Artistry By Dr. Tulika Sarkar


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Art and the heart go hand in hand; 

Painting is easy, but artwork is not. 

Colours run through the mind like blood, and when they are released, they breathe life into the paper! 

Pictures have a language as well; 

Despite their silence, it speaks a lot. 

Art doesn’t recognize caste, high-low, or rich-poor; whoever loves her simply merges into them. 

God created an artist after a mother who turns a stone into a beautiful idol! 

An artist’s creation contains many mysteries— 

Development of art is a spiritual practise that springs from the innermost parts of the soul. 

When the colours flood the canvas, mental anguish is replaced by calm; 

It was difficult to comprehend ancient civilizations if there were no art. 

The distinguished art has such strength that it can elevate the human mind to a spiritual state— 

Seven notes and seven colours make up the entire spectrum of existence. 

A future glimpse exists in the imagination of an artist; 

The artist’s production reflects an idea that influences both him and society. 

The landscape changes when the colours diverge from the melody, tone, and rhythm, 

When something touches the heart of the artist, it emerges in the form of a unique masterpiece

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