling his memories with you." Anokhi said.

Flashback starts:

After the attack of mermaids, Aalok recalled his memories. "Anokhi! Stop hating Nyay. The real culprit is my sister Bhumi. Only she is responsible for my condition." Aalok whispered in her ears.

Anokhi was shocked & angry at Bhumi. "Bhai sa! I'm sure about Nyay. He can't do anything but find the real culprit. And I'm sure Bhumi is not alone, she can't do it alone. There is someone behind her who is helping her." Anokhi replied.

Flashback ends:

"No matter Anokhi! I don't care about that. We are together and going to marry soon. It's enough." Nyay replied and gave her a kiss on the forehead. Anokhi passed him a smile.

"Oh hello Mr. groom! Go and get ready. It's your wedding day." Aalok ordered. Anokhi laughed at Nyay. "Why are you laughing? You also have to." King Vikram said.

Now it's time for Nyay, he laughed at Anokhi while teasing her. After some time, all the guests arrive. They were looking for a groom & bride. Anokhi was looking so beautiful in white lehenga. She was looking at the beautiful bride of the world. Everyone was speechless at her beauty.

Nyay was lost for some time. Aalok shook him. "Brother! Come into reality. She will be yours after some time." Aalok said while teasing him. Then Anokhi looked at Nyay who was sitting in the white Sherwani and looking the most handsome groom she had ever seen.

They did all the wedding rituals together. After some time, the monk declared them "Husband – Wife." Nyay promised Anokhi "I will protect you always. I will choose you daily. I will always be there whenever you need me or not." Nyay's promises made Anokhi emotional. She started crying while hugging him. Nyay wiped her tears like a gentleman. "Nyay! We will rule this kingdom together." Anokhi said while smiling.

Then they touched the feet of elders. They gave them blessings. Suddenly Nyay saw a sweet familiar face. Nyay ran to her and hugged her while crying. "Maa sa! I missed you so much." Nyay said while trying. Queen Purnima looked at him and wiped his tears. "I do too!" She replied.

Then they touched her feet. "God bless you." Queen Purnima said and hugged them. "Maa sa! Live with us." Anokhi and Nyay said in unison. Queen Purnima put her palm on their faces. "No, my kids! I can't. I have to leave. Take care of both of you." Queen Purnima replied and left from there without looking back. Nyay and Anokhi were looking into each other's eyes. Now Anokhi & Nyay were the king – Queen of Udaypur.

One Year Passed In Happiness

One year passed in happiness. People were happy in the kingdom of Nyay & Anokhi. Nyay was the responsible king of Udaypur. Nyay used to visit the Kingdom to learn about their lives & problems that he could solve. Nyay banned hunting in his kingdom. His responsibilities were increasing day by day, as he was going to be a father soon.

Love is the magical thing which can change people easily. The love of Aalok & Anokhi changed the opinions of their step sisters. Raksha was ruling mermaid words and Sakhi was ruling ¼ part of the mermaid world after marrying the king. They were happy in their lives except Adhirath & Bhumi. They used to fight daily. Sometimes King Surya was irritated by his son & daughter in law.

Bhumi was also pregnant but Adhirath was not paying any attention to her. He was just busy growing his kingdom, in which his father was supporting him. Queen Purnima was feeling alone in her kingdom because her husband & son were busy and Bhumi was not interested in talking to her or spending any time with her.

The kingdom of Jaipur was upset by his king. The taxes were high and the income was low. Life was hell in Jaipur.

People realized what they did with Prince Nyay who was the responsible king. But they could not do anything now. On the other hand, Nyay was spending his time with Anokhi also to make her feel good & comfortable. He was a good king and a good husband too. Aalok forgets his past and moves on. He was in love with a mermaid "Shanka" who was the sister of king Vishesh.

He also gave up on his kingdom for his relations like Nyay. He was happy in his life.

After Some Days

Scene Of Jaipur

Bhumi was sitting in her room. "What's your actual Problem Raja sa?" She shouted at him. Adhirath looked at her in full anger. "And what problem do you have?" He asked.

"Why are you not spending time with me?" She asked in a bitter tone. Adhirath passed her a death glare.

"I'm not free for you." He replied and left the room. Bhumi was crying. Queen Purnima saw her while crying.

"Please don't cry Bhumi. It's not good for your baby's health." Queen Purnima said.

Bhumi looked at her red eyes. "Just shut up and get out." Bhumi shouted at Queen Purnima which made Purnima more sad.

"Oh God! Why did you break up my family?" Purnima whispered and left.

