First Kiss By Karthika Nehru

First Kiss

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Yes, I know what is going to happen, 
And, I don’t know how it’s going to happen, 
The war between my heart and mind, 
While looking at your lips and eyes, 

I can see your eyes reading my mind, 
When my hand meets your cheek, 
Time stops for a moment, 
I can’t hear any of the sounds, 

But except our two heartbeats, 
Freezing wind blows on our bodies,
When I look at your lips, 
I see the pinkish sweet with the flavor of strawberry, 

I can feel warm around your cheek, 
When you ajar your mouth, the flavor hits me hard, 
The moment I lost myself for a while, 
I grab your neck and push forward, 

I let my lips touch your lips, 
All of a sudden the war stops,
Everything moves fast, 
But our moments last, 

I started tingling my tongue into you, 
I can hear nothing but the shudder of thunder like your heartbeat, 

The raindrops fall on us, 
The heat has taken away from the drop of rain, 
Chillness feels like warmth around our bodies, 

I suck your pouty lips, 
Like the first bite of the cherry, 
For a moment, I flew to the fluffy sky, 
And I feel the lite smile on your lips.

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