Maybe In Another Life By Thiru

Maybe In Another Life

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     A heartwarming love story where Thiru, a college student, falls for Avanthika, his senior, and their connection deepens through chance encounters, truth-or-dare confessions, and heartfelt moments. Their journey, filled with emotions, friendship, and unforeseen challenges, leads to a beautiful bond that even ego clashes can't diminish. Despite a bittersweet ending, their love leaves lasting memories in this touching tale of young romance and personal growth.

LOVE is all about giving importance to HE/SHE. In love, we need to feel that we can’t live without their presence. I would say connection is more important between two souls. Also, I would like to share my experience instead of saying ‘In love,’ I would like to say, “With one beautiful butterfly named AVANTIKA, who gives me more importance and presence and made me know who I am!”

Here is my real-life story on love where I had been engaged with ONE LOVABLE SOUL. I am Thiru. When I was doing my UG courses, I found a girl who is very childish and filled with craziness.

I kept on watching her wherever she goes and finally found out she is my senior. Even though she is my senior, I didn’t mind anything about that, but her craziness made me choose her as my crush. I tried a lot to start a conversation with her, but it didn’t happen. It took many days, and one day I found her Instagram account and sent her a message, telling her that I am your junior. I thought I wouldn’t get any message from her side, but suddenly, I received a notification from her account. That was a sudden, giddy feeling rolling in the pit of my gut.

The conversation, which started with an introduction, grew more and more, and it made me feel comfortable. All our conversations started on our mobile phones, but suddenly we met by coincidence, locking eyes in our college, and we just smiled at each other without knowing what to say. But after some time, our conversations started, and the bond between us grew stronger, turning us into close friends.

Days went by, and our little conversations extended to 12 hours a day. One day, all our classmates planned to go to the beach, and that was the first time we came outside together. She was busy talking with her friends, but she proved how much I meant to her when she held my hand. That moment, I realized how lucky I AM and fixed myself to get addicted to her.

The next day, my friend Suve and I were playing truth or dare in our chat. Suve dared me to propose to her, even though I didn’t have the will to do it. I did it, and she was shocked and surprised, not knowing how to react. The following day, without hesitation, Suve dared Avanthika to propose to me. I never expected that she would come and propose, but it happened in real life. Without knowing it, the game of truth or dare made us fall in love with each other.

Within a week, I went to my native place, which was around 250 km away. I had to drive the car by myself, so it was not possible to text her. She understood the situation and waited for me until I reached my destination. Even in the middle of the drive, I told her to sleep, but she didn’t. Only when I reached my native place, she confirmed that I had arrived safely, and then she went to sleep. This made me fall even more in love with her and feel deeply connected.

Finally, she had her final semester exams, so we thought of doing group studies in our conference call. Even though she was a senior, I helped her with her exams, as I also had my own exams. She told me to read, but I pretended to study while admiring how she was studying.

The day of our exams arrived, and I knew very well that we wouldn’t be able to see each other after our exams. I was the guy who was always irregular to college, but I started attending my classes regularly for her. After her exam finished, I would drop her off at her home, ensuring she safely reached her gate. This became a regular habit whenever I dropped her off.

After all her exams were over, we had a feeling of uncertainty about how we would meet in the future. Meanwhile, a month passed, and her parents planned for her to join a six-month course. Even though the course was only half a day, she told her parents that she had some special classes and spent half the day with me. This continued, and then her birthday week came.

However, her parents planned to celebrate it in Ooty, and I didn’t know how to celebrate her birthday. I decided to take her out and give her a gift before her birthday. Instead of a traditional present, I wanted to give her a memorable identity that would last. So, I planned to get tattoos of butterflies since I often called her “butterfly.” To make it more special, I took her to a tattoo parlor and asked if she could figure out why I had chosen this symbol, but she couldn’t. Finally, I told her it was a symbol of our love. She was overjoyed when I said that.

Her birthday came closer, and she went with her family to Ooty. I didn’t receive any messages from her because her parents were very close to her, and she found it difficult to text me. That night showed me how important her presence was to me when I didn’t receive a message from morning to night. When she returned, we still had some obstacles to overcome. I decided to give her more presents for her birthday. My friend Suve and I went shopping and bought a puppy toy with a keychain, naming it ‘NEETH’ after her. This was my first gift to her, and she was thrilled when she saw it.

Everything went smoothly, but suddenly an ego clash began between us. I was an over-possessive person, and my possessiveness caused more hurt in our love. We tried to be best friends after many fights, but at one point, I realized that “LOVERS CANNOT ACT AS BEST FRIENDS FOREVER.” I waited for her to understand my pain, but it didn’t happen. We realized that we were going to miss each other, and that was the theme of our last conversation. Even in her absence, her memories never faded from my mind. I want to say one thing as I conclude this story to my butterfly AVANTIKA: you are the one and only soul that my heart and eyes always search for, even when I am surrounded by millions of people.







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    My pleasure to read your stories especially that final words ,I really connect with myself keep rocking all the best for your future one …✌

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