Sunshine By Karthika Nehru


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     Effie, a 10-year-old girl, copes with loneliness and criticism through her vivid creativity, guided by her imaginary friend, Sunshine. Despite initial concern, her mother, Kate, realizes Sunshine's positive impact on Effie's life. As Effie grows and changes schools, her unique abilities are recognized, emphasizing the importance of embracing differences and parental support in a heartwarming tale of childhood resilience and artistic expression.

Let me tell you about the ‘Darkness’ of a little girl. 

The girl was named “Effie”. She was the only kid for their parents. And Effie was 10 years old girl. Effie’s father doesn’t take care of her, only her mother ‘Kate’ is taking care of her. 

Effie was abandoned in her surrounding, and she worried about being lonesome. She had a specific interest in drawing, painting, and writing stories but there is no one to encourage her capability. Effie’s classmates were impolite with her and keep on criticizing her. Her thoughts were fathomed and she never fled from the lonesome. 

Effie moves on her ability distinctly and she is never concerned with that criticism. The next day to school Effie’s teacher met her parents and claimed about her allocate and she was never been sustained. Effie’s teacher said to change a school and access a psychologist. They returned home Effie’s mother Kate and Father were arguing. Kate was supporting Effie for being different but her father doesn’t concern about Effie.

Effie went to the room and, the room was filled with black paint, she did a creative painting on her wall with fluorescent green color if the lights were off the room will be like a Fantasy world. 

Effie was in chaos that why everyone allocating and she stared at the wall speaking to herself, asking questions what’s wrong with being different ” She communicating herself “. And suddenly there is a miracle, that is Effie raised questions and there is a reply from the dark soul. 

She was scared first and Effie started to communicate with a dark soul. Effie asked a dark soul is there wrong being different and what we like to do is wrong? And dark soul replies there is nothing wrong in being different, what your heart feel happy are you doing.

Effie named the dark soul “Sunshine”. They communicated each day, Effie started to share her emotions with sunshine. 3 years later Effie’s mother Kate has seen Effie was communicating alone and she was scared of seeing her daughter.  Kate and Effie’s father was accessing finally, Effie’s father prioritizing his daughter to a psychologist. 

The psychotherapist checked out Effie and claims to Effie’s parents. Effie was dumbed with her emotions and she was allocated by her surroundings, so Effie started to imagine there is a person and she started to communicate with an imaginary friend this is what happened with Effie. 

Kate has counsels Effie that there is no one like an imaginary friend and her emotions can be shared with Kate,

“Mumma will be there for you Effie” said Kate. 

And Effie communicated secretly with Sunshine because Kate doesn’t like that she communicating with an imaginary friend. 

One year later Effie’s parents changed her school, now Effie was 13 years old girl.  In the new school, Effie’s work and her behavior were attracted by others. And her paintings were praised by teachers and her mates. 

Kate has seen again that Effie was communicating with Sunshine but Kate doesn’t regret it because that imaginary friend ” Sunshine” has changed Effie’s behavior.  So, Kate allowed Effie to communicate with Sunshine as her heart says.

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