A Rose and a Thorn By Mahnoor Saleem

A Rose and a Thorn

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     Dive into 'A Rose and a Thorn,' a symbolic masterpiece where a delicate rose and a sharp thorn engage in a heartfelt dialogue. Discover the profound message that unfolds as they discuss love, beauty, and the enduring power of kindness, reminding us that even amidst adversity, grace and magnificence can thrive.

“All gracious and magnificent things are made to break”

Once there was a rose and a thorn. One day, thorn asked to rose

“We both grow on same plant but why you are so different? You are so fool.

People come and separate you from other flowers, from plant where you grow yet you give them fragrance.

No one can dare to do it with me. Did not you see how I tear their skin and spill blood from their body when they come to me. Does not it hurt you when they give you pain? Rose replied

“Do not you see they love me. They portray me as an art. They smell my fragrance and admire my beauty.”

Thorn said “Do they really love you? Is it love to break someone?

Is it love to bestow pain to someone?

“If it is love then it is a thousand time better to unlove someone.”

I just know who loves you never breaks you. He will break himself many times to prevent you from breaking. What a cruel love if to break someone!”

Rose said “You are right. It hurts me when they break me. Did not you see human heart, glass and all delicate things break very easily. It seems like “All gracious and magnificent things are made to break”

God made me like this. Not everyone can have patience like mine. If I will also break people to take revenge, then what difference there will be between me and them. Maybe someone get impressed by my good nature and stop tearing down beautiful hearts. If it happens, I will forget all pains. I will forget people separate me from my loved ones and break me.”

Thorn said “You are so generous and affable. Though I cannot become like you but I appreciate your loving and kind nature.” Moral:

“All gracious and magnificent things are made to break”

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