Friend! By Karthika Nehru


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Don’t ask me what is friend?
What is love? Where it lies in?
Well definition, most of us confused
With the sweet of love juice
As love has chain to fuse
Grab this love that i lend
Love is not only for a lover
Love also made for a friend
and great love for God
Beautiful loves are broad

Dear, love of friend…
like the blessing rain
to fall on dry and hot desert
then raise a nice feeling
grow green, life in desert
sweet, beautiful and blessed…

Losing a friend
Losing an element of light
Losing a different sight
Still can see with normal light
But missing core of value inside

A True friend
Share one color in life canvas
Surround by true friends
Finished a priceless of life canvas
With multiple colors trend

Simply, deeply thanks to say
You are my good friend ever
Makes everyday is a beautiful day
We stay in field of innocent forever….

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