The Scene Of Udaypur

Vikram Partap Singh, Nyay, and Aalok were standing outside the room and waiting for the dai maa. Suddenly, they heard the crying voice of a newborn baby. After hearing the voice, Aalok & Vikram hugged Nyay tightly. The tears of happiness were falling from Nyay's eyes. Dai maa entered with the newborn baby in her hands. "Congratulations Raja sa! It's a baby girl."

King Nyay smiled at her and gave her his necklace, which was around his neck. Then he held his baby girl and kissed her forehead. "Oh my god! She is the prettiest baby I have ever seen." He said in a low tone. Aalok and Vikram shouted in unison

"Now your turn is over Raja sa! Give her to us now." Nyay laughed at them "No! She is my daughter, I'm not going to give her to anyone."

"This is cheating Nyay! I'm her Mama sa." Aalok explained.

(mama sa = uncle)

Nyay laughed "Ok! Ok! Hold her, I'm going to meet my Rani sa." He replied while giving her the baby to Aalok. Nyay entered the room and looked at Anokhi with love. He gave her a peck on her forehead.

"Congratulations Rani sa! Now you are the Maa sa of our daughter, our princess." Nyay said proudly.

Anokhi looked at him and replied "You too Raja sa! You know our daughter can change her form from mermaid to human, human to mermaid whenever she wants to." Nyay looked at her in disbelief.

King Vikram entered the room with the little princess. "Anokhi! Our little princess looks like her father." King Vikram said while giving the princess to her. Anokhi & Nyay passed him a smile.

"Rani sa! Come with me. The people are gathered around our palace looking for our daughter." Nyay said.

Then they reached the balcony. Nyay held his baby daughter in his hands and showed her to the people of the kingdom. The people were happy to see the newborn princess of their kingdom. It was the happiest day for Nyay & Anokhi.

Their daughter was the blessing of God for them. Nyay and Anokhi kissed their daughter's cheeks together. "After me, she will rule the kingdom." Nyay said while smiling.

"Of course she will!" Vikram Singh replied while holding the newborn baby in his arms.

Some Days Passed Delightfully

Bhumi and Adhirath also came to know about the newborn baby of Nyay and Anokhi. Adhirath was curious to see Nyay's baby, and he never saw his Bhabhi sa. Adhirath was ready in his casual outfits; he was going somewhere.

"Adhirath! Please stay with me today. I'm not feeling good. Please!" Bhumi begged. Adhirath looked at her, "Bhumi! I'm not free. If you are not feeling good, then call vaid ji." He replied and left without looking back.

Bhumi was sad again. Adhirath was back at midnight with his father Surya Partap Singh. Then a servant came to them and congratulated them, "Congratulations Raja sa! Rani sa gave birth to a baby girl."

"That's good!" Adhirath replied while ignoring her as he was not very happy about his daughter's birth. King Surya ordered his Minister to give the servants some money as a prize.

Adhirath entered his room where Bhumi was peacefully sleeping with the newborn baby girl. He was going to hold his daughter, but suddenly he heard Nyay's voice, who was calling him.

"Adhirath! Adhirath! Where are you Adhirath?" Nyay was shouting. His eyes were red, and his blood was boiling. Nyay held Adhirath's neck. "I will kill you today!" Nyay shouted while tightening his grip. King Surya came to defend Adhirath, but Nyay pushed him away. Anokhi was also there, standing at the door while crying. Queen Purnima was shocked after looking at the miserable conditions of Nyay & Anokhi. They were shocked because they had never seen Nyay angry like that.

"Where is my daughter? Tell me where my daughter is?" Nyay asked loudly. Bhumi also reached the hall after hearing the noises. "I don't know!" Adhirath replied while trying to release himself from Nyay's grip.

"Just shut up! I know you kidnapped my daughter. Only you, father, and son can do these types of cheap things." Nyay shouted. Nyay's words were making Adhirath more angry, and Adhirath pushed him away. "This anger is not only for your daughter, it's all for the kingdom, right." Adhirath shouted with a smirk.

Nyay was shocked. "Not everyone is cheap and greedy like you, Adhirath." Anokhi shouted this time. Adhirath looked at Anokhi and smiled. "Listen Bhai sa! I have a deal for you. Give Bhabhi sa to me, then I will tell you where your daughter is." Adhirath said shamelessly, which made Anokhi, Nyay, and Bhumi angry.

"Adhirath! Don't you dare. You can't bring any other lady into your life until I'm alive." Bhumi shouted. Adhirath looked at her. "I'm not tied to you, Bhumi. I never loved you; I married you only for your kingdom, which is mine now. But Anokhi is different. She is a lovable lady." Adhirath shouted.

