True Love Exists By Karthika Nehru

True Love Exists

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An old man is sitting on a pleasure ground and watching two kids playing on the ground. He seeing them with a nostalgic emotion and closes his eyes. In his illusion, he sees two kids were playing in a playground. 

There is a girl and a boy, and he sees his childhood scenarios. 

They grew together and in a state of their adult, they fell in love with each other. They completed their higher education and their communication was unique and aesthetic. They commune through letters, random meet up like those days are delightful. A sudden they never communed for long term and then they decided to get married. So, they worked for it they build their empire. 

But her parents were not allowed for their marriage and later he convinced their parents and accepted to get married. Then they planned for a special meet up but by the way, she passed away. 

They planned to meet up but the time predicts to meet at her funeral.  After looking her in the coffin his heart was shattered, his body shivered and he was frangible. 

Then he never married, he lived with her thoughts. Then 20 years later he walked through a pleasure ground, sitting and watching kids were playing. 

He closed his eyes with a drop of crying. Then his soul searches her soul.

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