Happiest Girl

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She was once a happiest girl,
Happy go lucky, as we say,
Always smiling, showing to her fullest,
She was naïve, yet simply sweetest,
Never caring about her teeth of a bunny,
After all, she was just simply happy,
Always obedient, mama’s pet they say,
Making people happy is her way,
Not thinking once, what she wants,
That’s how she thought world was.

Until she finally grew up, 
Grew up, way too much,
Realized her freedom was questioned,
Felt so unfair, taken for granted,
Never acknowledging her opinion,
Always felt with expectations around her,
Every second, agonizing eternity,
Fearing losing her peace and sanity,
Crying, bathroom being solace,
Slowly slipping in darkness.

Bitter and sarcastic she is,
Sarcastic she was, not caring anymore,
Struggling to find a ray of hope,
Yet disparity makes it difficult to cope,
Feeling so ironic and odd……
The ones, she thought cared about,
Are the ones breaking her to core,
Silence is all she can, fester into soul,
Until losing herself in midst of all,
She is no more the happiest girl.

The entire life felt so unfair,
So unfair to see others enjoy their life,
Envying, to be in their place every day,
Having enough of it, wanting her way,
No matter what, never stop dreaming,
Of being happy, if it means fighting,
Free of obligations, freedom to chase
Enjoying every moment with smile on face,
Don’t know when that day will come,
When all my hurdles be overcome.

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