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Blue Eyes

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In a superstitious village, Rubina's blue eyes are seen as a curse. Tragedy strikes, blaming her for mishaps. Her love, Javed, uncovers the truth, cursing their ignorance, seeking revenge. A tale of love, betrayal, and a haunting curse unfolds.

She was born with blue eyes,
And her village was always into superstitious beliefs;
He found innocence in her cute blue eyes,
But they found it to be a bad omen;
She worked for the development of her village,
But they took her as a curse;
She wants to nurture and nourish the place, where she was born;
But they destroyed her hopes,
And imprisoned her soul;
He was born again, after 14 years,
For revenge and to give Freedom to her soul!

Haunted House:

A girl with blue eyes was roaming in the whole house. She is in pain and whimpering, which can be heard by only one person who understands her pain.

She is whimpering in pain, but none can see her, only hear the painful whimpers of hers.


Gangapur is a small village where people mostly believe in supernaturals and all.

Rubina and Javed are a lovely couple who were born in the same village. They have studied very hard and are looking for the betterment of their village.

They always want their village to become a better one and stop believing in supernaturals and all.

The younger generation in the village always admires Rubina and Javid for their hard work and their words. They believe one day this couple would surely make their village proud and will develop their village for good.

One day, an old man stepped his foot into Gangapur Village in the name of predictions, who tells ‘what happens in the next minute?’ beforehand. He stepped his foot in that name and started to make the whole people in the village fools, in the name of predictions.

“These people are fools, who got trapped in my stupid talks so easily. Waah, I don’t even want to work more to make these people believe. Now using this fear, I will become the most powerful person.” The old man laughed loudly, and his smile is an evil one, which is sending shivers to his followers.

All this was being recorded by someone.

In a beautiful three-story building,

Rubina was lying on the sofa keeping her head on Javed’s lap; he was caressing her hair. Beside them, their new pet wolf is also sitting and growling from time to time.

“He is looking so cute, right, Javed!” Rubina exclaimed, looking at their new pet.

“Yeah, I still remember the stunt you pulled to save him from getting hurt.” Javed replied, looking at the Wolf in jealousy.

One day, while traveling to the temple, Rubina saw a wolf who was going to be hit by a car.

Fortunately, Rubina reacted in time and saved the wolf. They took him with them and gave him a name, “Sheriff”.

Rubina looked at him smirkingly and asked, “Mr. Javed Ali, are you by any chance jealous of my Sheriff?”

Javed noticed her smirk and said, “Nope, not at all. Why would I be jealous of him? I know your love for me.” Saying he shrugged his shoulders.

Sheriff growled, Javed frowned.

After some time, Javed took a box from his pocket and looked at Rubina who was playing with Sheriff. He kneeled down in front of her and took the beautiful ring from the box. Rubina frowned looking at him. Looking into her serene blue eyes, silently he slid the ring on her finger, whispering, “I love you.”

Rubina’s eyes shone with happiness, and she hugged him tightly, whispering back, “I love you too.”

The stars twinkled and blessed this beautiful couple by shining brightly.

Sheriff groaned, squeezed in between them.

Rubina looked at Sheriff and held her ears, saying sorry cutely, Javed groaned.

Rubina’s gaze fell on her phone, “Javed, here is one more evidence. I just hope we can get rid of him using all this evidence.”

“Of course, Baby, these are enough to evict him from this village.” Javed said, seeing the video recorded by Rubina.

Next day, early morning, while Rubina was walking through, people who were passing by were giving her weird looks.

She wasn’t able to understand what was happening.

“What is wrong with these people? Why are people giving me weird looks?” She asked Javed, as soon as getting into their house.

Javed frowned looking at her.

“What are you saying, Baby?”

“While I was walking, people were looking at me like I’m some ghost. I don’t know why though!” Rubina shrugged her shoulders.

Javed went into thoughts.

He looked at Rubina, who was disturbed because of the morning incident. He decided to take her out, to make her stress-free.

After some time, the trio – Javed, Rubina, and Sheriff – stepped out of their house to roam around.

While roaming around, Javed observed how people were looking at Rubina weirdly; some were even giving her disgusting looks. This made him wonder. He decided to look into the matter, so he called his friend Kunal, who works in the police department.

Kunal told him he would help him in finding the real reason.

After completing the call with his friend, he looked at Rubina, who was shocked by seeing something. Javed followed her gaze and shuddered. There, the tree was on fire, and the people who were near that place were also stunned and looked at Rubina shockingly. And their looks made Rubina uncomfortable.

They were looking at her as if she had committed a mistake and the tree had caught fire because of her.

