Tapestry of A Lover By Abdu Rahman

Tapestry of A Lover

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Abdu Rahman's poems eloquently weave his life's tapestry into verses that speak of love, loss, and resilience. Evoking his journey from the turmoil of Myanmar's Rakhine state to the refugee camp in Bangladesh, his poetry carries the weight of personal experiences while igniting a universal longing for understanding, unity, and hope in the face of adversity.

You Are Special For Me

When you are in the darkness,
I will come with a lighted lantern.
When you are in fear, I will be
there with a courageous heart.
When you are unable or disabled,
I will be your auxiliary.

You are most laudable and precious;
your esteem is unexpressive.
I cherish you with great tenderness.
You are the most precious
and special for me.
You are the color of my blood.
You are the cure for my pain,
You are the feelings of my soul.
I won’t let you down till the end.

You are the one with whom I share
my sorrowfulness and joyfulness.
You are the only person who
fulfills my dreams with pleasure.
You are a part of my life,
You are my angel,
You gleam like a Firefly on me.
You always take care of me when I am in need. I suffer a lot, but you make me feel normal again and again. You are special for me, because you give me the light
when I’m in darkness.

You are special for me, you are the
strength to conquer all my fears.
You are special for me, you are the
dream that gives inspiration in my real life; you are the sun that shines through my day. You are special for me,
You are special that I could talk to,
I’m here for you, being with you always,
My presence is in you all the time,
You are special for me.


  1. I am glad that you have publish my poetries and poems, I’m grateful for that. I’m looking forward to publish more in your website or platform.
    Abdu Rahman

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