Born To Rule - Part1 By Miss Vashishth

Born To Rule – Part:1

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     Delve into a realm of enchantment, where Bhumi ascends to the throne, Adhirath's schemes loom, and Nyay grapples with his past. Meanwhile, the enigmatic Snow Prince's powers confound all. As tensions surge, bonds fracture, and enigmas deepen, a spellbinding narrative of passion, treachery, and fate unfolds in this mesmerizing tale.

The Scene Of Jaipur Palace

King Surya was in his palace. He was ready to go into the forest of Udaypur. His wife was looking at him with little hope.

"Rani sa! Don't worry, I will be back soon." King Surya said with a faded smile. "I know Raja sa! I'm waiting for you." Queen Purnima replied.

[ Rani sa = Queen ]

[ Raja sa = King ]

Actually Queen Purnima was Pregnant. She wanted her husband with him in her last days of Pregnancy. King Surya was in a hurry. He left the Palace without looking at her wife.

The Scene Of Udaypur

King Surya entered the Palace of Udaypur. King Vikram, who is the king of Udaypur was sitting on the floor in miserable condition. He was crying on the death of his wife & grandson. Everyone was tense about the next heir of the kingdom.

"Raja Sa! Be brave" King Surya said while placing hand on king Vikram's shoulder.

"How can I? How? I don't even know who is behind all these murders. But I will find out very soon," King Vikram replied with a sad face.

Suddenly a servant entered the Palace. And told King Surya that his wife is suffering from labor pain of pregnancy. King Surya left the palace in a hurry. And said "I'm sorry Raja sa! I will see you soon".

The Scene Of Jaipur Palace

Queen Purnima was crying because of labor pain. "Raja sa! Thank god you are here," Queen Purnima said with a fake smile. King Surya smiled back on her. But he was so tense.

"Rani sa! You know na? I want a baby girl." King Surya asked with a tense face. The servant smiled at King Surya's question and replied to him

"Raja sa! It's all on God. What he wants" The Servant's words made King Surya more worried.

After an hour, King Surya heard the crying sounds of the new baby. The Servant comes from Queen Purnima's room with the new baby.

"Congratulations Raja sa! It's a baby boy," the servant announced delightfully. King Surya was freezed at his position.

"Raja sa! Raja sa! What happened to you? Are you not happy?" Queen Purnima asked from the room.

King Surya smiled at his wife and replied, "No Rani sa! I'm happy but what about Our son Nyay?"

"Don't worry Raja sa! He will accept his younger brother." King Dhanush singh said from the back.

King Surya saw him and hugged him tightly. King Dhanush gave the blessings to the new born baby. After sometime, King Surya & king Dhanush were walking in the garden of Jaipur Palace.

"Please tell me Dhanush! What do I have to do? Is it possible? "King Surya asked with a worried face.

King Dhanush singh replied to him "Don't worry dear! Just focus on your son's bonding."

They were not aware that a boy of about 4 to 5 years was listening to their conversations. Suddenly King Surya saw him and called him "Nyay! What are you doing here? " Nyay came to them and said "Pitaji! I can't expect this from you." And left from there with an angry face. King Surya & King Dhanush were shocked by his reactions.

They were hiding something in them…..
( Pitaji = Father)

After 18 Years

Everything changed after 18 years. King Vikram Partap Singh was still looking for the heir of their kingdom. King Surya's sons were grown up. The bonding between both brothers was too strong.

There is the sea near Jaipur, Which is very peaceful and also the favorite place of both Princes. But no one was aware that there is a different world inside the sea. "The Mermaid world".

The Mermaid world is hidden from the people who live on the earth. Everyone has their own different mindset about the mermaids & mermaid worlds. Queen Utejna is the queen of ¼ part of the mermaid world. She was handling the whole kingdom alone after the death of her husband or we can say that the king of the Mermaid world.

Queen Utejna was sitting on her sheel & waiting for the monk of the mermaid world.

After some time the monk entered the hall of the mermaid palace. Queen Utejna welcomed him in her Palace. The monk was here because the princess Anokhi was turning 22 very soon & there is a law in the mermaid world that the mermaid can swim over the sea & can see the world after turning 22.

"What is the right timing?" Queen Utejna asked from the Monk with curiosity.

"Hmmm after one week, Queen! you should talk to your daughter about this" Monk replied.

Suddenly Princess Anokhi entered the hall. "Hey Princess! Congratulations for your freedom." Monk congregated with her.

Anokhi saw him & thanked him in Humanatic tone. Which was shocking for the monk. The monk left the palace with the permission of queen Utejna. Queen Utejna looked at her princess and said

"Anokhi my dear! Try to control your Humanatic behavior. It's not good for you." Anokhi looked at her mother and replied in careless tone "Mom! You know na I can't control that it all comes from my heart."

"Yes! And that makes Anokhi different from everyone else."

A voice comes from behind. This voice was of King Vishesh who is the king of another ¼ part of the mermaid world. Anokhi saw him & smiled at him. Vishesh came & hugged Anokhi also he asked her about her fantasies about the world. They were talking about themselves. But there were 2 who were not happy to see them together.

"Hey King Vishesh! We are also there. Also talk to us" Princess Raksha said with a funny tone.

King Vishesh apologized to her. They were talking and suddenly Queen Utejna said that she had to talk to Anokhi in private. That's why they left them alone in the hall. Queen Utejna started saying

"Anokhi! I know you are very excited for your freedom. But please don't forget one thing: humans are injurious to our health. They aren't good my dear. So try to beware of them."

Anokhi laughs at her mother "Mom! You are explaining this thousands of times . I know mom, you are worried for me. But don't worry I'm 100% safe. Because I'm so brave." Anokhi explained. "I know you are!" Queen Utejna replied.

"Mom! You know na Vishesh is here. So I have to go now." Anokhi said "But he is gone." Sakhi announced with a winning smile. Her announcement made Anokhi shocked like hell.

"How can it be possible? He never does that." Anokhi asked. "Do you really think that you are more important to him than his kingdom & works? If you think that he loves you then it's all your fantasy & dream which can never fulfill." Sakhi replied while making fun of Anokhi.
Sakhi's words were making Anokhi angry.

"Oh really Sakhi! But why are you so jealous? He can be yours but in dreams." Anokhi said with a wild smile. Queen Utejna shouted at them, who were so
irritated because of their useless beetle. "Just shut up both of you! You both are sisters so don't fight like that"

"Oh really mom! She isn't my sister," Sakhi shouted and left from there. Anokhi's face turned sad because of Sakhi's words. Queen Utejna was also feeling bad for her daughter. Anokhi looked at her mother

"Mom! What's my fault ?" Anokhi asked "No my dear! They are children. Just forget their words."

Queen Utejna replied with a fake smile.

The Scene Of Jaipur

There was a huge crowd in the battle ground. The two young men were fighting with the sword. The young man whose brown hair was shining because of sunshine was on the ground and the second young man was pointing the sword at the neck of the first man.

"Oh My God Nyay! Not again. You are so much of an expert in sword fighting." The man who was on the ground said. Nyay laughed at him and replied

"Aalok! You are still weak in sword fighting. I'm winning the fight again ." Suddenly the young man came from the crowd and hugged Nyay tightly. "Bhai sa! I'm proud of you. No one can beat you. You are my inspiration." He shouted.
( Bhai sa = Brother)

Nyay hugged the young man back "Adhirath! If I'm an expert in sword fighting then Aalok is best in Archery."

"No doubt! Why are we best friends?" Aalok said with a bright smile. Nyay gave him his hands to help him in standing. They hugged each other & congratulated each other for today's battle.

Nyay started talking with his kingdom about their conditions. Nyay was a very loyal & kind hearted Prince. His kingdom loves him more than their king. Nyay saw a man who was carrying a map in his hands. He called him and asked about the map.

"What happened sir? Are you working on the construction of our kingdom?" The man looked at him & replied with a bright smile "Don't you know Prince? Raja sa ordered me to build the new Palace for Rani sa . He wanted to give her that Palace on the occasion of her birthday."

After hearing his reply, Nyay's face turned serious. "I think I have to go now.'' Nyay announced in a serious tone.

"What happened bro ? Where are you going?" Aalok asked him in a worried tone. Nyay looked at him and replied "Sorry my dear
friend, I have urgent work. " And he left from there in a hurry with his horse. Adhirath also followed him.

The Scene Of Vijay Nagar Palace

Aalok Singh Choahan was so much confused because of the sudden change in his friend's behavior. He was sitting on his king chair while holding his head with his hands. "May I come in, sir?" His minister asked respectfully.

Aalok looked at him and replied "Come in." He was still in his thoughts. "My Lord! Can I ask a question?" Minister asked Worriedly. "Hmm! You can" Aalok replied while not paying much attention to him. "My Lord! The taxes are increasing day by day. Isn't good, you know . People are requesting you to decrease their taxes. Their income is so small but taxes are double." The Minister said Awkwardly.

After hearing his words Aalok was so shocked. "What are you saying man? I don't know about any taxes. I didn't give any order for increasing taxes. My rule of tax is the same as followed by my father (King Dhanush Singh Choahan!) Aalok said continually. "My Lord! Then who ordered for taxes?" Minister asked "I" A voice came from behind.

It was Princess Bhumi. She is the younger sister of King Aalok Singh Choahan. After looking at Bhumi, Aalok whispered in his mind "Not again!'' Bhumi is just the headache for Aalok. "Why did you order that Bhumi?" Aalok asked in an angry tone.

