The Haunt By Allur Raja Rajeshwari Soujanya

The Haunt

  • Creativity and Originality
  • Writing Style and Language
  • Plot and Structure
  • Character Development
  • Readers Appreciation
3.4/5Overall Score


In 'The Haunt,' Mira's sleeplessness turns terrifying with a mysterious locket. A classmate's suicide haunts her, revealing eerie connections. Paranormal events escalate, and a chilling figure emerges, leaving Mira trembling at the truth.

It was 6 AM, and Mira couldn’t sleep. As she tossed and turned constantly, she suddenly noticed a locket. She became horrified at once and got up quickly. She took the locket and rushed near the window, throwing it outside. She heard someone giggling in her room. When she turned back, it was her sister, Veena.

Veena said, “I think you started feeling afraid after listening to my story yesterday, right?”

Mira replied with a smirk, “Seriously?”

Veena questioned, “Then why did you throw it?”

“Stop teasing!! The story you narrated was lame. How could a dead person haunt people? How could a thing which the person possessed be there in people’s homes who caused it?” responded Mira.

“Chill!! Why have you started feeling afraid? Did you make any?” replied Veena.

“Get out of my room now,” said Mira hesitantly. Mira went near the basin and noticed a chain with the locket, having the letter ‘R’ on it. She became furious and thought that her sister would have placed it. She went near her parents to complain. She noticed her mother speaking on the phone nervously.

Later, her mother ended the call and said, “Someone in your class named ‘Rahul’ committed suicide.” Mira petrified. She rushed to the basin to find the locket. Her heart started pounding.

When she looked at the mirror, she spotted a black silhouette behind her. Mira said quaveringly, “Rahul??” – The End.

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