Plum Pudding By Dr. Arwa Saifi

Plum Pudding

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In the town of Riverdale, where dreams unfold,
Ruby and Michael, a tale to be told.
A dance of fate, a chance encounter,
Love’s ember sparked, a flame to smolder.

“Plum Pudding”, their secret name,
A bond unbroken, passion aflame.
Through moonlit nights and sunlit days,
They danced in love’s enchanting maze.

Ruby’s eyes, like stars in the night,
Michael’s heart, drawn to her light.
Their laughter echoed, a sweet refrain,
In the symphony of love, they danced through the rain.

Through seasons of joy and storms they weathered,
Hand in hand, their bond tethered.
In the garden of time, their love would bloom,
A fragrant flower, dispelling all gloom.

Michael’s whispers, soft as the breeze,
Ruby’s touch, a gentle tease.
In the canvas of life, they painted their song,
A melody of love, pure and strong.

Through valleys low and mountains high,
They faced each challenge, side by side.
Ruby and Michael, an enduring pair,
Their love story, a testament rare.

As years unfold, like pages turned,
Their flame burns bright, forever earned.
In the book of love, their chapter sublime,
Ruby and Michael, a timeless rhyme.

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