Our Dream Home By Ajola Ganesan

Our Dream Home

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The poem holds a romantic piece bringing out the expectations of a young lovers of how their home will be after getting married. A pinch of fantasy has also been added to make the poem much more tastier!

Dream home,
Painted with her favourite color,
With a garden, 
tucked with her favourite flowers!

A fence of safety,
And more over a gate for our castle,
I call our home a Kingdom,
And us, ‘King and Queen!’

Morning kiss in the dining room,
And good night kisses, 
in the bedroom,
A great funny laugh,
watching a show,
in the living room,
A great invention
 of the chef among us, 
in the kitchen!

The days and the nights,
Write our love story in the air,
Fetched to The Sun and The Moon,
To tell them,
How The sun and the Moon,
together as humans, if it were true,
living in a home,
would really look like!

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