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Review: The 3 Mistakes of My Life

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The 3 Mistakes of my life is the third novel of popular India fiction writer and Business man Chetan Bhagat. Novel established on the basis of cricket, business, religion and is located within the elegant city of Ahmedabad. Set in the narrative of three young Indian men Omi, Ishaan and Govind, the book further details how these three are struggling to survive In the city.
  • It gives an engaging experience to readers who would be able to connect the plot with their own lives.
  • Readers get to know what modern India is through the social hatred, business greed and the influence of cricket among people.
  • Most importantly, the style of writing makes the narrative more unique, usually seen in Bhagat's novels. The simple language used doesn't require prior fluency or decoding knowledge.
  • Though there are so many positive facts to mention, this novel had it's own drawback in giving predictable plot to the readers, that at times make em' feel bored and irritated.
  • Maybe, there would have been much details for few more characters in this novel. The short depictions tend to showcase incomplete character development.
  • The light thrown on cultural aspects, especially when dealing with hulu with imparting sensitive topics as that of communal violence and religious tension are not much appreciable.

Book Highlights

Author Name Chetan Bhagat
Country India
Book Type Fiction
Genre Realistic Fiction
Story Location Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Page Count 260
Reading Time 9 hours 15 minutes (approx)
Ease of Language Easy

Detailed Review

The story of growing up that was turned into a fiction book titled “The 3 Mistakes of My Life” was written by Chetan Bhagat – an ace Indian writer. Released in 2008, this book delves into the journey of three youthful companions residing in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India: Govind, Ishaan and Omi. The process of their transformation from childhood into adults is shown when they grow up, beginning their personal journey, fighting for their dreams.

Loosely based on benchmarks of real-life crisis, including the Gujarat earthquake in 2001 and the Godhra train burning incident in 2002, which incited ethnic strife in the area. The three protagonists in Bhagat’s story go through some turbulent events and take necessary decisions in their life. Love and compatriotism interwoven with subplots such as deception and the competitive desire for success.

Endorsed by today’s young generation of India for tackling issues like faith, power, and demography especially the economic divide in India.

The author of this novel has done a good job telling the story and his ability to take up intricate issues in this novel was quite impressive to me in this novel. The novel has been applauded for presenting the new-age Indian society and their vulnerabilities as they try enter into the world, seek employment and establish themselves in society.

The machinist’s flaws, profoundness, and characteristics of the three main characters make readers empathize with them and get involved into the stories. The audience appreciates the author for the ability to address difficult topics, which are relevant to the perception of religion, communalism, and ambition, and the consideration of the young generation’s search for oneself and the hardships of living through those years.

The events are compressed and entertaining that engages the readiness of the reader for further adventures. To use real-life experiences in the writing of that novel also helps in increasing its credibility and applicability.

Another aspect in which the novel is particularly compelling is in how the protagonists’ ordeal as well as the trials and tribulations of growing up and defining oneself in the world are depicted, coupled with the complexity of life’s reality. All in all, a fascinating and educative novel, it explores multiple issues and concepts that are relevant in modern Indian context.

All together I would like to say that reading “The 3 Mistakes of My Life” was a splendid experience straight from the appealing characters to the gripping story line and Idea waves.

Review Conclusion

Thus, it can be stated that “The 3 Mistakes of My Life” by Chetan Bhagat is an interesting and philosophic book which offers the readers’ rather thought-provoking reflection on the staking and the maturity in the spectacle of life. The ambition of the main characters, their disdain towards communalism, and views on religion are some of the topics depicted in the novel and the revelations that growing up is not easy. It fulfills all criteria a good novel should have- its cast of characters are real, the story itself and the situation depicted is true and the events that surround it are all real. Furthermore, contribution toward understanding the contemporary social Indian reality is also the significant benefit of the novel, as several important themes and concepts are discussed throughout the book.

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