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"Being a parent can be tough. But just remember that in your child's eyes, nobody does it better than you."

Parenthood the reality,
When it’s time to start family,
Parenthood is a new waiting,
Nine months of anticipation and praying,
Parenthood is the new beginning,
Birth of tiny life, peacefully sleeping.

Parenting is joyous,
Their gummy smile, certainly enough,
Parenthood can be tiring,
Countless nights, awake from their crying,
Parenting can be excruciating,
Angry stares, when demands end up nothing.

Parenthood can be lesson,
Guiding children to right path being the intention,
Parenthood is moment of pride,
Being part of children’s achievements and smiles,
Parenthood can be heartwarming,
Lots of love and kisses, both sides pouring.

Parenthood is also sadness,
Unable to bear their tears, when failure happens,
Parenthood can be disappointing,
When you cannot do enough, chest hurting,
Parenting is full of comfort,
Warm hugs when felt at worst.

Parenthood can be difficult,
Dealing with maturity, no more innocent,
Parenthood can be complicated,
When clash of opinion leads to frustration,
Parenthood won’t be burden,
When a boundary is set for it to happen.

Parenthood can be lonely,
When work and life become sole priority,
Wishing parenthood to be timeless,
Hoping for things to be same in silence,
But parenthood can still be intact,
As long as they take each other’s stand.

Parenthood can be definition of role model,
Wish to be like you, wise and thoughtful,
Parenthood can be mesmerizing,
Still sticking to each other despite everything,
Parenthood is a beautiful memory,
Which goes on generation of centuries.

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