"Because you are an irresponsible king. You don't know how to run the kingdom. You are the black sheep of our family. You killed my father. You killed my mother. Now you want to kill the kingdom." Bhumi shouted in full anger. Aalok ignored her words and replied to the minister

"Listen! Cancel all the laws by princess. And announce that I'm the king of the kingdom not princess so just obey me not her."

"Ok My Lord!" Minister replied and left from there. Aalok's ignorance & words were making Bhumi more angry. She shouted again "I will kill you Aalok Singh Choahan. I will kill you soon." Aalok just ignored her and left for his room.

"Is she mad? What is she saying for her own brother?" A servant asked from another. Another servant laughed at her question and replied "She can't do anything. It's her daily routine. But our king is so strong and tolerates this type of phyco sister."

The Scene Of Udaypur

"Have you eaten anything Raja sa?" The minister asked from king Vikram. King Vikram Partap Singh smiled at his question. "You know what. You became my family in these 18 years."

"I know Raja sa! Kindly eat something. And take a rest ." Minister said politely.

King Vikram replied "I will take rest after finding the heir for my kingdom."

"Raja Sa! I'm trying my best to find the best heir for our kingdom.'' Minister said "Hmm! Don't Forget this is a secret mission." King Vikram Said.

After that King Vikram again lost in his thoughts , in his old memories with his family.

Flashback: "Raja sa! You should eat something without going for a walk in the forest." Rani sa ordered him. King Vikram smiled at her. "Ok Rani sa! How can I say no to you." Raja sa replied "Dada sa! Dada sa! We will eat the food together. I will serve the food for you today." Their grandson demanded.

King Vikram smiled at him and replied "No problem." They enjoyed their food together & Rani se was scolding them for not talking while eating. But they both were teasing her.

Flashback ends

( Dada sa = Grandfather)

A drop of tear rolled on his cheek. But suddenly someone brushed the tear from his cheek. "Dada sa! Why are you crying?" The young man asked from him while touching his ( Vikram's ) feet. King Vikram looked at him and his sadness turned into happiness. "Nyay!" King Vikram said and hugged him tightly.

"Hmm. ! Now tell me why we're you crying? Are you missing your family?" Nyay asked while making a sad face. " You are right. I was missing my family." King Vikram replied sadly. Nyay hugged him again. "Dada sa! Let's eat something I'm also hungry for." Nyay said while making a cute face.

A servant brings the food for them. After having their food. They started talking. "Dada sa! I'm in a mess." Nyay said with no expression on his face. "What are they doing now?" King Vikram asked "I also want to know! What happened to Bhai sa?" Prince Adhirath asked.

King Vikram looked at him delightly. "Welcome! Welcome! Adhirath." King Vikram said Adhirath touched Vikram's feet. "Dada sa! I don't know why he always comes to you in any trouble." Adhirath asked Nyay looked at his brother with anger. "Because he is my problem solver." Nyay replied proudly."

"Nyay! I think you should talk to him about that. Only he can solve that problem because it's his responsibility." King Vikram said with a faded smile. "Thank you Dada sa!" Nyay said and hugged him.

Nyay left from Udaypur.

"Handle him Adhirath. He is so angry." King Vikram said with a tense tone. "Ok Dada sa! Adhirath replied with a smile then he also left." Raja sa! They both are so cute." His minister said with a bright smile. King Vikram also smiled "Hmm! Nyay is just like his name The king of justice.Our heir should be like him" He replied.

The Scene Of Jaipur

Prince Nyay Partap Singh entered his dad's room with an angry face… "What the hell is going on" Nyay Shouted What's your actual problem? .. "What kind of behavior is this? Are you forgetting your manners?" King Surya asked with an angry tone.

"Oh really pitaji! But I think you forget that you are a father.. Not only mine but of Our kingdom also… Their problems are your problems.. Why don't you give them money? They really need…"

Nyay asked while trying to calm himself. "Nyay my son! Just calm down…" King Surya said

"How can I calm down? .. I want answers.." Nyay replied. He was so shocked by his father's behavior. "Actually.. Your mother's birthday is near… That's why I'm going to give her a new palace.." King Surya said while clearing his point. "Are you crazy dad! Oh sorry King Surya Partap Singh. You are spending kingdom money on these foolish things… These are just wastes of money." Nyay shouted at him.

Suddenly Adhirath entered the room. He was shocked to see his brother's anger towards his father. "Bhai sa! He is our father." Adhirath said in a calm voice. Nyay started looking at him with his killing eyes. "Please don't interfere, Adhirath. Isn't your matter. He is not only our Father. He is the king of our kingdom. The careless king." Nyay shouted.

Nyay's words were making king Surya more angry. " Why are you always behaving like that, Nyay? Do you not like your mother?" King Surya asked with an angry tone. "Before a son! I'm the prince of our kingdom. Also maa sa has so many palaces so i don't think she needs more palaces. So kindly stop wasting the money." Nyay ordered and left the room without waiting for any explanation from his father.

King Surya's eyes become wilder because of shock. "He is impossible." King Surya said. "Pitaji! You should obey Bhai sa!" Adhirath chuckled and ran after his brother.

After Some Days

The Scene Of Mermaid World

Anokhi was playing with his best friend Sharki. She was looking very happy. "Sharki, do you know I can't wait to see the world." She said in excitement. Sharki is the male Shark. He is the best friend of Anokhi. He is just a bodyguard of Anokhi .

Sharki listened to her carefully. And replied "Anokhi! The world is beautiful but humans aren't." Anokhi makes a funny face. "Oh come on, Sharki, I know that . Mom talked about that many times." Anokhi said

"You know what, I'm so tired because of humans. Why are they so cruel? Because of them I got their lectures daily." Anokhi said and started laughing. Sharki also started laughing. "Anokhi today is your adult ceremony. Vishesh will be here very soon. So what's you think about him?" Sharki asked. Vishesh's name makes Anokhi blush. "Sharki, I think I started falling for him. I will say yes to him." Anokhi replied.

She was feeling shy. She ran from Sharki. As she was passing from the room of her younger Sister Raksha. She was shocked. Her heart was broken in many pieces. "No It can't be possible."

The Scene Of Vijay Nagar

Aalok was sitting in his room And he was thinking about Bhumi's behavior towards him.

"Can I come in bro?" Bhumi asked .Aalok was shocked after hearing her words. "Bro!!! Really? Are you ok?. " Aalok asked

"I'm so sorry bro. I just want your attention. Nothing much." Bhumi replied with moist eyes

"You are really busy with the kingdom work. And you didn't have any time for me.It hurts me the most." Bhumi continued. Aalok hearts melt.The reason behind is that he loves his sister so much. "I'm so sorry sister" Aalok said with teary eyes.

And He hugged her But an evil smile was playing on Bhumi's face.

The Scene Of Jaipur

Purnima was sitting in her room & prince Nyay was Standing in front of her…

"Maa sa please"  Nyay Shouted..

Purnima looked at him in a loving way. "Nyay darling! Stop thinking so much… Just take some rest" Purnima replied "Nyay!.. Your dad loves us so much." She continued

"And what about our kingdom?" Nyay asked in an angry tone. "Nyay!.. Kingdom is not your duty. Just leave it.Your father can handle it my son." Purnima replied while trying to calm down his son. Suddenly Adhirath entered in the room

"May I come in?" Adhirath asked. "Yes! Come in my child" Purnima replied. Adhirath hugged her mom. Then he looked towards his brother who was boiling in anger. "Maa sa! Why does he hate Pitaji so much?" Adhirath Whispered in his mother's ears. Then he asked Nyay "Bhai sa! Would you like to go hunting?"

"No. I'm not interested. Animals are also a part of our kingdom And we should protect them. How can you kill them?" Nyay replied in an upset tone. "Bro! Not again ok Not again!" Adhirath replied rudely but he was so happy from inside because he was successful in diverting his brother's mind. "Enough is enough Nyay!! Hunting is the daily life part of the King & his family." Finally Purnima spoke in an angry tone.

Nyay looked at his mother in disbelief. "I don't think so. I'm not going." Nyay shouted. "King Aalok singh Choahan is also coming. & he wants to meet you…" Adhirath said. He was aware that his brother can't say no to Aalok. "Ok ! I'm coming. But not for hunting." Nyay said

"Ok Fine! Let's go then." Adhirath said and showed thumbs up to her mother from behind. Queen Purnima smiled at his act. "He is so intelligent." She thought.

In Forest

Prince Nyay was sitting under a tree with his one of favorite pets "Bunny"

"Hey Nyay! How are you?" Aalok asked "Oh hii! I'm good!!!. Come here," Nyay replied while looking at him. "I don't think so you are ok." Aalok asked while smirking at him.

Nyay laughed little bit " Yaa! I'm a little bit tense." Nyay replied "Because of your father & kingdom?" Aalok asked again while looking in his eyes. A drop of tear rolled down from his eyes and he hugged Aalok tightly. Aalok also hugged him back.

Aalok was the one whom Nyay can share his emotions & feelings with. "Don't worry dear! Time is the best medicine. He will be changed I'm sure." Aalok said "Why? Why? Why is he so selfish Aalok? I hate him so much Aalok.  Only I know which type of man he is, neither Adhirath nor Maa sa know him. Only I heard the truth about him from his own mouth when I was only 4 years old. It was hurting me so much. Also I can't share it with Dada sa"

Nyay explained and started crying. Aalok was feeling so bad for him and his condition.

