PURANAS By Sukanya_Siya


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The essence of the Purana, the inspiration of life, the myths of Hindi, remain alive and unique. The conditions of Vishnu, the game of incarnations, the land of Kurukshetra, the union of religions on earth. Arjuna's religious crisis, the end of the war. Sita-Ram's love story, Laxman's bravery, Ravana's destruction.

Incarnations of Vishnu

He is the Lord of Treta himself.
He himself is Ram of Treta
He is Ghanshyam of Dwapar.
Kurma takes the form of a fish,
He is Bali Balaram.

Danced on Naga Kaliya,
They are the cowherds of Gokul.
The life of every evil person will be destroyed,
That Parshuram is drunk.

Keshav, in his childhood,
The scene looked like this.
Putna and many demons,
Had bitten the dust unarmed.
Along with love and virtue,
Gave knowledge of self-respect.
of the invincibility of truth,
He gave proof.

For revenge of women,
The entire Kuru dynasty was burnt.
Those wicked people will tear apart their chests,
Brought into eternal sleep.

God by his power,
Shishu Pal was killed.
In the form of a lion for the sake of religion,
Hiranya Kashyap tore it.

How many Kansa Ravana came?
Girdhar defeated them.
Give understanding of Geeta,
He gave the essence of life.

They are the subject, action and verb.
He is Indra Suresh.
He is the father of Sugriva Karna.
He is Dinesh himself.
Those who burnt Lanka,
He is Hanuman’s torch.
Whose feet are kissed by death,
That is the fierce Bhadra-Kaal.

Taking the form of Kalki,
Will definitely come in Kaliyuga.
To every sinner and devourer
They will kill again.

The lamp of knowledge extinguished by you,
Krishna will burn again.
To start Satyayuga,
They will definitely come.

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