Song of A Black Nightingale By Jenisha Rajakumar

Song of A Black Nightingale

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Through the cool moon’s spotlight, I take flight,
Despite impaired wings, I fly above the sky in the night. 
Waking up shadowed forests and twinkling stars in rejoice,
Singing a song of life’s reality in a melodious voice.

It’s a melancholy song of love, hope and pain,
That hits the surface like drops of uncountable rain.
In each lunar cycle, hidden reflection starts revealing,
Yet, my voice and appearance veiled in dark covering. 

Love, that’s purely, bitter and sweet, a beautiful melody,
In the hush of unuttered words, a poignant memory. 
In every stolen glance, in every delightful smile,
A love unexpressed, hidden & buried in the depths of denial.

Hope, a sparkling ember, guiding through the darkness,
Where the dreams take height in restlessness. 
As an unfurling bud, anticipating each dawn,
With strong hope, a promise of a new day born. 

Pain, a sombre cloak, covers my heart,
A melancholic harmony, cracking me apart. 
But even in agony, I find a comforting shadow,
In the blanket of clouds & silvery stars glow.

With a shattered wing and an aching heart,
Singing happily through the darkest part. 
In the peaceful night, I carry the strain,
Of unfulfilled desires and dreams in vain


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