A Lifetime Promise By thenovemberschild

A Lifetime Promise

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In 'A Lifetime Promise,' a visit to the British Library leads to an unexpected discovery: a handwritten note tucked inside a forgotten book. This serendipitous encounter ignites a deep and enduring love story that spans 25 years, filled with shared dreams, coffee dates, and a bond that transcends time. Join the protagonists on a journey where fate and literature intertwine to create a heartwarming tale of love, destiny, and the magic of handwritten words.

I often sought refuge in the quietness at my favourite place – British library. For me the time seemed to stand still and the scent of books lingered in the air. 

As I was running my fingers along classics, a run-of-the-mill book caught my eye. It was a leather-bound that seemed to have been untouched for years. “Lifetime Promise” was the title, and I was drawn to it by a force I couldn’t explain.

The faded pages whispered secrets of ages past as I delved into the story of forgotten dreams and lost hope. Time melted away, and I was soon engrossed in the tale.

AS I flipped through the pages, I felt something strange beneath my fingertips. I found a folded note in the library book. My heart quickened with excitement as I carefully extracted the note from its unexpected hiding place. 

The note was not that old and it had stains of coffee on it. The handwriting was legible and it read 

“To the seeker of love,  

If you are reading this, remember our fate has brought us to a story of love that is beyond the confines of these pages. Just as the moonlight weaves its magic through the night, so too does love have the power to lighten up even the darkest corners of our lives. Let me tell you that true love is a force that endures, and it is my hope that you find your own midnight promise—one that lights up your heart and guides you through life’s uncertainties.

Yours in hope,

A soulmate” 

I couldn’t believe what I was reading. It was as if the book had whispered my own words, and I was now part of an enigmatic journey. My heart raced with excitement, and I turned my attention back to the book. The love story within its pages took on a deeper meaning, and I found myself lost in the romance of it all.

I couldn’t help but wonder who had penned this note and why they had chosen this particular book to share their message.  I felt an instant soul connection with the writer. 

As I reached the final chapter of the book, I couldn’t help but smile. It was as if the universe had conspired to bring me this tale of love and destiny. I closed the book with a sense of fulfilment knowing that I had found not only note but also a love story that touched my heart.

I walked out into the world, I carried with me the belief that love, like note had the power to surprise and enchant us when we least expected it.

I was startled when a voice interrupted my thoughts. 

“That’s a wonderful choice,” said a stranger with warm brown eyes. I looked up to see a man with an air of grace and an aura of intelligence. I read “Lifetime Promise” a couple of times and I am sure you liked the book, he said.

We began to talk, sharing our love for handwritten notes and our dreams of watching the northern lights. The library had cast a spell, drawing us together in its quiet embrace. Our conversation flowed effortlessly, like two old friends reuniting after years apart.

I had come to the library seeking solace in the written word, but I had found something even more precious – a connection, a spark, and my soulmate. 

He showed me a side of Hyderabad which I had never been to and I made him explore all the beautiful cafes, sharing our love for coffee and food, we made amazing memories. 

With each passing day, our connection grew stronger and we became inseparable. Our years turned into decades, we often sat together in his apartment’s porch, sipping hot coffee (made by him), holding hands and watching the world go by. We would still have our funny disagreements over visiting Canada or Finland to see the aurora borealis. 

On the eve of our 25 years of togetherness, he gifted me the book ““Lifetime Promise” and told me to turn to page 25 and to my surprise I found the same note with coffee stains and I immediately recognised the handwriting – it was his. 

We found each other in the world of words, where we got connected over a handwritten note, amidst the pages of a book and the whispered voices of countless stories, we had started the greatest story of all—the story of us.

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