Let Me Go By RizzEditions

Let Me Go

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I love you so much.
But I can’t stay no more.
Not because I want to leave you,
But I want to explore,
A whole new world,
That is outside of these doors,
Please let me go, please let me go.

I know we can go together.
But trust me,
I’m saying this only for the better.
All we need is ourselves altogether.
And stepping alone
Becomes an option of rather.

I don’t want go alone,
Because I want to be alone.
But I want to go alone,
Because I want to achieve the throne.
Not a throne that is made of jewels,
But a throne that makes me confident,
And makes me believe myself.

I know you love me always.
And you support me all days.
But I want myself
To be the same in those ways.

I lack confidence,
I lack strength.
I’m so depended on you,
It’s like a Sculpture with a dent.

To fulfill those lacking sides of mine,
I need to fly high,
And reach the cloud nine.
I need you to let me go right this time.
So that I can show you,
The true colors of mine.

Sometimes I even want to be like
These four seasons,
Summer, Autumn, Monsoon and Winter.
Summer’s Sunshine, Autumn’s Leaf flow,
Monsoon’s raindrops or
Winter’s crystal clear snow.
Please let me go, please let me go.

I can not make a promise,
If I will ever be back.
Nor I can state any kind of fact.
But I can reveal,
What my heart does feel.
I know this will hurt,
But I am sure this will heal.

Even if I won’t be back,
Don’t lose yourself,
Or any kind of lack.
Because, there is this truth.
This particular fact.
That, no matter how far we are,
We are always together by our hearts.
Our feelings will be in contact.

I know we are not superhumans.
Nor we do have some supernatural powers.
But we do have this lovely love shower.
It doesn’t release water
Nor rose petals.
But it gives us the confidence,
That makes us strong as pure metal.

The strength is on its way to grow.
But it will not be possible
If you won’t let me go,
If you won’t let me go.

I know this all sounds like a song.
But trust me,
Nothing will go wrong.
Don’t predict the future,
Unless you get to see.
Put your hands on my heart,
Feel it and believe me.

It’s finally time to farewell,
Let’s make it go good,
Make it go well.
I still can see those tears in your eyes.
As you silently do your cry.
I want to swipe them away from your eyes.
But I need to fly
from here to the sky.
I know this hurts,
But let’s say a Beautiful Goodbye.

I still can feel your hands on my wrist.
That holds to stop me
as you mumble a no.
But I just can not look to behind,
Because I have to go,
Because I have to go

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