But suddenly Nyay punched him. "Don't you dare!" He shouted and left with Anokhi. "I will see you in the battleground, Nyay!" Adhirath shouted. Then he saw the bloodshot eyes of Bhumi. She was angry at him. "Don't you dare, Adhirath. Enough is enough. I'm serious about my words." Bhumi shouted.

"Oh really! Then tell me who will help you? You already lost your brother because of your greed. Will he help you, bloody idiot?" Adhirath shouted with a bitter smile. Adhirath's words were true. She lost everything because of her greediness over the kingdom. Now no one was there for her. She was so frustrated. She punched Adhirath in frustration, which made Adhirath more angry, and he murdered her with his sword.

King Surya and Queen Purnima were shocked at this scene. The little princess was crying near the dead body of Bhumi. Queen Purnima held the newborn baby in her arms and started crying badly. "What did Adhirath do?" She shouted. There was no guilt in Adhirath's eyes. He was looking relaxed. After burning the body of Bhumi, Adhirath called a meeting about the battle with Nyay.

The Scene Of Udaypur

Anokhi was crying while hugging Nyay. Nyay was trying hard to control his tears. "Rani sa! You are brave. Please don't cry. We will find our daughter together." Nyay said with a fake smile.

The secret agent was standing on the room's door of Nyay – Anokhi. "May I come in, Raja sa?" He asked. Nyay nodded to him. "What about today's update?" Nyay asked.

"Raja sa! King Adhirath killed his own wife last night, and now he is preparing himself for the battle." He replied.

"Ok," Nyay replied instantly. Anokhi was looking at him. "Are you sure? Are you going against your brother?" Anokhi asked.

Nyay kissed her forehead. "No! I'm not going against my brother. I'm going against devils. I'm going to fight for truth and justice." Nyay replied proudly.

Anokhi hugged him. "Nyay! I want our baby back as soon as possible." She said.

"I do too. Anokhi made a promise with me today, 'whatever will happen in our life you will not forget that you are born to rule and it's your duty to rule our kingdom.'" Nyay said.

Then Anokhi promised him, and Nyay smiled at her. She was not aware that a big storm was coming into her life.

King Vikram, Aalok, and Nyay prepared themselves for the battle. "The battle for justice."

Anokhi and Queen Purnima were afraid because of an unknown reason.

The Scene Of Battle Ground

Brother – Brother were standing against. Adhirath, Surya and some of his friends were in a team, and on the other hand, Nyay, King Vikram, and Aalok with some of their friends were in the team.

"It's my last chance, Adhirath! You can drop this battle if you want," Nyay asked.

Adhirath looked at him and replied, "I'm not a loser like you, Nyay."

Then the battle started. King Vikram was fighting with King Surya, and Aalok was fighting with some other team members of Adhirath's team. Adhirath & Nyay were fighting while putting stones on their hearts. It was the first day of their battle. 1000 soldiers died in the battle. They buried their bodies at the end of the day.

Battle Day 2

It was the 2nd day of their battle.

"Today I got the chance to kill you," King Surya told King Vikram.

"Hmmm! You are looking excited. The day will decide who will kill whom?" King Vikram shouted.

They started fighting with swords. Both were champions in sword fighting. Suddenly, King Surya throws the swords of King Vikram. Now King Vikram was on the ground, and King Surya was standing over him.

"Bye! Bye! King Vikram & sorry for that. Go and meet your family in heaven," King Surya said and inserted his sword into Vikram's body. King Vikram cried in pain, "Aaaa!!!" Then he died on the spot. Nyay & Aalok heard Vikram's painful voices. They were in shock & pain. They buried Vikram's body at the end of the day. Anokhi was crying in Nyay's arms. This is a shock for them.

Battle Day 3

This day was also normal like other days. Adhirath lost 3 team members to him in the battle. Aalok & Nyay were badly injured on day 3.

"Aalok! I think you should not take part in the battle," Nyay suggested.

Aalok looked at Nyay in disbelief. "Why?" He asked.

Nyay's face turned sad. "Because he needs you bro. How can she survive alone?" He replied.

Aalok placed his hand on Nyay's. "She is brave. And I will live with you else die with you," he said while smiling. Nyay hugged Aalok.

Nine Days Passed In The Battleground

It was day 10. Before going into battle, Nyay asked Anokhi, "Darling! Do you remember my promise?"

Anokhi looked into his eyes and nodded yes. Then Nyay hugged her tightly.

"Nyay! Today I will prepare your favorite food with my hands," Anokhi said.

"And what about me, Anokhi?" Aalok asked instantly.

