Terrace Tales By Allur Raja Rajeshwari Soujanya

Terrace Tales

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     In this heartwarming personal essay, savor the beauty of everyday moments on a serene terrace where time stands still. Join the narrator in finding peace, deep connections, and profound reflection while observing the world below.

Moments can be made anywhere at any time. The place need not be something great or precise locations to make the moment memorable. What matters the most is, the right person to be with and the right place that signifies the time.

Example to define the place is balcony or terrace. I love standing on the terrace and viewing the entire place from above. I find it so relaxing, nothing matters to me much at that moment. The moment would just be empty with no chaos. Some deep thoughts delve in and the thoughts would possess the nature of having a profound meaning compared to the random thoughts which we get all the time.

I feel those thoughts serve a purpose and would have some connecting nature towards the soul. The time would become great when our favourite person is beside us. I had a few moments like this with my roommate. Whenever I think of her, those moments will pop-up in my mind and brings me pleasure.

What makes spending time more worthwhile on the terrace is, every word that is said by another counts. We wouldn’t distract or neglect their words. We memorise every word they say. We listen to them patiently as the time doesn’t hurry us much. We wouldn’t be in any rush. We just stay tranquil. Terrace is a place where we could find peace by watching our troublesome world from above.

Standing on the terrace with our hands leaned on the wall leisurely involves observation of what other people are doing. People would be busy doing their stuff such as, some would be walking down the street, some would hurriedly be riding their bikes, some would be carrying their purchased things in a bag, neighbours going in and coming out of their houses, people initiating small conversations with the ones passing by, a group of elderly aunties who gathered for a small talk that would obviously be about what’s happening in the neighbourhood, some welcoming their guests inside, some switching on the lights, the curtains of some houses flapping and blowing in the air that results in giving a slight view of what the people in the house are doing, people dumping their waste in the garbage disposal area, and other things such as, street dogs wagging their tails and running on the streets and searching for the food, birds standing on the electric wires.

These are the ubiquitous things we often notice by standing on the terrace. Based on the things we see, we make jokes on them and we giggle. The other person with whom we stand tells us not to giggle out loud as it could be heard by the people and we would be so mindful to not speak loudly.

These are the moments that occur in the place. Time just flies without our acknowledgement and we wish the moment to pause as we find it relaxing and as we find the time worthy.

Though the place is small and the moment’s short, those would stand still in our hearts. If you are having a hectic day, just go to the terrace and take a deep breath first, feel the air, and plug in your earphones, listen to your favorite songs, observe things around you that are happening in your neighbourhood.

If you do this, you will get to know how little your world is and how small your bugging thoughts are, you yourself find the state you are in as insignificant or if you have a person with whom you would like to share a conversation with, talk to him/her and let all your pestering thoughts out. If you share, there wouldn’t be any turmoil feeling inside.

That’s the magic which the moment holds, all your worries would fade away tardily and eases up your heavy mind. This is the comeliness which the terrace holds.

Thank you for reading. ✨

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