"Nyay! Don't worry bro. You are so strong also on the way to the truth. You are doing good. It's not easy to stand against your own father." Aalok said.

"Hmm. I know bro" Nyay said while brushing his eyes.

"Nyay! Do you know about the kingdom System in the mermaid world?" Aalok asked while diverting the topic. "Mermaid world? Seriously!!" Nyay asked "Yaa !!. I wanna know… After all, I'm also a king yaar."

Aalok asked while acting normal. Nyay started laughing hard. "What happened?" Aalok asked while controlling his laugh. "Oh my stupid friend!!! Mermaids exist only in stories, not in the real world. I have no belief in mermaids. "Nyay replied while holding his stomach. Which was hurting because of laughing. "Seriously! I know they exist."

Aalok said while making a sad face. "Who told you?" Nyay asked while making a serious face. "My heart." Aalok replied while trying to control his laugh. Nyay again started laughing.. "Stop it yaar." Aalok shouted while laughing. "Ok ok!.. Let's change the topic." Nyay finally spoke.

"How is your sister?" He asked A smile comes on Aalok's face after hearing his sister's topic. "My sister is good. You know she changed her behavior towards me. Now she is very kind to me and I'm very happy now." Aalok replied.

"I can't believe Yaar." Nyay said in excitement "That's true… That's why I suggested to you that time is the best medicine." Aalok said with a smile. "I don't know if it's good or not. But be careful my dear." Nyay suggested while sensing bad. "Between I came to know that king Vikram singh is finding the heir for his kingdom." Aalok said "Really!" Nyay said while shocking.

"I think you are suitable as the new heir." Aalok said and started laughing then he came to know what he said. Nyay's face turned sad.

"No Aalok! I can't," Nyay replied. And then they both started talking… Suddenly a tree was about to fall upon Aalok. "Aalok" Nyay shouted. Nyay pulled him."Thanks Nyay! Thanks for saving me." Aalok said while hugging him tightly. "It's ok bro… Thank god you are fine."

Nyay replied while hugging him back. "Aalok we should leave from here." Nyay said while sensing negativity. "Yaa!.. You are right. I think it's not safe for us." Aalok said Then Nyay called Adhirath and told him everything . Adhirath hugged both of them.

"Bhai Sa! I told you every time that it is not safe for us to stay in the forest without soldiers." Adhirath said Nyay smiled at the concern of his younger brother and replied "I'm safe bro. Until you are by my side." Nyay's reply makes Adhirath emotional; he again hugged him tightly.

The Scene Of Vijay Nager

"Please forgive us! Please forgive us!" A man begged.

"No way!.. Not at any cost" Bhumi Shouted.

Bhumi was very angry at them.. Her face turned red because of anger.

"One work! Just one work! One work was given by me to you.. But you!!!" Bhumi shouted "Princess! Please forgive us. Tears were falling from their eyes. Give us one more chance. We will kill him!"

The men begged "No! Soldiers ! Kill them!" Bhumi ordered.

After 1 hour

"Bhumi Bhumi!!! Where are you Bhumi?" Aalok shouted.

"Yes bro!… I'm here!" Bhumi replied. Bhumi was a little bit terrified. "Thank god! You are safe." Aalok thanked god.

"Safe?… What are you saying Bro?" Bhumi asked in confusion. "Nothing. I was just worried about you," Aalok replied. "Bro! I'm safe & fine" Bhumi said while hugging him. Aalok also hugged her back. "But what happened? "

Bhumi asked while becoming innocent. "Bhumi!! I think someone wants to kill me." Aalok replied and explained everything to her. "Bro! It can be an accident." Bhumi said. Aalok just looked at her. "I don't know. But today Nyay saved me." Aalok replied "Wow bro!.. You were With Prince Nyay." Bhumi asked in excitement. "Bro!I also wanna meet him." Bhumi demanded.

"Ok!.. My dear sister you will meet him" Aalok said while kissing her forehead. "Really bro!! Love you bro!" Bhumi shouted "Prince Nyay! So you spoiled my plan. I swear. I will kill you both very soon." Bhumi thought.

The Scene Of Mermaid World

Anokhi was sitting in the corner and was sobbing. "So you are here, Anokhi! And I was searching for you here & there," Sharki said. Sharki was in great shock after looking at the red eyes of Anokhi and her pale face.

"Hey Anokhi! What happened to you? Why are you crying? Today is your birthday dear," Sharki asked with a fake smile. "Why? Why?" Anokhi shouted while putting her hands on her ears, and she started crying loudly.

"Please stop crying Anokhi and just come with me, Queen Utejna is calling you," Sharki said in a tensed voice. Anokhi wiped her tears and entered her mom's room. Queen Utejna passed her a bright smile. "Anokhi! Come here baby," Queen Utejna said.

Sakhi & Raksha were also there in the room. Anokhi saw them with death glare. "Can you guys please leave for sometime. I want to talk to mom in private," Anokhi ordered with her cold voice. Queen Utejna was shocked at her behavior. "What happened, Anokhi?" Queen Utejna asked.

Anokhi looked at her with her expressionless face. "Mom! Who is the next heir of our kingdom?" Anokhi asked with a pale face. "Anokhi! Why are you asking this question?" Queen Utejna asked while trying to smile. Anokhi was filled with anger. "Mom! Is Raksha the next heir?" Anokhi asked again. Queen Utejna was shocked. "Anokhi dear! Who told you?" Queen Utejna asked with a fake smile.

Tears were falling from Anokhi's eyes. "Mom! Why? Why? Why did you hide this secret from me? Why do you tell me that I'm their step sister? Mom! I want to know who my father is. Where is he?" Anokhi asked while crying.

Queen Utejna was feeling hurt. Queen Utejna hugged her tightly but Anokhi pushed her away. "Please don't touch me! I'm not your daughter anymore," Anokhi shouted in pain. Queen Utejna started crying. "Anokhi! Please, I love you more dear than Sakhi & Raksha. Anokhi you are the symbol of my love. And I can't explain but sorry, you are the biggest mistake of my life," Queen Utejna said with tears in her eyes.

Utejna's words were breaking Anokhi's heart. "You know what mom. I was passing from Raksha's room yesterday and guess what! What I saw. Raksha was in king Vishesh's arms. When I shouted at him for cheating on me then Raksha explained to me that he is no longer mine. Because I'm not the next heir of our kingdom. No one knows who my father is," Anokhi explained and started crying again.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry for hiding," Queen Utejna said. "Anokhi! It was the time when I was 22 years old and was happy for my freedom. I was not aware that a storm was going to come in my life just because of my freedom. One day I was sitting on a big stone near the sea.

I saw a prince who was injured. I cure him & we become friends. Time passed, we used to meet daily and our friendship converted into love," Queen Utejna explained.

Anokhi was shocked. "What are you saying mom! Please don't lie." Anokhi said. "No my dear, I'm not lying." Queen Utejna replied and continued, "One day he told me about a magician named Madhuri. We met her and she gave me a pill which can convert me into a proper human for a day. We spent a whole day together, then we made a mistake.

My father comes to know about our relationship. He was so upset with me. He forced me to marry the king mermaid. During that period you were in my womb. I meet your father, then deliver my both babies."

Tears rolled from their eyes. "Mom! What do you mean by babies?" Anokhi asked with pain in her voice. Queen Utejna saw her with teary eyes. "My first baby was no more!!!" Her voice was choked. Anokhi hugged her tightly. "Mom! What about my father?" Anokhi asked.

"He refused to accept me. Also they were right at his point. How can they accept me because I was a mermaid & he was a human. I broke my relationship with him and came back to my father with you.

They never accepted you till his last breath. Same in the case of my new family. They were always upset with me because of that. They just married me for the kingdom. And I kept it a secret from everyone that you are the daughter of mermaids & humans," Queen Utejna replied with tears in her eyes.

She was totally broken after remembering her past and love. They hugged each other. "Mom, I hope my brother / sister is here with me," Anokhi said with moist eyes. Suddenly Sharki entered the room. "May I come to Queen Utejna?" Sharki asked. They both brushed their tears. "Yes! Come in dear," Queen Utejna replied with a small smile.

"Let's go Sharki. I'm not want to spoil the special day of my life for such an idiot." Anokhi said while trying to hide her pain. "Good girl. Let's go and start a new journey," Sharki replied in excitement. He was so happy for her friend and her new journey. Which she was going to start only for herself.

The Scene Of Jaipur Palace

Prince Adhirath & Prince Nyay were standing together in the balcony of Nyay's room. Suddenly Queen Utejna & King Surya entered his room.

"Are you ok Nyay?" Queen Purnima asked while putting her palm on Nyay's left cheek. She was so worried. Nyay looked at his mother innocently and replied, "I'm ok Maa sa. No one can harm me until your blessings are with me."

Queen Purnima smiled. King Surya was going to hug him but Nyay stopped him. "Don't you dare Raja sa. I have no need for your concern," Nyay said with a bitter smile. "I think we should leave Rani sa," King Surya said and left them alone.

Adhirath was looking at Nyay's face without any expressions. "Bro! Why do you hate Pitaji?" Adhirath asked? Nyay looked at his brother's pale face. "I think I should tell him everything. The reality of our father. The black reality of him." Nyay thought Nyay was going to tell him, but suddenly they heard a melodious sound. A girl was singing:

"Hey! Hey! Hey!
Life is beautiful.
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Life is beautiful."