Anokhi laughed at him. "For you too," she replied. Nyay passed her a fake smile. Then they were going to leave, but Nyay looked and turned back. He hugged Anokhi again and kissed her on the forehead.

"Anokhi! Please don't forget, you and our daughter are born to rule. Never forget," he said and left for the battleground without looking back.

The Battle Ground Scene

There was a smile on Nyay's face. He can fight for Truth & justice till his last breath.

Aalok & Adhirath were fighting. "Oh so today's your turn." Adhirath said with a smirk. "It may be yours." Aalok replied with a bitter smile.

They were fighting but suddenly Adhirath inserted the sword inside his body. He shouted "Yeah! I killed him, I killed him." Nyay heard his words. He was feeling pain in his heart and called Adhirath "Adhirath! You bloody loser."

Then Nyay inserted the sword inside Adhirath. Adhirath died instantly. Nyay reached Aalok who was still alive and taking his last breath. Nyay held the sword and inserted it inside him. "What did you do Nyay?" Aalok shouted in pain. Nyay smiled. "Bro , I can't forgive myself for killing my own brother. That's why I killed myself." He replied.

They both were on the ground while holding each other's hands. Suddenly they heard the crying voice of Anokhi. "Raja sa! Bhai sa!" Nyay looked at Anokhi with love. Anokhi puts his head in her lap. "Raja sa! Bhai sa! You both can leave me alone." Anokhi said while crying.

"Nyay! Who wins?" Aalok asked in a cracked voice. Nyay replied "That curse!" Anokhi and Aalok were confused.

Flashback Starts

King Surya & King Dhaush were walking in the garden of Jaipur. They were talking about their issues and problems. "What will happen Dhanush? Will the curse work?" King Surya asked "Which type of curse?" Dhanush asked.

King Surya started explaining.

"When I was going to kill King Vikram's wife & grandson , then she comes to know about my plan. She gave me the curse that I can kill everyone for property / kingdom but my children will kill each other for the kingdom and I will be alone." Dhanush was shocked "Just focus on their bonding."

A boy near about 4 -5 years old listened to their talks. It was so shocking for that boy. He started hating his father for that. And the boy was Nyay Partap Singh. He also told this secret to King Vikram Partap Singh. That's why he was so impressed with him.

Flashback Ends.

"Anokhi! I'm not brave like you. You are so strong. Anokhi! I love you so much." Nyay said with a fake smile.

"Don't forget you are born to rule and our princess too." Aalok and Nyay shouted in unison while laughing. Anokhi was surprised that Aalok & Nyay were smiling until they died. Tears rolled down from her eyes. Then she saw the lifeless body of Queen Purima who had passed away after looking at her son's dead bodies. A little princess was crying in her hands.

She was Adhirath's daughter but Anokhi saw her daughter's face inside her. She wiped her tears and accepted her like her daughter. Then she moved into the tant where her daughter was sleeping peacefully in Surya's lap. Anokhi snatched her daughter from him.

Flashback Starts

"I know Nyay where your daughter is? But please stop this battle. " King Surya begged.

Nyay gave him a better smile. "Oh really! Only Adhirath can stop this battle." He replied "But you already know the result of this battle." King Surya said in a tensed tone. "All thanks to you Raja sa! Because of that curse," Nyay replied.

"Here is your daughter but please stop this battle, please" King Surya said Nyay grabbed his daughter from him. "Sorry but I can't stop the battle, but Adhirath can." Nyay replied

Flashback Ends

"I'm sorry Anokhi!" King Surya said But Anokhi ignored him and while remembering Nyay's promise she was going to rule. For ruling her kingdom alone without any help from others, While holding her daughters who were born to rule.


I wrote this book after looking at today's conditions of families over the matters of properties. People nowadays can do anything for property & money, they don't even care about their relationships. According to me this is the course for them. The people like Surya, Adhirath & Bhumi lost everything in their life just because of their greed. If Bhumi was honest with his brother then she would not lose her life so easily.

I showed women empowerment, while showing Anokhi more strongly. She was an illegitimate girl but was born to rule. She created her own path with the help of her strength & truth.

There are some people on earth like Nyay. Who are very honest but yet emotional. Who values relationships & truth. Who can do anything for justice.

When we talked about our friends & friendship, our lips curved & made a cute smile. This is one relationship which a man/woman can choose on their own. The friendship of Aalok & Nyay was next level. They were true friends. Aalok always supports Nyay in every up & down. They supported each other till death.

There are more morals in my book Born to Rule. You guys can think & find out on your own. Thanks for purchasing my book. Love you all. 😉

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