“Javed, why are they giving me those looks? I didn’t do anything.” Rubina asked, with tears in her eyes.

Javed nodded his head and wiped her tears, “Don’t cry. First, let us go back to our house. Then we can talk.”

They returned back to their house. Javed comforted Rubina, made her drink water.

“Rubina, don’t worry. We will look into this matter. Kunal is already working on this. Please don’t cry, Baby. Soon we will get to know the reason.” Javed tried to console her with his words.

Rubina just nodded her head. Her mind was still reminding her about the fire incident and the glances of people.

Situations like these continued for a week. Wherever Rubina had gone to get some fresh air or to do some work, fire accidents or some mishaps took place.

One day when Rubina was working on something, she saw a group of kids playing around with the pets. As soon as her gaze fell upon them, something happened that shook her to the core.

As the kids were playing with the pets, a boy fell down on the ground when he touched the current pole unfortunately. The villagers rushed the boy to the hospital immediately.

“This is all because of you.” One of the villagers shouted at Rubina, shocked with the accusation.

The colleagues who were all working with Rubina also got shocked with the sudden accusation.

“Yes. This is all because of you.” Another man shouted.

“What the hell! How can you people accuse me of something I didn’t commit?” Rubina asked.

“We can accuse you. And we all know you are a bad omen to this village. Whatever has happened till today, all are because of you only. You are a bad omen.”

“Haan, you are a bad omen…

You are a bad omen…

You are a bad omen…

Bad omen…

Bad omen…

Rubina…bad omen…




Rubina was shocked with the sudden turn of events.

“No, no, no…Noo……” Rubina started shaking her head as No. Tears were flowing from her eyes continuously.

When she was about to fall down, Javed reached there along with the police force. He caught Rubina before she touched the ground.

When he was with Kunal, Rubina called him and informed him about the happening events. Immediately he rushed to the spot along with Kunal.

“Javed, take Rubina home. I will handle this. Stay with her and don’t come out until I tell you guys.” Kunal ordered them.

Picking up Rubina in his arms, he rushed to his car, and then he drove to their house.

One hour later

In Rubina and Javed’s house.

Javed is caressing Rubina’s hair and pecking her from time to time, whereas Rubina was sleeping in his protective arms after crying a lot.

While on the other side of the village, the old man who was fooling the village people stood in his glory, laughing evilly.

“Hahaha hahaha…now this Ratan Simha will play his last card.” He looked at his men and asked them, “Is everything ready for our last step?”

“Yes, Baba, everything is ready.” His followers replied back.

“Great. Then what are we waiting for? Go and complete it.” He roared at his followers.

They all scattered into the village and started fueling more against Rubina.

“What? Really?” Villagers asked the followers.

“Arey Chachu, haven’t you all faced mishaps till now? That is the big proof. I am 100% sure. All these mishaps are because of that Rubina only. She is a bad omen to this village.” Followers added.

“Haan, Son, what you are saying is correct. Because of her blue eyes, we are facing the mishaps. And she is not good for this village.” One of the villagers replied.

“We should not let that girl live. Who knows what we might lose because of her?” said the follower.

Villagers nodded their heads, agreeing with them.

Ratan Simha, who was watching all this standing behind a tree, smirked evilly.

Half an hour later, Javed was shouting outside their house, which was now burned to ashes.

He was crying, seeing his love turning into ashes in front of him.

He tried to run into the house to save Rubina and the Sheriff, but Kunal and his other friends held him strongly.

“Let me go….let me ….go… Rubina is in pain…..I have to save her …..” He struggled to come out of their grip.

“It hurts to see your love in pain, Javed. I am in front of you only. But I can’t touch you. It is killing me, Javed. It is killing me.” The soul cried, and the sheriff also cried along with the soul.

Javed also died after some days in an accident.

Flashback ends:

Javed fought with the villagers and exposed the reality of Ratan Simha, who was still staying in their village. He threw the proofs of Ratan Simha on the villagers’ faces and asked them to realize the truth.

“You people are really fools, who can be trapped easily. Believing this man’s words, you killed an innocent pure soul like Rubina. She worked for the betterment of you people, but what did you do? You killed her. You all are murderers. My own village people, whom I looked up to as my family, killed my love. This man made Rubina a culprit to escape from punishment. And you believed this guy, and you guys are really fools.”

“From this minute, you are going to die each and every minute. You all are going to have blue eyes, and it will start your destruction. This is not my curse but my Rubina’s curse. I am cursing you all on behalf of her.”

He cursed them for killing his Rubina.

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