"Who who who? Who is singing?" Nyay shouted. "May be a girl," Adhirath replied with a naughty smile. "I wanna! I wanna meet her. Let's go, Adhi. Is she at the seaside?" Nyay shouted in excitement.

"Yes, maybe! You should go, I'm not going," Adhirath replied with a smirk. Nyay was in a hurry. "Ok bye! I'm going," he said while running. "Bhai sa! Now you are going crazy for her," Adhirath said. "I don't care, Adhirath." Nyay replied with a cute smile. "All the best. I hope today I will get my Bhabhi sa." Adhirath shouted while teasing him.

(Bhabhi sa = Sister in law)

At The Seaside

Nyay was searching for the girl here and there. "Where is she? Where is she?" Nyay asked the Fisherman. "Good afternoon Kumar sa!" The Fisherman greeted him.

(Kumar sa = Prince)

"Good afternoon. Where is she?" Nyay asked again. He was so curious to meet that girl. "Who?" The fisherman asked. "The girl. Who was singing," Nyay asked.

"Sorry Prince Nyay. I'm here for 2 hours. There was no girl who was singing. But I also listened to her sweet voice," the fisherman replied politely.

"Ok. Thank you for your information," Nyay said with a sad face.

The Scene Of Vijay Nager

"Oh so you listened to a sweet song by a girl and you went crazy to meet her," Aalok said while making fun of Prince Nyay. "Bro really I listened to her voice. Oh my god. I can't imagine how beautiful she is," Nyay replied.

"Really? Is she a Mermaid?" Aalok asked while laughing. "Oh come on bro! Do you really believe in mermaids. They only exist in stories," Bhumi said while being questioned on Aalok. "Welcome Prince Nyay! Don't mind, my bro is a little bit stupid," Bhumi said. Nyay laughed at her words. "I didn't think so!" Nyay replied.

Adhirath was also there. He was lost in his thoughts. "What are you thinking Adhirath?" Aalok asked with a naughty smile. Adhirath looked at Nyay. "Hmm, I was thinking that today I was going to get Bhabhi sa but all in vain," Adhirath replied with a smirk.

Nyay's eyes became wild. "Hey, please stop teasing me. I just like her voice, that's why I wanted to meet her," Nyay explained.

Everyone was laughing at Nyay while making fun of him. "Ok Bhai sa! I think we should leave now," Adhirath said. "Don't worry you guys can stay here," Bhumi said in a frank tone. Nyay looked at her. "No Bhumi! There is something which Raja sa wanted to share with us in the evening," Nyay replied.

The Scene Of Jaipur

It's evening timing, King Surya, Queen Purnima, Prince Adhirath & Prince Nyay were sitting together in the hall. Their faces were serious. "So, it's important," Queen Purnima asked while looking at King Surya. Their eyes were on King Surya. "Yes! And the special announcement is that… After one month, our son Prince Nyay Partap Singh is going to become the new king of Jaipur," King Surya announced delightfully.

Nyay was shocked by this sudden announcement. He wasn't ready for it. The whole kingdom was happy because of this announcement.

Adhirath hugged him tightly. "Congratulations Bhai sa! You will be the next king. Now I want my bhabhi sa too," Adhirath chuckled. Nyay hugged him back and replied, "Very soon." "I think you should share this good news with King Vikram Singh too," Queen Purnima suggested. Nyay smiled. "Sure Maa sa!" He replied.

The Scene Of Udaypur Palace

"Congratulations my dear grandson. You will be the best king ever. God bless you," King Vikram congratulated him with blessings. Nyay touched his feet. "Thank you Dada sa," He replied with a bright smile. Suddenly Adhirath jumped into their conversation.

"Dada sa! Do you know about the singer girl?" Adhirath asked with a smirk. Nyay was giving him a death glare. "Adhirath! Kindly stop your foolish topics," Nyay said. "It's ok Nyay. He is a kid," King Vikram said while protecting Adhirath.

Adhirath smiled at King Vikram. "Dada sa! Bhai sa is finding a girl who was singing in the seaside area a few days ago." Adhirath told him everything. Nyay was beating his own head. "Adhirath! Please stop teasing me," Nyay shouted. "Adhirath! Please no. The boy is in love," King Vikram said with a bright smile.

Nyay saw King Vikram in disbelief. "Dada sa! You too started," Nyay replied. "Bhai sa! I'm thinking about giving orders to soldiers to find that girl," Adhirath said with a smile. Nyay and King Vikram were shocked.

"No! Adhirath, soldiers are for our & kingdom's protection not for these types of foolish things," Nyay explained. King Vikram Singh fully agreed with Nyay. "Nyay! I'm 100% sure. You will be the best king ever," King Vikram Singh said proudly.

The Scene Of Vijay Nagar

Bhumi was standing near the dining table & was lost in her thoughts. "Where were you lost?" Aalok asked. "I was not lost anywhere," Bhumi replied while blushing. "I got you! I got you! You were thinking about Nyay," Aalok shouted in excitement. Bhumi looked at his brother with embarrassment. "Bro! Leave it please and let's eat. I prepared kheer for you," Bhumi said while smiling. "Oh wow! Thank you so much dear," King Aalok replied.

Aalok was about to eat the kheer. But suddenly a servant reached & snatched the bowl from him. He threw it on the floor. Everyone was shocked at the daringness of the servant. "What's wrong with you?" Aalok shouted. "My Lord! You can't eat this kheer because there is poison in it," the servant explained. "What?" Aalok & Bhumi shouted in unison.

Then servants showed them the bottle of poison which they found in the kitchen and they come to know that there is poison in the king's food. They explained everything to them. "What? Who wants to kill me and why?" Aalok shouted.

"Of course these servants want to kill you bro, that's why they are proving," Bhumi said in an angry tone. "Shut up Bhumi! There is no sense of your excuse. Just calm down my sister," Aalok said while looking at her in disbelief.

"Bro! Thank god you are safe. I can't live without you. After mom – dad only you are my family. I'm not want to lose my family," Bhumi replied while crying. "Bhumi! Please don't cry. I'm ok," Aalok said while hugging her tightly.

Also, he wiped her tears. "Bro! I will find out who wants to kill you?" Bhumi said while looking in his eyes. "It's ok sister. I have urgent work for our kingdom. See you soon," Aalok replied and left for the meeting.

"Ohh God! What the hell is going on? I should plan something big to kill him," Bhumi shouted in anger. "Princes! We killed those servants," Soldier said. "Good job," Bhumi replied. After some time a handsome man entered her room.

"Hlo Princess Bhumi," Man said. "What the hell! Your both plans were useless," Bhumi shouted in anger. "Just calm down baby. My plans were useful but you are stupid," the man replied in a calm tone. "Just shut up." Bhumi shouted again.

"Don't you dare to cross your limits, ok. You know na, Who am I? & what can I do?" The man scolded her. "I'm sorry," Bhumi replied.

The Scene Of Mermaid World

Princess Anokhi was sitting on the stone near the seaside area of Jaipur which is near the forest. She was crying and no one was there to wipe her tears. "Oh dear Anokhi! Please don't cry," Sharki said in a worried tone.

Anokhi looked at him and replied, "Neither humans nor Mermaids are good. Both are selfish. Both are injurious for our health." "No Anokhi! Some people are good," Sharki said, trying to divert her mood. Anokhi started crying again. "Then where are they?" She asked.

Suddenly she heard a song, which was motivating her and cheered her up:

"One day embracing love
One day on a street corner
I'll write on your palm
My name on top of your
Leaving all the formalities behind
Keeping your gaze down
Keep your head on my shoulders, O life
Say something, O life
Give me your address, O life
Say something, O life
Give me your address, O life"

"Wow! Wow! Wow! You are awesome bro!" Aalok said. "Now how are you?" Nyay asked while looking at Aalok. "I was sad but after hearing your song, I'm feeling so much better," Aalok replied while smiling. "Great!" Nyay said and hugged him.

"Thanks yaar. You always motivate me," Aalok said. "It's ok bro. It's my duty," Nyay replied while looking at the sky. They were talking to each other carefree. But problems were waiting for them in their kingdoms.

"Don't you think it's the time for spring season?" Aalok asked. "Yeah!… Is it a big issue?" Nyay asked. "Yes! Maybe," Aalok replied worriedly. "Don't worry, I don't think it's a big issue.

It may be because of the unbalance of nature," Nyay said while trying to smile. "Yeah! Maybe, But unbalance in nature can be a big issue. It directly affects the crops," Aalok replied in a tensed tone. "But we can't manage it bro," Nyay replied in a sad tone. "Is the snow prince there?" Aalok asked while trying to understand the situation.

"Yeah! It can be possible. It may be because of him. We have to handle him," Nyay replied while making a serious face. "He is made up of snow & also very powerful. We are nothing in front of him," Aalok said.

In Vijay Nager

Princess Bhumi was sitting in her secret room with a mysterious man & Snow Prince. Snow prince is the prince of the Snow world. He is very dangerous. According to the rumors, he is the king of the winter season. The mysterious man called Snow prince in his kingdom created problems for Nyay & Aalok. They were making a big plan against them.

"Hey Snow prince! Welcome to Vijaynagar. Hope you like our kingdom," the man said while welcoming him to the kingdom. "Yeah! It's a beautiful place," Snow Prince replied. "OMG!.. It's so cold there!" Bhumi shouted while feeling cold. "Don't worry darling. This is for some days," the man said. Then they discussed their plans.

