3 LAST Statement By Jenisha Rajakumar

3 LAST Statement

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Dedicated to the ‘Last Chapter’ of ‘The unfinished Tale’ 

Last Call

In puzzling distress, where tears are about to fall,
Made a call, a bittersweet truth, that’s a final call.
Not blissful, not cheerful, but spoke for a long time,
The end, realising no chance for tomorrow’s chime.

While thinking of the last call, my heart feels the weight,
Unspoken words and mournful intonation deeply aggravate. 
In that final call, where I yearned to relate, left unsaid,
The affection I held within like a song never played.

I’m left fretting about missing a chance in the last call,
A longing held deep, like autumn leaves about to fall.
With each passing moment, grief begin to sway,
In that final call, I couldn’t find the words to convey.

Though it was the last, carved as twilight’s hue,
A reminder of a bond that’s always true.
In the echo of unvoiced words, memories renew,
Remembering cherished moments, tears fall like morning dew. 

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