Behind the Mask By Dr. Tulika Sarkar

Behind the Mask

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Life of two friend's, Dhriti and Ayesha, turns upside down after knowing a horrible shocking truth.

In the first year, they got to know one other. Dhriti received honours in Physics while Ayesha received honours in Chemistry. On the one hand, Ayesha was peaceful and shy, while Dhriti was a tomboy type, with strong body language and talks. They became pals in any case. Their first chat took place on the first day of college. That friendship has grown stronger over the last two years. It felt that the food in their stomach would not be digested if they couldn’t share their thoughts with one other. However, Dhriti has noticed that Ayesha has gotten restless in recent days. She is unable to communicate.

Dhriti hurried to the canteen one day, grabbed Ayesha. Today she will stop only if she takes everything out of her friend’s mouth. 

A middle-aged man has been coming on the same bus as Ayesha for the previous few days, standing behind her and saying various foul vulgar things. Ayesha, on the other hand, is unable to say anything because of her embarrassment. Dhriti’s head went boiling with rage as she heard this. This quiet, squeamish attitude irritates her greatly. This happens on a daily basis, so why can’t she protest? She made the decision to ride the same bus as Ayesha the next day, and teach that man a lesson. Dhriti arrived at the bus stop at half past ten the next morning.

As soon as she noticed Ayesha’s face at the window, she boarded the bus. Because it was so crowded, Dhriti had to take a step back from her. Ayesha’s phone rang after a time, and she replied,

“Hmm, he’s standing behind me and acting indecently.”

Her voice became distorted. Dhriti promptly hung up the phone, pushed the crowd aside, and walked up to the man, shouting angrily,

“Hey you, Listen!” The man returned her stare…… 

The moment before fainting, Dhriti thought that her handsome father’s face had never been so ugly before.

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