After Some Days

Nyay & Aalok were sitting together in Jaipur. "Now it's too much!" Aalok shouted. "It's just because of the Snow Prince," Nyay replied. "My Lord!.. Please do something. We can't survive in this weather," a soldier said while begging in front of Nyay.

"We are trying to find the solution to this problem," Nyay & Aalok replied in unison. "I have an idea! Find out where the Snow Prince is?" Nyay shouted while smiling. "What's your plan bro?" Aalok asked in excitement.

In The Forest Side

Snow was spreading to every side. It's too cold weather. Nyay & Aalok brought so much wood & then tried to melt the body of the snow prince. But it's their bad luck because suddenly Snow prince saw them. Then he attacked Nyay. Nyay got injured.

"Nyay!" Aalok shouted. Nyay was seriously injured, that's why Aalok held him in his arms. "Nyay! Bro, I'm so sorry." Aalok said while crying. "It's ok Aalok!… But now it all depends upon you. Do something bro! Find the solution to this problem." Nyay said while holding hands in front of him. "Don't worry bro, I will try my best." Aalok replied.

On the way, Aalok meets a monk, who is sitting under a tree. "What happened baccha?" The monk asked. "Our kingdoms are in big trouble! I have to find the solution." Aalok replied while making a sad face. "I know about your problems. And also know about its solution."

The monk replied while smiling. "Really! Please tell me, I wanna know." Aalok asked in excitement. "The snow king, Meet him. He lives on Tipu island." The monk replied. "Thanks for your help." Aalok said while touching his feet.

"It's ok king. God bless you." The monk replied while smiling widely. Then Aalok left with a determination in his mind.

Suddenly Bhumi shouted. "Wow! Adhirath. Wonderful acting, man. You made him fool very easily." Bhumi said while hugging him. "Don't worry dear! Your desires will be fulfilled soon." Adhirath Replied with a devil's smile. "Just focus on our next plan." Adhirath said.

In Mermaid World

Anokhi was swimming over the sea, near Udaypur. Suddenly she saw a wolf. The wolf looked so dangerous. He was attacking a woman. The woman was magician Madhuri. She was crying for help. Anokhi heard her voice & suddenly she started throwing stones on the wolf.

"Go! Go! Go Wolf! Leave her." Anokhi shouted. Accidentally Wolf saw Sharki. Wolf & Sharki were known. That's why Wolf left Magician Madhuri. "Thanks dear! For your help, I'm really very impressed with you & your bravery."

Madhuri said "It's my duty mam." Anokhi said while smiling. "Say!. What do you want?" Madhuri asked with a smile. "Really. I can get anything." Anokhi asked with a bright smile. "Yes, my dear! I'm a magician." She replied.

"I want to become human. I want to meet my father." Anokhi replied with hope. "You can't become a proper human. But yes! You can become human for 20 hours in a day, but there is also a limitation. You can't go into your world deeply.

If you reach your birthplace once then you will permanently lose your power." She replied "Thanks mam! Thanks for help." Anokhi said with excitement. Anokhi: is he alive (with shocking expressions) Madhuri did magic on Anokhi. "Now you are a proper human. You can survive on land also." Madhuri said Then Madhuri disappeared.

But there was a man, who was watching & listening to everything. Anokhi was about to fall down on the land Because she was not aware of how to walk. But suddenly the man held her. "Are you ok my daughter?" King Vikram asked. "Daughter?" Anokhi shouted in shock.

"You are just like my daughter. I'm Vikram Parpat Singh. The king of this kingdom." King Vikram said with a smile. Then he explained about his life. "Oh! It's really very painful." Anokhi said with tears in her eyes. "You are a mermaid & not aware of land, Tell me where you will live?" King Vikram asked her.

"Don't know." Anokhi replied with confusion. "Hmm. Just make a deal. You can become the heir of Udaypur for me & my kingdom. In return, I will help you." King Vikram said proudly. "Not so bad." Anokhi replied with a smile.

"Father & daughter from now." They shouted in unison. Then they hugged each other. Vikram singh welcomed Anokhi in his kingdom & introduced her to everyone.

Vijay Nagar Scene

King Aalok was talking with Bhumi. They were in their living room. "Bhumi! I have to go dear. But I promise you I will be back soon." Aalok said. Bhumi P. O. V. S. Hahaha! Me & Aalok were in the living room. I told Aalok that I will see you soon. Then he left Vijay Nagar. I was very happy because of my & Adhirath's dangerous plan. Suddenly Adhirath entered the living room.

"He is going to die," Adhirath said. "Yeah!.. I'm so happy!" I replied with a smile. "Are you ready to become the queen of Vijay Nagar?" Adhirath asked me. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" I shouted delightfully. P. O. V. S. Ends..

"Adhi! Are you happy?" Bhumi asked. "Yeah! I'm so happy, my darling." Adhirath replied.

On Sea Side

King Aalok was sitting in his personal boat with some of his servants & soldiers. Suddenly the climate starts changing & a thunderstorm starts with Heavy Rain. "My Lord! Be careful!" A soldier shouted. Actually, the soldiers & the Servants were working under the instructions of Bhumi & Adhirath. It

 was their biggest trap. Because the snow prince can't help them in this situation. They can kill Aalok in a rainy situation only.

"Throw him!" A soldier shouted. "What are you saying man.? I'm your king, Don't forget," Aalok shouted in an angry tone. He was in so much panic. "We are not working for you. We are working for princess Bhumi." A soldier replied with a smirk. Aalok was shocked after hearing this. "What! No! It can't be possible! She is my Sister & family. How can she? Aalok shouted. He was angry but his eyes were moist. "What's your last wish?" Soldier asked?

"Tell me about your next plan." Aalok asked. " Just shut up! Just shut up!" A soldier shouted. " Just calm down bro. He is going to die, after some time. Took some mercy on him." Another Soldier said in a calm voice. "We are going to kill Nyay, maybe," Soldier said. "Please! Please! Please leave him. You can kill me. But Nyay!…" Aalok begged. Suddenly A soldier pushed him down from the boat. He collided with a big stone and fainted. He lost so much blood. All of his old memories with Bhumi start flashing in his mind.


It's the time when they were only 8-9 years old… "Bro! Bro! Catch me! Catch me!" Bhumi shouted "Wait! Wait! I'm coming I will catch you Bhumi" Aalok replied. How happy they were together. But when the love of Bhumi turned into hate. He was speechless.

Flashback ends.

Then he slept, maybe for death.

The Scene Of Udaypur

Princess Anokhi was sitting with some animals. She was alone. I mean no soldier was with her. "Awww! You guys are so adorable." Anokhi said with a sweet smile. Suddenly Anokhi heard some weird voice just like the voices of Dragons.. "Aaaah!!!!! Please someone help us!" Anokhi shouted.

She was about to run from there with her pet puppy, But it was her bad luck that the dragon saw her. He was going to eat her.. Because he realized that Anokhi is a mermaid not a human, By her smell. "Please leave us! Please leave us! Anyone please help me." She shouted. She was trying to free herself from the dragon's grip. Anokhi was trying to fight with a dragon.

But suddenly Anokhi heard the voice of Horse. "Hey don't worry! I'm coming!" A handsome man shouted. The man started fighting with the dragon. By using his sword he killed the dragon within a few minutes. Then he held Anokhi with her waist & sat her down with him on the horse. Anokhi was so afraid because of this incident. That's why she hugged the man tightly.

"It's ok! It's ok.. You are fine now, miss." Man said. "Thanks for saving me," Anokhi replied with a sweet smile. Their eyes meet & they get lost in each other. The man was really very impressed with Anokhi & her beauty. He meets thousands of girls every day. But Anokhi was so different. The man was looking at Anokhi with love.

Suddenly Vikram Singh shouted. "Anokhi, my dear! Are you ok?" King Vikram asked as the tears were falling from his eyes. "Yes! Raja sa! He saved me. He is a really very brave man." Anokhi replied. "Nyay!. Thank you so much for saving my heir. You don't know what you did for me." King Vikram said. "It's ok Dada sa! It's my duty. By the way nice to meet you both." Nyay said while looking at Anokhi. "Nice to meet you too. Come on, let's go with us." King Vikram replied. "Sorry dada sa! But I have no time. As you know very well about the Snow prince." Nyay said with a faded smile. "Yeah! Do you have any solution?" King Vikram asked. "Actually I tried so much, But I got injured during my mission that's why Aalok is on a mission alone. I'm confused why he is not back yet." Nyay replied in a tense tone.

"Anokhi! Let him go now & come with me." King Vikram said "Take care!" Anokhi said. "You too!" Nyay replied while blushing. Then they left.

Nyay reached his kingdom. He saw that everyone was looking at him full of hate. Suddenly Surya slapped Nyay with full force. "Raja sa!" Nyay shouted "Get out of my kingdom!" Surya shouted. Nyay was so shocked. "Raja sa! What are you saying? Why am I leaving the kingdom?" Nyay asked "You really don't know!" Adhirath shouted at Nyay "No!" Nyay replied with confusion.

Suddenly the snow prince entered the hall. "Hey! Nyay! My brother! They trapped me. Please help me now. I helped you as per your order now it's your turn" Snow prince said with tears in his eyes. "What the hell is going on? I don't know you also when you helped me?" Nyay shouted "Nyay! I know you want to keep it a secret But now everyone knows about our plan" Snow prince replied Nyay was shocked at what was happening in his life.

