My Haven Of Love By Dr. Arwa Saifi

My Haven Of Love

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In the heart of a quiet, welcoming street,
Stands a place where my dreams and memories meet.
It’s not just a structure of brick and of stone,
It’s the haven I cherish, the place I call home.

Its walls tell a story, each room has a tale,
Of laughter and tears, like the pages of a sail.
From the kitchen’s warm aroma to the bedroom’s embrace,
Every corner reflects love, every nook has its grace.

Through seasons it changes, yet constant it stands,
A refuge from life’s storms, where I find steady hands.
With family and friends, we’ve built bonds so strong,
In this house, this haven, where we all belong.

So here’s to my house, where my heart finds its peace,
Where love never wavers, and troubles decrease.
It’s more than just walls and a roof overhead,
It’s the place where I’m cherished, where I’m truly well-fed.

In this place that I’ve cherished, in this place I call home,
I’ve learned, I’ve grown, and I’ve freely roamed.
No matter where life takes me, wherever I may roam,
I’ll carry with me the warmth of my beloved home.

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