Monsters VS Children By Lusi Solona

Monsters VS Children – Gaza in a Poem

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This poem depicts the sufferings of the children in Gaza.

Those monsters see….

A baby becomes an enemy
A child is a threat to those with power and authority
An elder can murder a group of army
A weak woman is a deadly weapon to a monster who creates missiles 

Due to that fear and greed, 
Those monsters bombard the houses
Their bombs destroy the mosques, schools, hospitals and churches,
They burn the babies 
Leave the children parentless,
And cry among the debris 
Or dying without tears
They loot the lives of the elders 
make the weak women bleed
Or suffocate 
Finally, they let the rest 
live in hunger and thirst

Now tell me!

How can I sleep dear, 
while the children are sober in fear?
How can I dine well 
while letting their hunger tell?
How can I fake smiles 
while sadness paints their faces?
How can laughter fill my lips,
while tears well up their eyes


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