"What! Which plan? What are you saying? Raja sa! Raja sa! Someone trapped me in an evil plan. Believe me, I did nothing Raja sa" Nyay shouted "Just shut up! We have proofs against you" Adhirath shouted "Which type of proofs?" Nyay asked. "These people saw you with a snowman. Also, you killed your friend 'king Aalok singh ' the king of vijay nagar. It's your evil plan Nyay!" Surya shouted "Now just get out of our kingdom!" Everyone shouted. No one believed in Nyay. It was his bad luck. Tears were falling from his eyes. No one was looking at him, including his maa sa & dear Brother.

"No! No! I'm innocent. Please believe me guys. And Aalok what happened to him? He can't die. How can I kill my bestie. Please believe me." Nyay said in a cracked voice. Nyay was totally broken, But on the other hand, Adhirath was very happy.

Nyay Entered In Vijay Nagar

"What the hell! What are you doing here?" Bhumi shouted with teary eyes. "Bhumi! Just listen to me. Someone trapped me. I'm innocent. Please help me. We should find Aalok," Nyay said. "Just shut up! Get out of here! You killed him. You are the murder." Bhumi shouted in an angry tone. After hearing these lines from her Nyay lost all his hopes.

In The Forest

Nyay P. O. V. S.

"What the hell is going on? Oh god! What did I do wrong with anyone?" He was totally broken & crying so hard. No one is believing me, Why? Nyay started singing a sad song. Now! I'm done. I'm done! No one is here for me. I lost everything now. "Aalok! I'm sorry bro, But I'm going. Bye bye!" He was going to jump in the river to die. But suddenly he heard the same voice of that girl.

She was singing. Just for him, Maybe. Nyay started Following the voice. At last he reached the same place where he met Anokhi in the morning. Nyay was shocked, Because the girl was Anokhi. Who was singing. "You! You are a mysterious girl." Nyay shouted in excitement. "What do you mean by mysterious girl?" Anokhi asked. Wait! What's happened to you. Just look at your condition. Are you ok? Anokhi asked in a worried tone.

"Nothing! I lost everything today: my family, My friend & my kingdom too. Nyay replied sadly. And a tear rolled down from his eye. "You are not alone. I'm with you," Anokhi said while putting her palm on Nyay's cheek. After getting cancer, Nyay started crying badly in Anokhi's arms. "Just calm down. I can feel your pain. Don't worry, ok. I'm with you." Anokhi said while trying to smile.

"You know Anokhi, You are the best. Thanks for coming into my life. I was so lonely. Everyone cheated me." Nyay replied sadly. After hearing his words, Anokhi was feeling so bad for him.

"But! Where will you live now?" Anokhi asked "Maybe in the forest." Nyay replied with a small smile. "But how can you?" Anokhi asked instantly. "Are you worried about me?" Nyay asked with a naughty smile. "No! I'm not." Anokhi replied while blushing. "Oh my god! You are blushing, miss." Nyay said while looking at her. Nyay started laughing. Anokhi was happy now. "Anokhi! It's not safe for you to stay here in the forest alone. It's too late dear." Nyay said with concern.

"I'm not alone. You are with me, By the way Now you are worried about me." Anokhi replied with a naughty smile. "Yes I'm!" Nyay was going to complete the sentence but suddenly a soldier shouted. "Mam! Come with us. King Vikram is calling you. He is worried for you." The soldier said. "See, Now go." Nyay said While pushing her head with his palm.

"But you?" Anokhi asked "I'm safe here. Don't worry. Bye & take care. See you soon." Nyay replied" You too take care & don't worry we will find out the real culprit very soon." Anokhi said while leaving. Nyay passed her a fake smile.

The Scene Of Udaypur

King Vikram was sitting in his room and waiting for Anokhi. Suddenly Anokhi entered the room. "Hey Raja sa! I'm back home!" Anokhi said "Anokhi! Where were you, my child? I was worried for you." Vikram asked "Don't worry Raja sa! I was with Nyay." Anokhi replied with smile"Anokhi! How can you forget that it's your time to turn into a mermaid?" Vikram asked "I'm so sorry Raja sa!. I just forgot, Because I was thinking about Nyay. You know he needs us, he is so much alone." Anokhi replied"Anokhi! Don't think so much about him. I will help him for sure.

He is the grandson of my younger brother." Vikram said "Also just focus on yourself." Vikram ordered "Ok Raja sa! As your wish, I'm going in the water now. Take care of yourself & Nyay. See you soon after 4 hours." Anokhi replied with a tensed smile. "Take care dear! See you soon." Vikram said Then Anokhi turns into a mermaid and jumps into the water.

In The Mermaid World

Anokhi was just on the top of the world just because she did not want to lose her power of becoming human. She saw her friend Sharki "Sharki!" Anokhi shouted in excitement " Hey Anokhi! I missed you so much. How are you? & what about your experience?" Sharki asked "I'm good.. And also my experience was fabulous.. I enjoyed it a lot.. Also I met with 2 good humans. King Vikram singh & Nyay."

She said while blushing "Oh my god Anokhi! You are blushing. For King Vikram singh Or for Nyay." Sharki asked in excitement. "Oh come on Sharki!.. King Vikram singh is just like my father. Also Nyay is my very good friend." Anokhi explained "Oh ho! Just a friend or something else." Sharki asked while teasing her.

"There is nothing like that" Anokhi replied with a fake smile. "You know what Nyay is in so much pain.. I can't see him like that. He also saved me from a dragon. He is so brave." Anokhi told him everything. Sharki was shocked after hearing this. Also he was feeling pain for Nyay. Suddenly Anokhi remembered one thing. "Sharki, let's go to the top of vijay nagar" Anokhi ordered "But why?"

Sharki asked "We have to find out about Nyay's friend 'Aalok ' who is lost." Anokhi replied . "Wow! You want to help him." Sharki shouted in excitement.

In Jaipur

Bhumi & Adhirath were sitting together in the garden. "Hey darling! How are you now?" Adhirath asked. "I'm so happy, dear! Just because of you. But I want to confirm one thing again. Do you really love me?" Bhumi asked. "Yes, my dear! That's why I helped you," Adhirath replied. "I'm blessed to have you dear." Bhumi said while hugging him.

"Thanks for everything Bhumi. I love you so much," Adhirath said. "I love you too!" Bhumi replied. "Bhumi! Now we have no free time, ok. You are going to become the queen of Vijay nagar." Adhirath said. "Yeah! And after that queen of Jaipur." Bhumi replied while blushing.

Suddenly a servant came. "My Lord! Sorry for disturbing you, but I have important news for both of you," the servant said. "Which type of important news?" Adhirath & Bhumi asked. "Actually, my Lord, it's about Vikram Singh, the king of Udaypur. They adopted a girl, 'Anokhi.' She is the princess of Udaypur now," the servant told them. "What the hell is going on now!" Adhirath shouted.

"Just calm down, Adhi! Don't worry, we can make plans against her," Bhumi said. "We have two problems now. Firstly, we have to kill Nyay. He can create problems for us. Then we will kill Anokhi," Adhirath replied in an angry tone. "Call Snow prince again. Only he can help us," Adhirath ordered. "Ok, my Lord!" Servant replied and left.

"Don't worry, Adhi! We can easily kill him. Because he is alone in the forest," Bhumi said. "Yes! You are right. I fully agree with you, my love. You are becoming smart!" Adhirath replied.

Anokhi & Sharki were swimming in the seaside of Vijay nagar. Suddenly Anokhi shouted, "Aaaah…" "What happened Anokhi?" Sharki asked. "Sharki! There is a young man who fainted and was floating over the water," Anokhi replied with tears in her eyes. She held the man in her arms. But he fainted and was also very injured. She identified him, and his face matched her mom.

"How can it be possible?" Anokhi shouted. "He fainted Anokhi, But one thing is surprising: he is safe inside the sea, and his face is just like Queen Utejna. How?" Sharki asked. "Because he is the son of a mermaid. That's why he is safe. It means he can live inside the water," Anokhi replied in excitement.

They held him and brought him with them near Udaypur. In the way, Utejna saw them. "Anokhi! Where were you my dear? I was very worried. And who is he?" Utejna asked. "Mom! I'm in Udaypur." Anokhi replied. Then Anokhi explained everything to Utejna. "Oh my god… He is alive. My son is Alive." Utejna shouted with tears in her eyes. "Call the vaid ji quickly." Utejna ordered.

After 1 hour, the man opened his eyes. "Where am I?" He asked. "You are in the mermaid world, my child," Utejna replied. "Mom! Mermaid world!" Aalok shouted in excitement. Then he hugged Utejna. "Bro! I'm Anokhi, your younger sister." Anokhi said with moist eyes.

"Wow! I'm so happy today. Finally, I met my family." The man replied. "Anokhi! You just look like our father." The man said with a sweet smile. Anokhi & Utejna faces turned sad. "By the way, I'm Aalok. Aalok Singh Choahan. The king of Vijay nagar." Aalok said. "Hey king Aalok singh! I'm Sharki, Anokhi's friend," Sharki said. "So you are my friend too." Aalok replied in a friendly manner. "Such a pure soul you are, just like a mermaid." Sharki said. "But who did this with you?" Anokhi Asked. "I don't remember anything, dear." Aalok replied in a sad tone. "He lost half of his memories! Take care of him," Vaid ji said.

