Mom & Dad By Miss Vashishth

Mom & Dad

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Tell me, mom & dad 
Why are people so sad? 
I looked up and down , 
There is a double standard crown. 

Why did people fight? 
Is it really right? 
You always taught us not to fight. 
Then how can fighting with your own siblings for property be right? 

Why are elderly people so rude? 
You guys can also live happily, dude. 
You always show you don’t care, 
But someone used to watch us with their eyes pair. 

Why those people who are nice, 
Hurted by the cruel world twice? 
I don’t understand what they gain? 
By hurting others & giving them pain. 

Poor people are waiting for grains. 
But rich people are spending their lives by hurting poors again & again.
Education is becoming the mode of money, 
How can poor people be able to decide their journey? 

Is it the reality of the world? 
Then I’m not want to mess up with this curd. 
You also taught us not to give up, right? 
But I think I’m not capable of this fight.

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