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Bluemoon’s Brews

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Mirror, Mirror on the wall,
Tell me,
How to respond to the galactic call?

I know I am not alone,
But, I do believe
In the parallel world, I have a clone.

Many scientists whelm,
Yet I am chosen
To touch the forbidden realm.

It wants me to accompany,
Sure I dare
I won’t bump into any ceremony.

I am a loser by reports,
I quoted. Yet,
It waited for me in the port.

I dodged into the fantasy,
It cruised me,
On the waves of the galaxy.

I had a delusional walk,
Alike, in my dreams,
It changed my worldly clock.

I rooted my foot,
In the path sternly,
With a tremble in my heart.

My smoky eyes troll
In a vicious circle,
Finding familiarity from the scroll.

The universe is programmed,
My brain echoed, 
Everything is drafted, goddamned.

My mind is blown,
When I found myself,
Lost in the unknown.

My aorta pumping
More blood to heart,
It smiled at me with a thumping.

I can never return
To the world,
Where I was a cistern.

I can’t change any history,
Oh, it called
Wrong person to solve its mystery.

‘IT’ is a cosmic voice,
It Called me.
Endowing I am a novice.

The call perhaps from Lucifer 
To decode its puzzles,
The language only I can decipher

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