"Mom! Sharki! Take care of yourself and also protect my brother. I'm going back to earth. My time is over here. See you soon tomorrow." Anokhi said and left from there with lots of questions in her mind. "Should I tell Nyay that Aalok is safe? No! No! I can't reveal my identity in front of him. It's not safe." Anokhi thought.

In The Forest Of Vijay Nagar

Anokhi was standing under the tree, and she was thinking about Aalok. Suddenly Nyay came and shouted, "Hey! Miss beautiful." "Hey Prince Nyay." Anokhi replied. "What happened? Why are you looking so tense?" Nyay asked while raising his eyebrows. "Nothing! How are you?" Anokhi asked. "Really! I know you are hiding something from me, so don't try to change the topic," Nyay said. "Hmm! I'm worried for you. Now I'm happy." Anokhi replied while looking into his eyes.

"I'm happy! I'm so happy.! But why are you worried For me? Do you love me?" Nyay asked with a smirk. "Because you are my friend. That's why I'm worried, Nothing much." Anokhi replied while looking at him in disbelief.

Nyay smiled at her. "Do you know Anokhi? It was Aalok's favorite place. Me and Aalok used to spend our time here." Nyay said with moist eyes. Anokhi was feeling guilty. Nyay was smiling while looking at her. "And today you are my friend and we are here." Nyay continued while trying to laugh. "Don't worry Nyay!

Everything will be alright." Anokhi replied. "I mean what I say… I like you Anokhi.. I mean just look at you, you are awesome, brave and beautiful too.. So how can anyone stop liking you?" Nyay replied. Nyay looked into Anokhi's eyes. They were getting lost in each other. "Anokhi! You are the best thing ever happened to me," Nyay said with a naughty smile.

"Nyay! What are you saying? It can't be possible," Anokhi replied with shocking expressions. Nyay started laughing loudly. "I was just pulling your leg!" Nyay replied and starts laughing again. After 10 minutes Some soldiers reached near them. "Oh sit! The enemies of love." Nyay whispers while laughing Anokhi punched him in the chest. "Just shut up! I can't stay with you. I'm a self independent man. "Nyay replied proudly. " Ok as per your wish!"Anokhi said Then she left from there with Soldiers. Nyay was looking on her way.

The Scene Of Vijay Nagar

Today Bhumi was going to become the queen of Vijay nagar. She was very happy, but on the other hand, her kingdom was sad because of Aalok's death news.

"Oh my god!… Still, I can't believe it!.. My dream has come true," Bhumi shouted in excitement.

"Of Course! It's true," Adhirath & Snow prince replied. Yes, Snow prince is also there for creating problems for our Hero Nyay.

"Snow prince! Do you remember our plan? You have to kill Nyay at any cost," Adhirath asked with a weird smile.

"Don't worry, Adhi! He will be killed soon because it's come to know that he is living in the forest," Bhumi replied.

"But is Anokhi also with him?" Snow prince asked.

"God knows!" Adhirath & Bhumi replied in unison.

Suddenly, a servant comes. "Miss queen!… It's time for the ceremony! Please come," the servant said.

"We are coming!" Adirath replied with a bright smile.

After 2 hours

Bhumi was sitting on the queen chair of the kingdom. Her happiness was flashing on her face clearly. Adhirath was also happy, but a devil's smile was playing on his face. On the other hand, the snow prince was hiding in the forest for his plan.

"Now you are the queen of Vijay nagar. Congratulations my love!" Adhirath said.

"I'm so happy, Adhirath! Thanks for your love and support," Bhumi replied. They both hugged each other.

Nyay's mom and dad also congratulated her for becoming Queen.

"I'm sorry for what Nyay did with your brother. Please forgive us. Now he is not the part of our family and kingdom," Surya said with sadness.

"It's ok King Surya! I forgave you all just because of Adhirath," Bhumi replied.

"I love Adhirath! That's why I have no other option," Bhumi said.

"Don't worry! Adhirath will be the next king of our kingdom very soon," Surya said. After hearing his dad's words, Adhirath became happy.

In Mermaid World

Queen Utejna was very happy because now the apple of her eye, her son Aalok, was living with her in her own world. Also, he got a new best friend, Sharki.

"Dear Aalok! I have some urgent work in the neighboring kingdom. So I'm going there. Kindly take care of our kingdom," Utejna said.

"It's ok mom! Don't worry. I will handle," Aalok replied with a bright smile on his face. Then Utejna left from there.

After some time, someone entered the hall to meet Utejna. "Hey! Is Queen Utejna inside?" someone asked.

"No! She is not there. By the way, who are you?" Aalok asked.

"You have to tell me. Who are you? And what are you doing here?" the male mermaid asked him.

"I'm the prince," Aalok replied politely.

"Oh really!" the man said while making fun of him. Suddenly he noticed that his face was similar to Queen Utejna. He froze.

"You! You! You are the son of Queen Utejna!" the man shouted.

"Yeah! I'm Prince Aalok," Aalok replied.

"Oh! Nice to meet you, Prince Aalok! I'm King Vishesh! The king of 1/4 part of the sea world," Vishesh said.

"Nice to meet you too! And welcome," Aalok replied.

Vishesh was shocked because Aalok was a proper human.

"But you are a proper human! How? Are you the real brother of Anokhi?" Vishesh asked.

"Yes! She is my real sister," Aalok answered him.

"But you are human!" Vishesh said.

"It's none of your business," Sharki shouted. "Prince Aalok! Let's eat something now! It's your lunchtime," Sharki said.

"Ok! Let's eat! Do you also want to eat something, King Vishesh?" Aalok asked.

"No thanks!" Vishesh replied. Then he left from there. Vishesh was so confused.

Vishesh P.O.V.S.

How can it be possible? Aalok is a proper human. But his behavior is just like a mermaid. On the other hand, Anokhi is a mermaid, but her behavior is just like a human. How? Are they really children of humans and mermaids? Was their father a human? It's so confusing. If I'm right, then I have to marry Anokhi at any cost because she is the result of a human and mermaid relationship. Then our children can be superpower. But where is she?

P.O.V.S. Ends.

Scene Of Forest

Snow Prince was standing behind a tree near the cottage of Prince Nyay. Because of Snow Prince, it was so cold in the forest. The temperature was minus, and there was snow in the forest.

Prince Nyay was standing on the balcony of his cottage. He was just thinking about his past life and Anokhi. Suddenly he saw Anokhi.

"Anokhi!" Nyay called Anokhi in happiness and hugged her from behind. But it was so surprising. Anokhi slapped him tightly on his mouth.

"How dare you!" Anokhi shouted.

"I just can't believe Nyay! How can you do it with King Aalok, also with your kingdom? You are really a very bad human. I hate you so much. All humans are the same, I know. I hate you so much. Just stay away from me," Anokhi said with tears in her eyes. Then Anokhi left from there with a heavy heart. But Nyay was still standing in a shocking position while putting his hand on his face.

Today, Nyay was totally broken because he lost Anokhi too. Today he realized that he loves Anokhi so much and he can't live without her. It's so much hurting him that there is no one there for him today. He was demanding death from God. He was so much alone. He was sitting on his knees and crying so hard. He was not in a good mood today.

Anokhi P.O.V.S.

I was sitting in my room and so depressed today. I was just thinking about my Nyay, ohh sorry, Nyay! I was broken and angry. "How can he do it? I can't believe it. No, he can't! No, he can't! My heart was saying that he can't do it. But on the other hand, my brain was saying, 'He can't do it. Of course, he can do it because he is a human.'"

"Listen, your heart, dear! He can't do it. He is really a very good human," King Vikram said.

I turned and saw my soul father, aka King Vikram Singh, was standing at the door. "He can do it. I know. If he is not wrong, then why are other people only blaming him?" I asked.

"You know what, Anokhi, you like him. You are not able to digest this news," King Vikram replied.

"No!… No!… No!… I hate him so much… He is the enemy. How can you forget what he did with my bro?" I replied with anger. Then I wiped my tears and left the room. After an hour, I was sitting under the tree and thinking about the Snow King.

Suddenly, a servant came. She was crying because she lost her husband today because of the cold. "Princess!!! Princess!!! Please do something. Please save us. We can't bear this winter anymore," the servant said while crying.

"Don't worry! I will try to solve your problems," I replied while holding her hands.

In The Forest

Nyay was not in his senses, but on the other hand, someone was very happy. No doubt, he was the Snow Prince. Now it was really very easy to kill him because of his condition. But the main point is that there was no effect of the cold on Nyay. It's just like he lost all his senses.

After one month

The Scene Of Vijay Nagar

Queen Bhumi (yes, Queen Bhumi, don't forget she is the queen) was sitting in her room with a tensed face, and Prince Adhirath was sitting in front of her. They were waiting for the Snow Prince. Suddenly, Snow Prince entered.

"What the hell! Why are you not working properly? Where are your powers?" Adhirath asked the Snow Prince with full anger. This time his anger was at its peak.

"Just calm down, Adhi!!! Listen to him first…" Bhumi said.

"Thanks, Queen Bhumi! I don't know what's happening, my friend. Just give me one last chance. This time I'm going to use my strongest power, which can destroy the whole forest," Snow Prince replied with full confidence.

"I don't know!!! I'm not want to hear anything… You just have to kill Nyay, at any cost. I just want to hear news of his death only," Adhirath said with hateful emotions.

