Enroute From Bangalore By Priyanka Bhandarkar

Enroute From Bangalore

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     "Enroute From Bangalore" is a collection of nine poems that creatively explore life's observations. The straightforward language makes them accessible, with varying emotional impacts, while themes range from contemplation to interpretation, offering readers diverse reflections on the journey through India's vibrant city of Bangalore.


They are my favorite place to hide
I understand that it is a sin
A book kept without reading.
And now I am imprisoned by other necessities
Like listening to music and cleaning
But restless with these I cry or maybe laugh
Filled with the happiness granted by the usual
How hollow is this land without work completed
Those books cometh with many desires
Like adventure or likings and many assurances.
It is my new found God and I worship them.

The waves which cometh to the shore
Keen on keeping the wisdom alive
And later again a confusing title
From the first day I read a book
Made up my mind to be just me
My ideal love a gift in the first place
And died when the book I finished
Soon we are walking through that phase
Where again I  find happiness and solace
A cup of tea with ginger and elaichi
By day two cannot remember life
Going back again to find a book,
This is how I wash my heart in every nook.
For something as meaningful as a book
Making space in the everyday racket
A substitute to postpone the daily work.
For books are greater than anything
The contribution I give here and there
Can’t you see them achieving goals?

Marching now towards the old school
My mind realizing my fondest dreams
A moment of pain or the rising luck
Books  received by the legislative court
Let us all leave for the books don’t play
Planting,digging and plowing
Years together I have lived with books
Bearing the wine,success and sleep
For my people trying the fashion
A world that will hold books
All the beauty that is healing.

Dear readers on how a book is not a book
It a flower that has been plucked
Would it grow again or lay there itself?
And I return the favor of its touch?
The purpose of this now worthwhile
All it takes is one reading
The scattered mind to the tongue first.
It is what has been the actual size
Marching towards the impediment
We have known no defeat.
Can’t you see the wealth on the shelf?

How I confirm the shelf—vertical,proud and assertive.
Marveling at my own books,
The core of our position as human beings.
And when we lose  the self
Out of experience itself arises
A spectacular sight that beholds
Capable of giving joy and hope.

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