Beckoning of My Dreams By Dr. Tulika Sarkar

Beckoning of My Dreams

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I gave wings to some dreams; 

They started flying in the open sky,
To get the shadow of the clouds! 

Sometimes the gathering of stars will adorn; 

And, will begin to grow in the cradles of soft air. 

My empty dreams started playing with colours— 

I wish to weave a new place with threads of golden incense! 

These scattered dreams started shrinking in themselves; 

I realized that now is the time to take little steps on long roads. 

Innocent dreams of mine went in search of destination; 

There was no sunlight in the flame of the lamp. 

These dreams started burning in the same flame as they tired. 

Time has passed, dreams were left behind; 

Some stopped, some broke down, some has started laughing at themselves. 

In the stake of life, losing my own life. 

Now these unfulfilled dream’s deals have started happening; 

I may be lost but I will not move away from my own heartbeat. 

If I look back, I can see my own face is sold as a story. 

Yet this sluggish caravan of breaths and beats did not stop, 

Because they have been seen flickering,
In the azure skies of my dreams

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