Discovery of a Dead Body By SpokenWordPoetry Priya Kashyap

Discovery of a Dead Body

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     Four adventurous children explore a haunted house, discovering a shocking secret within. Their bravery helps rescue a man in need, uniting their small town in a heartwarming tale of compassion and redemption.

In a small town of state Uttarakhand, there were four children who were good friends of each other.

They were neighbors also. They used to play always in the ground which was in front of their house. They used to play cricket. Once they were playing in the ground which was far away from their house.While playing suddenly the ball entered in a house which used to be close always, while playing The ball entered the room and the children become shocked that how will they get that ball because family members have told them not to go inside that home. That was haunted.

They decided to take the ball from the house. All of them entered the house and started finding their ball everywhere One of them got the ball and the decided to get out of the house. While they were leaving one of them saw a shadow in a room which was shining. He told the other boys to come to the room and see the shadow that what that is. All of them did not agree because they were quite scared that it is not good for them to go inside the room.

After having a long discussion between them they agreed to enter the room and check what they saw. It made them stunned. They saw that there is a big packet of white colour thrown on the side of the room which was completely packed from all the sides. they became shocked that what it is and why is it packed? They started finding some sharp things to cut packet so that they can see what was that.

The scenario which came in front of them kept them like dead because it was a body of a man being packed in that. They were very frightened. All of them sat at a corner of the room and started crying because of fear. Suddenly one of them saw that one of the leg of man was shaking he told the other boys to see that. After that they noticed that both of his legs started shaking. It was very scary to them.

By seeing all these things all the four boys ran towards the main gate of the house, but due to being old the gate was locked. it was not opening from inside. They were knocking the door and asking someone for their help but it was so far from the main area of leaving. So they did it not get anyone to help them. Suddenly the man came to the children and tried to convince them that he is not a dead man.

Now the children were easy and helped man to get rid of his problem. They took the man with them out of the house and took him to their parents. They told the whole story what was happened in the house to their parents.

Everyone listened the story very calmly. Something was happened very wrong with the man.

Villegers decided to help the man and to find out the culprits.

The man told that he had lent some money from moneylenders which he was not able to pay back.

One day when he was going to market, someone hit him from back side. He fell on the ground. They thought the man is dead, so they packed him and threw in the house which was closed from years. It was children who helped him to take his life back. The man promised eveyone that he will do something for livelihood.

They reconstructed the worn out house for the poor man.

He started living there.

Now he was a respectable and social person.


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