Dosti By Muskan Bothra - Ivan Stories


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Dosti is a bond that’s pure,
A friendship that will always endure.
It’s a connection that’s hard to find,
A bond that’s strong and one of a kind.

It’s a shoulder to lean on when you’re down,
A friend who’ll always be around.
Someone who’ll listen and understand,
And lend a helping hand.

Dosti is a bond that’s true,
A friendship that will see you through.
It’s a treasure that’s worth more than gold,
A bond that will never grow old.

It’s a laughter shared, a tear shed,
A journey taken, memories to be made.
It’s a bond that’s built on trust and love,
A friendship that’s sent from above.

So cherish your dosti, hold it tight,
For it’s a bond that will shine so bright.
It’s a gift that life has given you,
A friendship that will always be true.

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