"Ok, my friend! Please don't worry. This time you will hear news of his death only," Snow Prince replied to him.

The Scene Of The Underwater World

Queen Utejna, King Aalok, and Sharki were sitting together and enjoying each other's company. Suddenly, King Vishesh entered.

"Hello, everyone! May I also join your group for today?" Vishesh asked.

Sharki made an angry face while looking at Vishesh. "Are you free, King Vishesh? I mean whenever I looked at you, you are always there instead of your kingdom," Sharki said while teasing him.

After hearing their conversation, Anokhi entered.

"You can leave, Mr. Nyay," Anokhi shouted.

"Nyay!!! Who is Nyay?" Everyone questioned Anokhi together. Also, Aalok was looking at Anokhi with confusing reactions. "I think I'm familiar with that name," Aalok said.

"Of course, you are. But I said his name by mistake. I was talking about Vishesh," Anokhi replied. "But who is he?" Utejna asked. "He is a cheater," Anokhi replied. "All humans are cheaters," Vishesh said.

"Oh really! And what about you? You are also a cheater, but you are a mermaid," Anokhi shouted at Vishesh. "Also, you have no right to talk rubbish about my Nyay, also about humans," Aalok shouted. Everyone was shocked because of his sudden reaction.

"Man! Don't forget you are in the mermaid world," Vishesh replied with anger. "But it's his kingdom also," Utejna shouted. Everyone started fighting over mermaids and humans. Suddenly Anokhi shouted.

"Stop it, guys! Stop it."

Now everyone was looking at Anokhi with blank faces.

"I'm not free for your stupid fights. I was coming there to spend some time with my family, but you guys don't care about my feelings," Anokhi shouted with tears in her eyes.

"I'm done now, neither humans nor mermaids are good," Anokhi shouted again. Then she left from there.

"It's all just because of Vishesh," Sharki shouted. "Hey! It's just because of Aalok," Vishesh replied. "Don't you dare to blame my boy," Utejna shouted on Vishesh. "Just shut up you guys," Aalok shouted. Aalok was so much shocked because he was remembering his best friend Nyay. "Is he in any danger?" Aalok thought.

In Udaypur

Anokhi was walking in the garden. She was so sad because she was worried for Nyay. "Are you thinking about Nyay?" King Vikram asked while teasing her. "Maybe yes, Raja sa. I want to save him because my 6th sense says that he is in any danger. And this danger may be because of Snow prince, who is also responsible for cold weather in our country," Anokhi replied with a sad face.

"Do you have any plans?" King Vikram asked again. "Yes, I have!! Someone is coming today," Anokhi replied. "Who?" Vikram asked. "It's a surprise, Raja sa," Anokhi replied while creating suspense.

The Scene Of The Forest

Prince Nyay was sitting under a tree. He was not in his senses. All the time he was just thinking about Anokhi.

"Anokhi!! Anokhi!! Please don't leave me… Please believe me… It's just a trap against me… Anokhi, please help me… I need you, Anokhi!!!! Please come back… I can't live without you, Anokhi… Please come back.. I need you… I need you…" Nyay shouted in pain and started crying so hard while hugging the tree.

"Anokhi!! Anokhi!! Please come back, dear," Nyay shouted again in pain.

The Scene Of The Forest

It was nighttime. The forest seemed so scary, with snow spreading in all directions. On the other hand, there was no effect of this temperature on Nyay because he was also cold from the inside.

"Oh God! I have to do something to save our country from Adhirath's evil intentions," Nyay thought.

Nyay was lost in his own thoughts, unaware that someone had been watching him for the last 10 minutes from behind the trees. It was none other than Snow Prince.

"Nyay! I will kill you today!" Snow Prince shouted with full of hate. After hearing his voice, Nyay got up and started staring at him with heartless expressions.

"Snow Prince! So you are still here!" Nyay asked with anger.

"Yes! I'm here because I have to complete my work today," Snow Prince replied with a devilish smile.

"I will kill you! For killing my best friend! For snatching my country! For snatching my love! I will kill you!" Nyay shouted loudly. The whole forest was vibrating with Nyay's cold voice.

"Oh my God! I'm sorry, my dear, but you can't fulfill your dreams today because you are going to die by my hands today!" Snow Prince replied and started laughing.

"Let's see who will kill whom?" Nyay shouted. But suddenly, Snow Prince enhanced the snow and showed his sword, which was made up of magical snow. It had the quality of killing people with only one touch due to the strong poison in it.

"Now tell me, what's your last wish, Nyay?" Snow Prince asked him, showing a hint of mercy.

"It can't be possible! From where did you get this sword?" Nyay asked with a shocking expression.

"It's none of your business! Now get ready for death," Snow Prince shouted. He was going to kill Nyay, but suddenly, the snow started melting, and the temperature returned to normal. Suddenly, a woman entered from the dust.

"Who will kill whom?" the woman asked. She appeared scary, holding a fireball in her hands. Nyay and Snow Prince were both shocked by the entry of a third person into their fight. Snow Prince was scared because he recognized her.

"You! You! You! You are here!" Snow Prince shouted in fear.

"Yes! Yes! I'm here! You have to leave this place right now, otherwise, I will destroy you and your kingdom!" the woman shouted with anger. After hearing her words, Snow Prince left the kingdom in a hurry, without informing Adhirath. He was running like a rocket. The woman started laughing, but Nyay was still shocked.

"Hey, Prince Nyay! Don't be shocked, okay? Consider me as your friend," the woman said.

"Okay! But how did you do it?" Nyay asked.

"It doesn't matter. Actually, Anokhi calls me," the woman replied. After hearing Anokhi's name, Nyay started blushing and passed her a cute smile.

"Oh my god! You are blushing! You are cute, by the way," the woman said while teasing him. "No, I'm not, actually," Nyay replied.

"Bye! I have to leave now. See you soon, and take care," the woman said. Then she left the forest.

"Anokhi calls her! For me?" Nyay thought and started blushing again.

The Scene Of Udhampur

"No! No! No!" Adhirath shouted.

"Just calm down, Adhirath!" Bhumi said.

"How can I calm down? Tell me, Bhumi. We don't know where the Snow Prince is? Our soldiers are not able to find him," Adhirath shouted with anger.

"That means he cheated," Bhumi replied. "Now what?" Adhirath asked.

"I think you should contact your other friend," Bhumi replied.

"Yes! I'm sending him a letter. I'm sure he can definitely kill him," Adhirath said with happiness.

Adhirath and Bhumi were talking with each other, but suddenly, King Surya entered the room.

"Good morning, dear!" King Surya wished them.

"Good morning," they replied.

"I have something urgent to tell you both," Surya said.

"Yes, Pita ji. Tell us!" Adhirath asked.

"Adhirath!! As you know, it's your wedding age now, so me and your mom want you to get married. But before your marriage, we want to hand over the whole Kingdom to you," King Surya told them with happiness.

"Wow! That's cool, King Surya!" Bhumi replied.

"Yes, my dear! Also, we want you as our daughter-in-law! Will you be?" Surya asked.

"Of course, I will!" Bhumi replied instantly. "Yes, Pita ji! You know that me and Bhumi love each other so much," Adhirath said.

"Yes, I know that! That's why I asked!" King Surya replied. Then they started preparations for the new king ceremony.

The Scene Of Udaypur

King Vikram Singh and Anokhi were sitting together in the garden, discussing the change in the atmosphere.

"Anokhi! My dear! Now please tell me how you did it?" Vikram asked.

"Raja sa! Just wait and watch," Anokhi replied.

Suddenly, a woman entered the garden from the dust. She was the same woman who saved Nyay in the forest.

"Hey, Anokhi! How is everything now?" The woman asked.

"First of all, change your form, okay? Then I will tell you," Anokhi said while laughing.

Then the woman changed her form.

"Anokhi! Who is she?" Vikram asked.

"Raja sa! She is a golden butterfly, the queen of the spring season," Anokhi introduced the Golden Butterfly to King Vikram.

"Also her best friend!" Golden Butterfly replied.

"Oh! So you did all this," Vikram shouted in happiness.

"Yes, dad! Last night, she met me, and I told her everything," Anokhi said.

"That's great. Thank you, Golden Butterfly," Vikram said.

"Golden Butterfly! How is he?" Anokhi asked.

"He is fine! You were right; someone wants to kill him. But I think you misunderstood something, my dear, because I saw a Snow Prince against him," the Golden Butterfly told her everything.

"It can be possible, but he is a cheater and a murderer too," Anokhi replied with hateful expressions.

The Golden Butterfly was feeling so bad for Nyay because she knows that he loves her.

"It's your thinking, my dear. But don't be blind in your brother's love!" Golden Butterfly said.

Then she disappeared.

Anokhi was lost in her thoughts.

"Anokhi! Anokhi!" Aalok shouted in Anokhi's ears.

"Hnnnn!" Anokhi asked in shocking expressions.

"What happened to you, sister? What are you thinking?" Aalok asked.

"Nothing! I think I'm hungry!" Anokhi replied.

"Oh really, Anokhi! What do you really think? Am I a fool?" Aalok asked.

"Anokhi! I think you should choose any other excuse," Sharki said and started laughing.

After hearing Sharki's words, everyone was laughing. But someone was looking at them with hate from outside the room.

And that someone was Raksha.

"Anokhi! I will destroy you! Just wait and watch," Raksha Wishpard and decided to kill Anokhi from inside.

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