FUN IN WINTER BY Ajola Ganesan

Fun In Winter

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Fun in winter,
I say, as I laugh,
Watching her sneeze, the whole day!

Cold, winter and you,
“A never-ending love story’,
I laugh as I say.

Piano notes still kept unsung,
Her favourite hobby is waiting for her!
Her fingers over the piano,
Her everyday favourite time,
Now stands still,
With her unwelcomed guest ‘Cold!’

The hot tea from the kettle,
I pour till the cups fill,
As the sun sets down.

Her rosy nose will find warmth,
I believe and I say,
As I hand her the tea filled cup!

She keeps the cup aside
And hugs me,
What warmth more than your cuddles!
She says, as her head finds a place over my chest!

Her hobby, the piano notes fall,
As it knew, with him,
she is never a pianist,
But a lover,
dancing with her Prince!

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