Beach Calling

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Life takes you down many paths, but the best ones lead to the beach.


Afternoon in the hotel was grand, 
After that, went to beach of this beautiful island, 
Having a view as I stand, 
Sun’s light on me, making me tanned, 
Cool sea breeze over my face it fanned, 
Walking beside the shore of sea of vast expand, 
Witness colourful corals around the clear shore it spanned, 
Feel the tickle on bare feet as I walk on sand, 
Excitement due to rush of hormones from gland. 

The atmosphere around me is complete refresh, 
Fisherman catching fish in sea with mesh, 
Children making sandcastles worth impress, 
People relaxing, forgetting all their distress, 
Walking by shore, I collect shells which are in excess, 
People showing enthusiasm for sports to express, 
Entire scenario around is so worth enjoying nevertheless, 
All I did was open my book and legs to stretch, 
Write poetry and make sketch.

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