It's All Because of a Mistake By Miss Vashishth

It’s All Because of a Mistake

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     In this tale of love and confusion, Reeva's joyous wedding day takes an unexpected turn when she discovers a mistaken wedding card with another man's name. Amid family expectations and emotional turmoil, she faces a choice between her longtime love, Sachin, and the mysterious Ishaan. As Reeva navigates the complexities of her heart and confronts the truth about Ishaan, she embarks on a journey of self-discovery, ultimately reshaping her destiny in a story filled with twists, love, and the pursuit of happiness.

Today was the most beautiful and important day of life for Reeva. She was very happy because on this day she was getting married with her lover Sachin. Reeva and Sachin were with each other for 5 years. He was in a relationship for 2 years.

Today the wishes of her marriage with Sachin were being fulfilled. She was happy thinking that Sachin was in such a hurry to get married that he was getting married directly without any rituals. Bathing herself in the mirror, she was engrossed in Sachin’s thoughts when her younger sister Meera goes and tells her that the wedding procession is about to come, so she should go with her.

Reeva was walking happily after obeying her that she stopped there because her lehenga got stuck in the wardrobe kept in the room. She was about to step out of her lehenga when her eyes fell on the fallen wedding card which clearly read “Reeva weds Ishaan”. After seeing this, it was as if the whole world of Reeva had been ruined. Reeva went into shock. Seeing Reeva as such, Meera shook her tightly holding her and asked what happened to her? But Reeva ignores her and gets the call directly to Sachin.

Sachin was not picking up the phone but still Rewa kept calling him again and again. After calling for the fifth time, he finally picked up the phone and as soon as he picked up the phone, he started shouting loudly at Reeva,

“What is your problem? Why are you irritating me again and again?”

Seeing Sachin’s anger, Reeva started crying and told that she is getting married today, with someone else. It just happened because of a misunderstanding. But after listening to Reeva’s words, Sachin got angry and said that he has no time to listen to Reeva’s nonsense. He is studying at the moment. If she has made a mistake, then it is her responsibility to rectify it.

Saying this he disconnected the call. Reeva was completely broken after Sachin’s indifference. She was handled by her sister Meera and asked, what is she going to do now? Reeva wiped her tears and replied that now she will stop this marriage on her own. Meera was surprised to hear such words of Reeva and said, Reeva,

“have you gone mad, how can you break your marriage for a boy who is not supporting you? And what will you say to your parents now that you are breaking the marriage?”

Reeva looks at Meera and says that she cannot tell about herself and Sachin at home right now. But she is not happy with the marriage or can break this marriage by making any other allegations, it is still not too late. Meera was surprised to hear Reeva’s words. Because it was the first time she had heard such words from her sister’s mouth. After listening to Reeva’s words, Meera beats her head and says,

“Today I agree that love is really blind and you have also become blind.”

Without delay, Reeva reaches her mother. And starts shouting to them that she does not want to do this marriage. Why do they want to ruin his life? Didn’t they wonder why Ishaan and his family are getting married so soon without any rituals? It is also possible that there is some fault in that boy and

“Now I am feeling that maybe I should study further and continue my college instead of wasting my life by getting married.”

Hearing these words of Reeva, her father gets very angry because it was only Reeva who had said yes to the marriage. He wanted to study Reeva further. But Reeva’s mother pacifies Reeva’s father’s anger by saying,

“I also find something wrong, that’s why he is getting his son married in such a hurry.” Stares and reminds, “Has she forgotten that they told about their compulsion?”

After a lot of persuasion by Reeva and her mother, Reeva’s father agrees and asks the procession standing outside the house with folded hands to apologize and ask them to return. Ishaan’s father and mother also have to bow down to Reeva’s wishes. However, Ishaan’s mother was very angry with Reeva’s actions. Reeva was very happy after the wedding procession because today the thorn in the middle of her love had gone out. Reeva’s family and Ishaan’s family had suffered a lot due to the return of the wedding procession, but it did not make any difference to Reeva, she could see only her love at this time.

Reeva was feeling that she had won this battle of love. The next day when Reeva wakes up from sleep. So Reeva’s mom tells her that Ishaan’s mom has called her to meet her at home. Reeva got very angry on getting this information because she never wanted to meet Ishaan or his family members. Because it was this family that had become the enemy of her love.

Heartbroken, Reeva had to go to Ishaan’s house. After leaving the house, she sees that Ishaan’s mother had sent a huge and expensive car to bring him home. Reeva sits in that car and reaches Raichand Mansion.

Raichand Mansion was ten times bigger than Reeva’s house.Rewa was greatly impressed by the beauty of the mansion. She thinks in her mind that how can someone be so rich. But Reeva was not one of those greedy girls. Love meant more to her. Apart from her, if there was any other girl, she would have made up her mind to marry Ishaan and leave her love.

But Reeva didn’t do any such thing. She was firm on her resolve. As soon as he entered the house he was welcomed by many servants and there she also found Ishaan’s mother. Who directly hugged Reeva and honored her by making her sit on the sofa beside her. Reeva was quite surprised by her behavior. Reeva asked her,

“Aren’t you angry with me?”

On this, Ishaan’s mother shook her head and said,

“She knows that everything is happening so quickly. That is why it was justified to have doubts in your mind. So it is not your fault.”

Later Ishan’s mother asked,

“I still want to know why you broke up the wedding and why are you still looking so angry?”

Because ever since Reeva came to their house, She was looking frustrated and angry. After listening to Ishaan’s mother’s words, the Reeva felt that this was all a play to reconnect them, so in her ignorance Reeva got angry at her and said,

“Why don’t I break the relationship? Don’t know about your son? What is wrong with your son that you are getting him married in such a hurry?”

Ishaan’s mother was very offended by Reeva’s behavior and warned her,

“You have no right to talk like this about my son. What do you know about my son?”

Seeing the anger of Ishaan’s mother, Reeva started saying to her even more angrily,

“I don’t even want to know what is there in your son? Because I do not like to know about useless people.”

She loses control of herself after hearing more bitter things about her son and was about to slap Reeva when someone stops her hand from behind.
It was none other than Ishaan who shouted,

“Mother, how can you raise your hand on Reeva? She doesn’t even know us. Please leave her. If she doesn’t want to get married, why do you force her?”

It is Reeva’s own choice whether to marry or not. After that Ishaan turns to Reeva and folds his hand and apologizes for the behavior done by his mother. Reeva was surprised to see that she did wrong with him and Still, Ishaan was taking her side and supporting her. Without saying anything, Reeva turns around and starts going to her house. As soon as she crosses the threshold of the mension, she turns around. Ishaan was still looking at her with sad eyes as she left the house.

Ishaan’s eyes show deep love for her but she was still unaware that after all they have met for the first time. How can Ishan love her so much?  Reeva’s heart was crying out to her that she was doing wrong by breaking Ishaan’s heart.

But still, Reeva wipes away her tears and returns to her home.

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