Nothing Like Friendship

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"A day without a friend is like a pot without a single drop of honey left inside." — Winnie the Pooh To all my friends, thank you for making my days memorable and fun.


This the time of giddiness,
A free break from your circular,
Times with your besties, so spectacular.

This the time of excitement,
Right from packing and train journey,
Shrill excitement and laughter all worthy.

This is the time of surprises,
Struck by the beauty of the place,
Enjoying the luxury of hotel gave.

This the time of relaxation,
Mind free of all worries for once,
Enjoying every moment in the bus.

This the time of pure joy,
Visiting new places with gaping mouth,
Making new friends as cool it sounds.

This the time of discovery,
Shopping for creative handicrafts,
New cuisines to try is perfect chance.

This the time of fun,
Enjoying pillow fights in the room,
Campfire at night, singing in or out of tune.

It is a feeling of memory,
Capturing lot many photos of sea,
Adrenaline rush taking over me.

Ultimately it was feeling of satisfaction,
That the entire trip went well,
So many best moments to tell.

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