You & Me Turns Infinity By Priyaraghul

You & Me Turns Infinity

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     Join Priya and Raghul on a heartwarming journey through the trials of school-day love that stands the test of time. This true story narrates their enduring romance and unwavering commitment, proving that love, even in its early stages, can leave an indelible mark on our lives. Experience their emotional connection and the challenges they face in this touching narrative of love's resilience.

It’s all about LOVE. As we are all born as humans, everyone came across the word LOVE, and that is the power where it makes not only human beings feel but also animals and birds.

Could you please imagine if we don’t have the word love in this world? Not even able to think, right? If it happened, then we would act as a “SYSTEM” not as a “SOUL”. If anyone says that being alone is the best therapy, then we can exactly find out that they are lying to us. Because each and every man and woman needs their comfort soul. If they think so, then I can say they are unnecessary to live in this prosperous world!

Here is my story, there is something unique about the school days love with trust and purity. But before I would like to explain to you who I am.

So, this is Priyanka. I recently completed my graduation, and my age is about 21 years. The most interesting things in my life, I will be ready to sacrifice anything if they are very loyal to me. And I don’t want any expensive things in my life; rather, I expect LOVE and TIME from my beloved person. Also, I don’t care what people think about me, what they spoke behind my back.

I used to follow what my heart says. Also, we people always want to get explore with our friends in a bunch, but to be frank, I have only one, and that is my papa ‘ACHU’. Because it is better to have one beautiful mirror instead of having it in so many broken pieces. Now let me get into the story of school days love, which is based on a true story and which holds on till now!

There was a girl named Priya. Her life started when she had completed her 10th std. Due to some financial process, she could not able to continue her higher studies in the same school. So, she had changed the school, which is near to her house. As school reopens, she started to go to school, but, to be worried, she was the only girl who is new to her class. Everyone had their own friends, but she stood alone. But a week ago, she started to settle herself. Days turned when everyone got attached to Priya.

A week ago, one of her classmates came and met her during the break time. He said that his friend, a classmate named “RAGHUL,” had fallen in love with her. Priya could not know how to react to his words. That was her first time she heard her future husband’s name, not even knowing that he is going to be her life partner.

The crazy things started in Priya’s attitude, and she also started to admire Raghul. But at one turning point, she realized that this school days love won’t stand for a lifetime. Also, she thought of her parents and how strict they are. Nevertheless, Raghul wanted to prove how pure his love is! Raghul tried a lot, but still, he couldn’t able to prove his love to Priya.

He never got tired of sitting alone; rather, he thinks about how he can make his love successful. A little conversation started between PRIYA and RAGHUL. The conversation, which had taken for 10 minutes, extended into half an hour, then into one hour, and finally, that extended for a day!

Their conversation increased day by day, and one fine day Raghul decided to propose to Priya on 11.12.2019. Meanwhile, Priya was not ready to accept him. But both came to know that one can’t start their day if their presence is absent.

But then, Raghul wanted to never give up his hope at any time. Yet Priya did not even know that she had fallen in love from the day of their first conversation itself. As they were already having good conversations, Raghul again consoled Priya and asked for forgiveness for what he had done. Priya also accepted his mistakes and started their friendship again.

On the other side, they both knew that they can’t live without each other. But then, again, they never kept quiet. They started their cute romances in the classrooms by seeing one another during class hours. At last, they got caught by their class teachers and went to meet their principal. The news also came to know for Priya’s parents, and they started to watch her carefully and monitored her. Priya started to face her life with more obstacles, though; she felt the toughest thing is she couldn’t able to talk with him. This made her day and night as a dry land.

Then they both planned to write a letter for each day and get shared what they wanted to talk about, but still, they needed the memories back how they were in the beginning. Even after 2 years of their higher studies got completed, Priya didn’t accept his proposal. Finally, they had their board exam, and Priya came to know after her schooling she is going to miss him surely. But she could not know how to say to him. Also, they completed their schooling. Here the thing we need to note is both started to think that they can live without each other. But the truth is one missed the other and lived their life in their remembrance.


Priya, who thinks that everyone will leave one day as he did the same for her, by sitting alone Priya, surrendering eyes, decided to console herself by soothing eyes. But with great surprise, Raghul came again into her life and met her in college and made her prove that no one can irreplaceably love her!

HEREBY, I don’t want to continue this story by giving an end to my love because I played the character as PRIYA, and the character played as RAGHUL is my love!!! YES, the story had just started with two broken teens who were now one happily coupled…

If you guys wanted to find a character like RAGHUL…… SORRY, guys I FOUND HIM already and hold his hand!!!

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