A Sign By Allur Raja Rajeshwari Soujanya
  • Creativity and Originality
  • Writing Style and Language
  • Plot and Structure
  • Character Development
  • Readers Appreciation
3.4/5Overall Score


In an empty theatre, a young woman confronts her life's choices while watching a reflective movie. A mysterious note she finds later offers a glimmer of hope, urging her to embrace her journey and move forward from darkness.


A young lady in her 20s was sitting alone with a drink that she bought for herself. The whole glass was full, and one could actually tell that there hadn’t been a sip by looking at it.

The entire theatre was empty, followed by the silence that came right after everyone leaving the hall. Her eyes were wide, and she was looking in only one direction. Seriousness covered her whole face. Her existence seemed as if she was in a state of shock that came right after hearing bad news—jerked her life all at once, just like an animated character that turns into ashes after being exploded by a bomb.

She was biting her lips constantly as if it was the food for her survival. Her thoughts were all messed up, like the intertwined wires and a swarm of bees flying around on top of her head. She knew that time wouldn’t come back for her, but she was wishing for that to happen with her clenched fist.

Suddenly, her entire body shook at once, and she came back to a normal state, realizing that she should leave the room soon. She picked all her things hurriedly and made her way to the exit. While making steps, she even regretted the decision she took a while ago for picking the wrong movie that brought all her sadness right in front of her eyes.

All the scenes in the movie were like her flashbacks. The characters portrayed were just like the people she met. She even mumbled about why god didn’t warn or give her a sign before doing things that caused the effect. She sighed and opened the door with her left hand, with the difficulty of holding the cup and her bag on the other.

She then spotted a note that had fallen on the floor. She thought to neglect it as it might be dropped by a stranger, but her curiosity stopped her from not knowing. She slowly kneeled down and kept all her things aside. She then took it, and the note said, “The way you reached this point by stepping out from the moment of darkness is exactly the way you should move on with your life.”

The End.  

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